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Welcome to my new look! What do you think? I kind of love it. I’ve been wanting to change things up around here forever. I had no idea what I really wanted except clean and simple. I think I got that! A huge THANK YOU to Tasha from My Cute Lobster for doing a fantastic, speedy job. If you need a graphic designer, contact Tasha. She’s quick, efficient and very well priced.

So today it’s another edition of the Pin It Party! Are you following me on Pinterest? If not, click HERE!

A big thanks to Lindsay for hosting again.

If you’ve never attended before, here’s the details.   The purpose of a Pin It Party is for bloggers to gain Pinterest exposure to some of their best posts and to help drive traffic to their blogs.

If you’re a reader, remember that pinning images from blog posts you love is a great way to support your favorite bloggers! It helps more people see the posts and can help the blogs grow. So check out some of the great posts that are linked up at Lindsay’s and pin away!

Here’s what I’m bringing to the party. You can click on the picture to take you to the post OR use the handy dandy Pin It button that appears in the upper left corner as you hover over the picture with your mouse.

Let’s workout first before we eat!

Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners - happyfitmama.com6 Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners (or really anyone)

These exercises have been in my 3x/week rotation ever since I started physical therapy last summer. They are simple but do the job. Do them and you’ll be able to tell the difference in your running in no time.

Core Strong - happyfitmama.comCore Strength for Runners

More of my standard core exercises for fixing my foot injury and my weak hip.

Pumpkin Chia Granola Bars - happyfitmama.comPumpkin Chia Granola Bars

These bars just kind of randomly happened. Like most of my recipes do!

Butternut Squash Cranberry Oat Bread 1 - happyfitmama.comButternut Squash Cranberry Oat Bread

This bread is the epitome of Fall! So flavorful with no refined sugar and a dose of a veggie hidden in the mix.

You can't finish unitl you start - happyfitmama.com20 Life Lessons Running Has Taught Me

Running is so much more than exercise to me. The lessons learned on the road, trail, track and treadmill apply to everyday living. I’m forever applying these lessons in my day to day tasks.

So start pinning away! If you are on Pinterest, leave your URL in the comments and I’ll follow you back. I’m always looking for yummy food to make, new workouts and new inspiration.

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Happy Pinning!

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  1. I’m following you!…and I think you’re following me 🙂 I have to figure out how to do that cool “pin it” button. I know there’s tons of tutorials out there, I just have to actually DO ONE! Ha ha ha.
    Also – I love the new look of your site!!!
    Here’s my Pinterest URL just in case:

  2. Yay! Lots of very pinnable posts here! Looking forward to reading all of them! The core and hip strength exercises will really help runners. I do a lot of that as part of my training, and I truly believe it makes a huge difference. Prevents injuries and makes me faster. It has allowed me to achieve lots of my biggest accomplishments! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading what running has taught you, wonder if it similar?
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