Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts }

I hope everyone had a great long weekend.  It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of May and summer is here.  I love summer running and will never complain about it being too hot or humid because winter and frigid temps will be here before we know it.  Like over the weekend…it was mid 80s on Saturday and mid 50s on Sunday. Wtf?!?!

Last week’s workouts


6.5 mile run, 8:48 avg pace, 430 ft elev gain

I woke up Monday morning feeling so much better after spending most of the weekend down and out with a cold.  So much better that I didn’t even realize I ran the biggest hills in town. Maybe it was the gorgeous sunrise that powered me?


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

20 minutes Arc Trainer

20 minutes Stepmill

strength training

cable running woman

rope row and squat

rope tricep extension

TRX pistol squat

TRX pull and reach

KB bench step ups

weighted thrusters

eccentric pull ups

pull up shrugs

TRX mountain climbers

TRX pike plank

Last week's workouts |


7.1 mile run, 8:46 avg pace, 445 ft elev gain

The plan called for rolling hills and 1:30 pick ups at every mile.  When Kyle and I started to running, I joked that I planned the route so we’d hit the base of the mega hills in town right at the mile markers.  As luck would have it, we did. Needless to say, the sweat was flowing.  A lot!

Last week's workouts |

You smell that?  That’s what awesome smells like. 🙂


strength training

DB bench press

DB pull over

renegade row

reverse grip barbell row

side lunge/ DB clean

bench steps ups with DB shoulder press

weighted thrusters

KB pendulum lunges

KB single leg deadlift

med ball squats

6 mile run, 8:54 avg pace, 254 ft elev gain

I don’t do it nearly as much as I should, but running AFTER lifting always makes me feel like I’m running on Bambi legs aka tired legs.




5 mile run, 8:45 avg pace, 229 ft elev gain

It was so nice to run whenever I wanted and not be rushed to get to gymnastics, soccer or baseball on a Saturday.  The temps and humidity were up by the time I made it out the door.  Have I mentioned lately that I’m really enjoying the heat?  That is except when I run into my super speedy friend during the last 1/4 mile of my run.  She’s gliding along effortlessly and I feel like I’m all out sprinting to keep up with her AND to carry on a conversation.  Must have been the humidity that made me feel like I was gasping for air.  Hahaha!



10 mile run, 9:07 avg pace, 338 ft elev gain

I really wasn’t in the mood to run solo for my long run.  It seemed like almost all my friends were running races.  But as luck would have it, Kyle had 10 on her plan also so we decided to meet up.  Originally we were planning for a rolling hill run but we both felt the need for some Vitamin Sea.  The miles flew as we chatted the whole time.  We even did some obstacle course training by jumping a chain link fence.  Don’t worry, we weren’t doing anything illegal…I think.

FYI – maneuvering over a fence is a lot harder now compared to in my teens or 20s. My hand and leg agree.  #ouch

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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High Five Friday

High Five Friday |

Happy High Five Friday!

It’s an extra special Friday because it’s the beginning of a long Memorial Day weekend.  Last week when I was writing my Summer Bucket List post, I first wrote that Memorial Day was a month away.  For some reason I thought it was still April.  What?!?!  Where did May go?

In typical High Five Friday tradition, here’s 5 things I’m reading and loving right now.

What Athletes Can Learn About Sleep Research

It’s so much more than ‘get your 8 hours of sleep a night’. Researchers now even say what kind of pajamas you wear to bed make a difference. Bottom line: sleep should be your #1 priority over any other recovery aid.

The Power of Words

As a mom to a boy and a girl, I see the differences between the two genders.  This article made me stop and wonder if I say things differently to my daughter.  Do I tell her to ‘be careful’ more than my son?  The statistics on how our words affect our daughters more than our sons is pretty astounding. Just a reminder to check myself.

The Incredibly Simple Way One Man is Motivated People to Start Running

I love this story about how Dave McGillivray is getting people to set a goal (run a race) and to be more active.  It sounds so simple but has been very effective over the years.  It’s the accountability that motivates these people to go through with their intentions.  Just a reminder that accountability is good for anyone and any goal.

