Do I Really Want to Do That Again?

What day is it? HUMP DAY! Sorry…just love that commercial so much.

So friends, I’ve got a wee bit of a dilemma. Back in the Spring when I was training for VCM, Jen, the registration director for the race, had contacted me about writing my “Why I Run” story for their blog, The Run Down. I did but it never was published. Fast forward to last week. I got another email asking if it was OK to publish my story now that the blog is back up and running after the summer break. I updated my post a little with how awful my race day was and sent it back to Jen. HERE’s the post if you are interested in it.

Vermont City Marathon - happyfitmama.comOnce she read about my horrible day (or rather whole weekend), she said I HAD to do VCM in 2014 to “get the bad taste out of my mouth” from 2013.


Do I really want to do that again?

When I mentioned it to Ron, he laughed and said, “Do you really want to do that again?

Truthfully, I had not even considered doing VCM ever again. It’s not because of Burlington (awesome town), the spectators (I was astounded by how many there were for the whole course on such a crappy weather day) or the race course (fabulous). It’s because of the WHOLE experience. A sick toddler, miserable weather conditions, GI issues like you wouldn’t believe, leg cramps that stopped me in my tracks and then the dang car repair issue on a Holiday weekend.

Let me tell you, that’s a whole lot of bad ju-ju in one weekend! You just don’t forget about that.

But when I read Jen’s email I started to think about it.

I know I can do better on that course than what I did on May 26th. A part of me wants to kick VCM in the face. In the nicest way possible, of course.

My #1 priority in picking my second marathon was location. I wanted one close to home, something I could drive to the morning of the race. I was leaning heavily towards the Maine Coast Marathon which is making a reappearance after a 28 year absence. But now I’m not so sure.

I’ve got some serious thinking to do. Do I really want to do VCM again?

What would you do?

Have you ever run the same race twice just to get the “bad taste” out of your mouth? Did it work?

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37 comments on “Do I Really Want to Do That Again?

  1. I would do it again for sure. The course may be the same but no two races are alike. I would go with her recommendation and try it again. Weather conditions change, GI issues – may be able to prep for, car problems – fixed….hopefully, etc. These are just variables and variables change. I don’t really recall any race that really turned me off that I wouldn’t consider doing again. I’ve had ones that I felt “meh” about that I would probably not do but that’s it. Go For It!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..McQuaid Cross Country InvitationalMy Profile

  2. I did this myself. Returned to the site of my first (and worst) marathon. Long story short, I was an hour better on the second attempt. It was an unbelievable experience. Go for it!

  3. I think maybe you should! Chances are you will have a better experience this time around and have an awesome time. I feel this way about my first marathon in Oakland. It was just a bad run lol, but I think if I had the chance to so it again I would an I would hopefully do SO much better. good luck, trooper! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted..23 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

  4. That’s exactly why I’m running VCM again. It was also my first marathon and it was the perfect storm of a terrible first marathon. I also want to kick it in the face and plan to do just that.

    I am planning to run another marathon before I do that though (Hyannis in February), but VCM is my ultimate pursuit.

    Let me know what you decide and if I’ll see you there! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Becki @ Fighting for Wellness recently posted..Soli Beat Workout DVD {Review}My Profile

  5. So many marathons, so many cities. I guess the question is – Do you really care about setting the record straight? If the answer is yes, then go for it! I ran VCM way back in 2007 and also had a terrible race and my slowest marathon time ever. Maybe it’s cursed! I did not return to run it again, instead I stuck with my hometown marathon and had a much better experience.
    Allie recently posted..My Fear? Flying!My Profile

  6. I say go for it! It’s not often we DO have the chance to erase a bad memory with a better experience. If I could have a do-over, it would be the Manchester Half – I really think I could have run that course better, even though it is crazy hilly! Best of luck making your decision!
    AmyC recently posted..WIAW – Wheat Free ZOOMA Road TripMy Profile

  7. I think you should definitely go for it!! My worst race was the Las Vegas Rock N Roll which I don’t think I would return to – solely because of logistics of the race and wanted to be able to enjoy time in LV instead of anticipating a race at the tail-end of the weekend. However, any other race, I think I would want to head back and make whatever went wrong on that first race morning, right and show myself that I could do it! I can’t wait to hear what you decide! Overall, you know the course now and I’m sure have some ideas of things to do differently which will work to your advantage! Good luck!
    Jenny recently posted..Perfect Fall WeekendMy Profile

  8. This is a dilemma for sure! I say weigh all the options for a while before making a choice. The temptation to redeem at a particular race is always high, that’s for sure. But if it’s easier on your life to do Maine, that counts, too. Good luck with the decision!!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Don’t let a bad run ruin a good dayMy Profile

  9. That is a tough decision. I would sit with it for a little while too like Amanda and try to think about why I would or would not want to do it again i.e. like Allie and Nicole said whether it’s to set the record straight or not and if that matters. Frankly for me now, that’s less important and with the kids and all, I would probably opt for the race that would make things easiest on my life while still being a great race/course/experience.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Coffee TalkMy Profile

  10. I have 2 terrible road marathons under my belt so I am running a trail marathon in a few weeks….3rd times a charm right

  11. I totally understand your feelings on this situation. My terrible marathon happened this spring – rainy, 45 degrees, and missed my BQ by 5 mins. ugggh. I never want to run it again either… BUT… it is in my hometown, and is supposed to be one of the top 10 “easiest” Boston qualifier course… and, it’s *gottta* be better than last time. Right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ decisions. decisions. (go for it!)

