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Racecation Tips and Tricks | happyfitmama.com

It’s another edition of Just Run, where each month a group of my running blogger friends gather with their tips, tricks and thoughts on all things running.

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This month we tackle the racecation.  What’s a racecation?  It’s a destination race that’s combined with a vacation.  Which = awesome.

When you throw a destination race into the mix, the stress level rises. Or at least for me when I’m in the packing stages. Once I get to the destination, I’m good to go!

I’m a horrible packer and tend to want to take everything for life’s ‘what if’s’. Because there is ALWAYS a ‘what if’!

Of course, you don’t want to over pack but you want to make sure you pack enough so you have options in case the weather suddenly changes or if you just have a change of heart for what you want to wear on race day.

You don’t want to forget any of your gear. Remember the golden rule of racing – no new stuff on race day! However, in rare instances, new stuff can work out just fine.  But do you really want to temp fate?

If you are flying to your racecation, packing all of your race day essentials in a carry on is the way to go. That way you’ll have everything with you and won’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage. It’s better to pack lighter with a carry on then stress until baggage claim!

If you’re carrying on luggage, don’t forget that all liquids have to be under 4 ounces and MUST be placed within a quart ziplock baggie. There’s nothing worse than having TSA dumping out all your liquids.

Before I start grabbing and tossing, I like to make a list of everything I’ll need.  I also like to lay out my race day outfit from headband to socks/shoes just to make sure it is all there.

Racecation Tips and Tricks | happyfitmama.com


What to pack:

Race day outfit – This should be an outfit that you have tested on a couple of occasions to make sure you will be comfortable for 26.2 miles. It should include everything – socks, underwear/sports bra (for the ladies), top or tops depending on the weather, bottom, GPS watch (if wearing), hat/visor and sunglasses. You definitely don’t want to find out that your race day shorts chafe after 10 miles. Again – nothing new on race day! I always pack a few different options — at least two tops and bottoms — just to make sure I have my bases covered. You never know if there will be a last minute change in the weather.

Running shoes that have at least one 20 miler done in them if running a marathon.  Even if you find a great deal on your tried and true favorites at the Race Expo, do not run the marathon in them.  Save the fresh shoes for after the race.

Race day fuel – Pack your preferred fuel with you in your carry on. You never know if it will be available in the area you are going.

Accessories – GPS watch + charger, iPod/phone + charger, ear buds, fuel belt or hydration system, body glide, hair ties, headband, KT Tape, Road ID Bracelet.

Want more racecation tips?  See what my running blogger friends have to say. Be sure to click on the image or their name to get the details.




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What are your racecation tips?

What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a race?

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  1. I honestly don’t like race cations because there’s tons of stress (for me) and I feel like I can’t truly relax until the race is over. I like to keep things separated as much as possible and do an all out retreat (like Rise.Run) or just vacation! Although I would love to jump into a 5k or 10k while on vacation but there never seems to be one…?
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