The Pursuit of Endurance

A few weeks ago, Jen Pharr Davis rolled through town on her tour for her new book, The Pursuit of Endurance: Harnessing the Power of Strength and Resilience.  She set the southbound record for the FKT (fastest known time) on the Appalachian Trail in 2011 (for men AND women).  That record has since been broken a few times but along the way she learned very valuable lessons on the trail and from mentors.  This is just an except but I highly recommend the book.

Black Pepper Strawberry Balsamic Pasta Salad

If you are heading to a cookout this weekend, make this.  At first I wasn’t so sure about the black pepper with strawberries but trust me, it’s so good.  I think this will be my weekly staple during strawberry season in June.

What would you like to High 5 today?

5 Things I’d Hate to Run Without {Just Run}

5 Things I'd hate to run without - My running gear essentials _ _ happyfitmama.comIt’s another edition of Just Run, where each month a group of my running blogger friends gather with their tips, tricks and thoughts on all things running.

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This month we are talking about our running essentials.  The things we’d hate to run without.

I like to think of myself of a no frills runner.  Yes, I do like high tech, fun stuff but I’d be just as happy to run with nothing but my running shoes on.  Now, I’m not saying I’m going to do a nude race (one word: ouch) but for me, I just need the bare essentials to hit the road or trails running.


By far, shoes are my #1 essential.  I cringe every time I see someone running barefoot in a race.  All I can think of is stepping on broken glass or something nasty like dog poop with a bare foot. I like the support and cushion of a shoe.  My favorite shoe right now is the Saucony Ride 10 for roads and Saucony Peregrine for trails.  I like to rotate through shoes for different runs.  Currently in the rotation, I have Altra, Hoka One and New Balance along with a couple pairs of Saucony.  If you’ve never been professionally fitted for running shoes, do it now.  It’s the best thing for your running.

Sports Bra

I couldn’t imagine running without a good supportive sports bra.  I don’t have a big chest but I like the girls locked and loaded while running.  If my sports bra makes the girls bounce at all, I’m not a fan.  Those bras are reserved for low impact workouts like biking, strength training or yoga. Currently, I’m loving the Saucony Bounce Trouncer and the Handful Y-Back.


Over the years, Feetures socks have become my favorite for road running.  I prefer lightweight over cushioning.  That just makes me feet too hot.  The Elite Ultra Light is usually my go to.  For trail running, I like Darn Tough for a little bit of cushion.  I’m also more likely to wear calf sleeves on the trails.  CEP Compression is my fav. It’s kind of weird that I can’t stand wearing compression sleeves or socks when on the roads but love it on the trails. Maybe because it provides extra protection for my shins from rocks and sticks?


You guys know that I love taking Run-fies (i.e. running selfies).  For that reason I take my phone on every single run.  But even more importantly, my phone comes along for an extra dose of security.  After having a creeper following me while out for a run a couple of years ago, I’ve been extra vigilant about running safety.  I don’t want to run with my phone in my hand so I use a belt.  Usually, any type of belt annoys me, particularly hydration belts.  Those things do not stay in place.  I started using a belt from Fuel Belt last year.  I don’t think they make the one I use anymore, but THIS one is similar.  No bouncing and stays in place for the most part.  If it does start to creep up my hips, I’ll tighten the belt and it stays put.


I could absolutely run without a watch.  I have a general sense of the mileage for different routes around town. I like feedback and data, though.  I’m not a slave to pace but I like to see how far I ran or at least how many minutes I was out there. I’m not afraid to leave the GPS at home and use my simple Timex instead.  But then there’s the Strava data…what can I say, I like the data!  For the past 6 months, I have been using a Epson ProSense GPS but last week I started adding my trusted Garmin Forerunner 230 back into the mix. Right now I’m doing a mix of both watches to see what’s more accurate.

Want to know what my running blogger friends can’t run without?  Be sure to click on the image or their name to find out their essentials for racing and running.






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running essentials

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What are your running essentials?