Rise & Sweat Treadmill Workout

This past week I did not one but two treadmill workouts. My running buddy was out of town so it was either run solo in the dark or hit the treadmill. I usually don’t mind the dark. I even posted tips for running in the dark.ย  But there was a murder of a university student here earlier in the week not too far from where I live. She wasn’t running and it wasn’t in the early morning but it just has made me a little more cautious and spooked at the moment. Another reason why I’m so thankful to have company on my runs now. The whole safety in numbers saying really is true.

My run yesterday morning according to my plan was to run an easy 4 miler. I really don’t mind the treadmill but when my mind starts to get a little fidgety I have to keep it interesting. Staying at the same speed and incline is NOT happening. So my easy run actually turned into a progressive hill climb. Here’s what it looked like:

I love starting my day with a super sweaty workout! Although this workout could be done at any time during the day. I just prefer the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m still going strong with #YogaADay Challenge from Grow Soul Beautiful. If you are on instagram (Search for HAPPYFITMAMA and you’ll find me!) you need to check out the #YogaADay hashtag. So many cool photos. Mine are quite boring but some people have really taken it to a whole new level. One person was doing Warrior 3 on a (parked) motorcycle! Now that takes some serious balance. GSB just announced yesterday that they are doing another #YogaADay challenge for November.ย  With the holiday’s rapidly approaching, I think we ALL could use a little more yoga in our day.

Have a safe and HAPPY weekend!

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  1. Great workout! Pinning it and doing it this weekend. I just wanted to stop by and say I started my own blog this morning! I have been inspired by Happy Fit Mama and many other healthy living blogs I read on a daily basis to join such a great community! I would love the support of all of you and I can’t wait to chat with you! Check it out!
    Andrea recently posted..Two Life Accomplishments and Dinner in a PumpkinMy Profile

  2. Oh my heavens, that’s terrible about the murder. I am so happy you decided to pass up on your runs outside & hit up the treadmill. Great thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, that’s an awesome workout. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessie recently posted..Short & SweetMy Profile

  3. Much better to be safe than going out on your own in the dark.

    I hate treadmills, but I sometimes have to use them. I have Woodway, non-motorized treadmills at one of my gyms and they are awesome for “jump on and go” interval training, but they are DEATH for long distances. I think they’re more difficult than running outdoors. That having been said, if you ever have a chance to try one out, do it, they’re amazing.

    Have you ever run on a Woodway?
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted..Dear Weight Vest, I Hate You. Sincerely, Jonathan.My Profile

  4. Glad to hear you passed up your outdoor runs for the treadmill. Always better to err on the side of caution. I used to love running at night by myself, but I don’t think it was the smartest! Definitely can get a little more tedious on the treadmill.
    Jess recently posted..Active weekends!My Profile

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