  12. I think that no matter what marathon you end up doing for your 2nd one you will feel like you have set the record straight!!! One closer to you would take out a lot of the issues that contributed to the negative around VCM but knowing what to expect might make the 2nd time easier – hard to say. Put both choices in a hat?
    Kim recently posted..“It’s Against the Law”My Profile

  13. HELLO!

    Just found your blog and so glad I did!! I’ve run the same three times thinking I would get better, and the first time I ran it was always my fastest time. Holy IRITATING! lol With that being said– Vermont, I would imagine, is beautiful! (Then again so is Maine) I think I’d give it another go. But you can’t go wrong with either! I’m no help am I? lol
    Jenny@The Wellness Journey recently posted..#FightPesticides with StonyfieldMy Profile

  14. Oohh that’s a tough one! Part of me would want to do it for a better experience, but part of me would want to do one really different just because! Hard decision. But it sounds like you have a relationship with the race director, it’s beautiful, it’s close to home… could be a good option! Nothing to prove from your last race – I wouldn’t let that weigh on your decision to do this one – unless you want to prove something else – then go for it! (that’s my best diplomatic answer) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bonnie recently posted..To Watch, Read, See & ConsiderMy Profile

  15. I have definitely done a race a second time to get a bad taste out of my mouth- it was a great thing because it helped me prove to myself that i am capable of better and I can improve. No better way to see improvements than on the same course as you have done before. I did this for a half in particular and it made a big difference emotionally for me…I felt so strong at the finish being able to kick that damn thing down that tore me apart the year before. I still have a marathon that I want to re-do because its the bane of my existence… one of these days I will.
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..Proper Taper Technique: NFL styleMy Profile

  16. I used to sign up for new races all the time, rather than repeat. There is one local half marathon I’ve run more than once and I love the course and hope to do that again next fall (it conflicted with my first triathlon this year). This post has made me think about a redemption Marine Corps Marathon sometime, my time and experience in training and running that race was not a great success. So I’m not sure if I’d go for a completely new experience or a repeat race for redemption!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted..Itโ€™s Early Mornings or Bust in WorkoutlandMy Profile

  17. Oh no no no! Let me tell you a story. When I first moved out to Los Angeles, my friend at the time (now my best friend, lol)… Asked me if I wanted to audition with her for Disney 365 (a kid show on the Disney channel) – I would be hosting a show about god knows what, who knows where. I told her I would totally do it, but you need to know that this would be my first audition (LEGIT) ever… And I had no formal host training at all. From there the next 24 hours were nuts. I signed with a manager, because that was the only way I would be able to get on the Disney Lot and I had to memorize a 3 page script filled with Disney Shows and actors that I had NO IDEA existed. Long story short… I COMPLETELY BOMBED THAT AUDITION! They made you lose the script, forget the first 3 paragraphs, jump into the camera frame and pretend to interview disney actors, LMFAO! You do NOT want to see that audition tape – however, MAYBE it will resurface one day… Why is this relevant to you? Well, they asked me to come back and audition 3 more times, and every time they called me in, I NEVER WENT because I have such a BAD TASTE in my mouth from Disney — Mind you I also worked at Radio Disney for 6 months, lol.

    That being said, you and I obviously differ, so if you think you can kick last year’s race’s ass, then GO FOR IT!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..A Soup Even The Clueless Can Make!My Profile

  18. I think you should do it again. There are always going to be random bad races – in Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland I had Norovirus and had to stop and *take care of business* 3 times in porta potties. It was awful! But I still made myself run another half after that and even a full. I totally get it – for your first marathon, having it go that difficultly would definitely leave a bad impression on me and probably limit my beliefs about my own capabilities – but that’s all mental! If you can push through all that and just get to the sign up, that’s a leap in mental fitness right there! Take the bad feelings – use them as fuel!!! You GOT this!!!

  19. Haha. I have to laugh because my VCM experience isn’t good either and I’ve totally sworn off that race. I think I crumpled into a heap and cried at the end and then pooped blood the rest of the day. So yeah. No good. I suppose I should go back. I kind of want to cause I love Burlington.
    Sarah @runfargirl recently posted..Swiftwick Winner and In the NewsMy Profile

    1. Ummm…yeah that’s not a fun race recap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Prior to doing VCM, so many people said “Oh that’s such a fun race!” Now all I’ve heard is the opposite. I’m really beginning to wonder if it is possible to have a great race there.

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