When You’re a Runner and Your Spouse is Not

When You're a Runner and Your Spouse is Not

Without fail, when I first meet someone new and they find out I’m a runner, one of the questions is usually, “Does your husband run?” 

Short answer, no.

Long answer, yes but he doesn’t like it, so not really?

It’s no secret that running is a big part of my life.  When you start up a blog 7 years ago just because you want to find more like minded people to discuss running with and you eventually become a running coach, it’s kind of obvious I like it.

Since Ron and I’ve been together (almost 20 years and 16 of those years married!), fitness has been a part of our lives.  Scratch that.  It was always a part of mine and Ron was trying to find his way back to healthy living after a slump of being not so healthy.  We started going to the gym together and just being more active mountain biking and hiking.

Eventually, I started to run more especially when I had the goal of doing a half marathon before I turned 30. Occasionally, Ron would hop in for a short run of 2-3 miles but nothing more.

Once I caught the running bug after the kids were born, that continued.  I would head out for a run, Ron would stay home with the kids.  In fact, he would push me out of the house when I was training for my first half marathon after the kids.  It was hard to leave my babes because I didn’t want to miss a thing.  But Ron told me to go run.  It was good for me, good for the babes and good for Ron.  Putting in those miles after the kiddos helped me remember that I was still the same Angela rather than a zombie of a mom who changes endless amounts of diapers and does countless feedings.

When You're a Runner and Your Spouse is Not | happyfitmama.comSigns courtesy of Ron

Over the years, we’ve figured out a schedule.  I became the early morning workout/runner and he would hit the gym after work.  It works out well for us because he’s not a morning person and I’m ready to fall asleep at 5 p.m.

Now, Ron is not totally against running.  He’ll pop out a mile or three at the gym occasionally.  He’s joined me for a trail run when we had some time before picking the kids up from school. Or he’ll participate in our annual family Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to run more than that.  It’s “boring” and not his thing. When You're a Runner and Your Spouse is Not | happyfitmama.comRon waiting with the kiddos at the finish line of yet another race.  At least the kids had the beach to keep them occupied!

That’s totally cool with me. Just because I’m a runner, doesn’t mean he has to be.

Do I wish Ron was a runner?  Sometimes.

When I see other runner couples out enjoying a race or a long run together, it makes me wish Ron liked running.

But truthfully, I’m glad he doesn’t like running.

First of all, we aren’t fighting over who gets to run long first on the weekends.  Second, we don’t have to fight over who gets to run which race because one parent has to hang out with the kids. Third, he’s a really good Instagram husband at races.  It’s always nice to have pics from the course thanks to him. If he ran, I wouldn’t have any of those shots. (Selfish?  Absolutely). And lastly, it’s my thing.  I’m the crazy runner in the family who runs up mountains or runs long distances. I like that.

Maybe once the kids are older and we won’t need baby-sitters, Ron will find that he actually likes running.  That might be cool.  Just as long as he doesn’t get faster than me…kidding.  Sort of.  Not really. 🙂

When You're a Runner and Your Spouse is Not | happyfitmama.comThe one time I got him to run a trail race 5 years ago!

Ron doesn’t really understand why I run so much.  He doesn’t understand how I keep going back to running even though it has caused me pain. He doesn’t understand why I leave a warm bed at an unholy hour to run in the cold and the dark. He doesn’t understand why I talk about running so much.

But what he does understand is that it’s important to me.

He will help me roll out my calves every night. He doesn’t complain that my early alarm interrupts his sleep. He listens to my mind-numbing boring stories of running every single day.  Sometimes he even offers feedback (if he’s still listening). When I’m debating about registering/not registering for a race, he tells me to do it.

He knows running makes me a happier, more confident person, so that’s good enough for him. That’s all he needs to understand.

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Does your significant other run?

Do you wish they did/did not?

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com

Last week’s workouts


40 minutes Elliptical with 60 sec hard, 60 sec recovery x 8

Strength training:

Cable flys

Half kneeling cable rotation

Lat pull down

Reverse lunge with cable row

Banded pull ups

Eccentric pull ups

Hip thrusters

Side bench step ups


5 mile run, 9:03 avg pace

My plan was to do a progressive run but that changed when I realized my hip flexor was not having it.  Remember Sunday how I ran 13 and then I played striker in the Parents vs Kids soccer game?  I think I aggravated it then.  I do know that I was hurting from the game.  My shins are covered in bruises from getting kicked.  Should have worn shin guards!

Instead of fighting it, I kept things easy pace and enjoyed the lovely fall day.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


40 minutes Stepmill with 60 sec speed intervals, 90 sec recovery x 6

Strength training:

TRX suspended push ups

TRX mountain climbers/X out

TRX single arm pull and reach

Banded pull ups

Single leg deadlift to bench step up

Plank rows

Back squat with bench taps


5.14 mile run, 8:38 avg pace

When I woke up, I checked my weather app to see the temp.  It said 40 degrees with a real feel of 34.  I grabbed a wind breaker vest for an extra layer at the last minute.  When I stepped outside, I realized my weather app is a liar.  It was hot (ok, probably 45 degrees) and felt almost humid.  Within a 1/4 mile I was too hot so I ditched the vest and felt so much better.

