Reader Survey – Talk to Me!

Reader survey. What do you want more of in Happy Fit Mama?
I just had my 5 year blogging anniversary. When you’ve been blogging for that long, you go through ebbs and flows of feeling motivated to write and having nothing to say. Blogging isn’t about just letting the words flow from your fingertips. It’s about editing pictures. Creating pinnable graphics. It’s about promoting your content on social media. It’s about having evergreen content. It’s about SEO. And about a million other things it seems.

To be completely honest, this past year, I’ve felt burnt out from blogging. At times it felt like a chore rather than something I enjoyed. I’m not saying I was ready to close up shop and let this site go dark. I just didn’t feel motivated to share anything. And when I did, I felt like I’ve already said some version of that post at some point in the past 5 years.

By taking a blogging break during the week of Christmas (a blessing of the stomach flu perhaps?), I feel recharged. I’m excited about blogging. Maybe it’s because I’m excited about the future of the new year. I want 2017 (like every year) to be a fantastic year full of growth and amazing adventures.

That being said, I want to write what I like to write about but I also want to know what you, the readers, want. What do you want less of? What do you want to see more?

If you could please fill out this short survey to help me, help you(thanks Jerry Maguire), I would be forever grateful.

Thanks so much!

Regularly scheduled programming will return next week. Until then, get outside and have some fun!

7 comments on “Reader Survey – Talk to Me!

  1. I know that feeling well! For me, it was that whole year (or two) after baby J was born that I just didn’t have any extra energy/motivation for the blog. I’m enjoying it more for now too!

  2. Yes, i also have a desire like you. I want to achieve a better achievement in Boston race. It hopes that you will also reach the nice things in 2017.

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