The plan was for 2:00 minutes @comfortably hard pace/2:00 recovery x 6.  I think we ended up doing 5 because we ran a little longer than 2 minutes when a suspicious truck seemed to be following us (it wasn’t).  Of course, that interval was way faster than comfortably hard with the adrenaline pumping.

Our new motto is – Run like a Ford Ranger is chasing you!

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com

I think the camera went off right when I was saying “I’m blinded by the flash!”


40 minute Bike

Strength training:

inch worm push ups

bosu squats

bosu single leg deadlift

bosu knee to elbow planks

monster walks

bear crawls with loop band

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com


rest day!


9 mile run, 9:03 avg/pace, 476 ft elev gain

Thank you, Daylight Savings Time, for making 7 a.m. no longer dark…at least for now.  We were a running crew of 4 for a long run – Andrea, Kyle and her husband, Josh.  It’s funny that Andrea and I have tons of mutual friends (and follow each other on social media) but this was the first time we’ve ever really talked and the first time we’ve run together. Social media does has some really positive qualities!

I’m so thankful for the connections I’ve found.  I can honestly say that 99% of my running friends are ones I’ve met through my blog or social media.  I love it!

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comAfter our run, I ate, showered and then parked myself in front of the TV to watch the New York City Marathon.  Did you watch?  What a race!!  It almost makes me want to sign up for a road marathon…almost.  Lol!

How was your week in workouts?

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | happyfitmama.com

Happy Friday everyone!

With all of the Halloween and end of the soccer season events this week, I completely dropped the ball on posting on Wednesday.  A couple of years ago, I would have NEVER let that happen.  I was pretty strict about following my blog schedule.  But now, I don’t stress about it.  If I post, I post.  If I don’t, I don’t.  Besides, aren’t blogs becoming a thing of the past now?

Since the last day of the work week should feel like a party, I feel like sharing some of my Friday Favorites.

Dressing up for Halloween

In our town, we Trick-or-Treat the day before Halloween.  I have no idea why, it’s just the way it is.  This year, Ron and Lukas had matching costumes.  It wasn’t supposed to be that way (Ron was going to be a Lumberjack) until Lukas decided he didn’t like his Super Mario costume anymore.  As a way to smooth things over, Ron said he’d be Luigi. I’m glad it worked out that way because they were too cute.  Although, Ron was looking way too comfy with his extra large belly.  We also added black mascara to the mustache portion of his beard to cover the gray.  And now Ron knows how hard it is to take off waterproof mascara.  Lol!

Superfeet Insoles

For the past few years, I’ve run in orthotics that were from my former physical therapist.  They weren’t custom but they were modified to fit the needs of my feet.  I always questioned if I really needed them.  My current pair were starting to break down so I asked my new PT what he thought about orthotics.  He’s not a big fan but suggested that I try Superfeet (affiliate link) insoles rather than spending $150 on my usual.  I’ve used Superfeet in the past but this time I bought the Green insoles because of my plantar fascia issues.  So far, everything is feeling great with no PF flare up since the switch.

Simple Modern Tumbler

I always have a tumbler filled with water at home.  It’s like my adult version of a sippy cup.  I wanted to upgrade to a stainless steel version after my last cup cracked.  This Simple Modern Tumbler (affiliate link) is so pretty.  The colors remind me of the beach.  And it really does keep solid ice cubes for 24 hours.  I was shocked!  My daughter keeps threatening to steal this from me so I may have to purchase another one soon.

Friday Favorites | happyfitmama.com


I might have mentioned this in one of my last week’s workout wrap ups, but it needs to mentioned again.  Strong (affiliate link) has loads of great exercises for everyone, runner or not.  I’m always looking for new exercises to mix things up.  Some of these are old to me but others I’ve either never done or it’s been a very long time.  I originally picked this up at the library but ended up buying it because I liked it so much. Check it out if you need some workout inspo!

Stitch Fix

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve received a Stitch Fix box. I’ve always had great luck with stylists but this box was SO me and spot on.

Never heard of Stitch Fix? (referral link)

Basically, it’s an online styling service. You create an online profile with your likes and leave it up to the stylists to pick out items. Based from this information, they send you 5 articles of clothing that get delivered right to your door. You can chose to have it delivered as little or often as you like.

It’s $20 a fix, but as long as you keep one item you can apply that toward the price.  So you only lose money if you don’t keep a single thing (and you get a 25% discount if you keep it all!).

Then from there, you can try everything on and figure out what you want to save and what you want to keep. A prepaid USPS envelope is included for easy returns for items you don’t keep.

Here’s what I got:

Friday Favorites } happyfitmama.com

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Arnold Raglan Top

Stripes. My favorite shade of green.


STS Blue Tayah Skinny Jean

I asked for jeans but was not looking for black denim.  I bought a pair last year that I have hardly worn because I changed my mind and don’t like how they look.  My initial reaction to the STS jean was nope.  I didn’t want black denim.  But once I tried them on, I was sold.  The color is dark enough that it almost looks like a black legging and more importantly they feel like leggings.  The length is perfect for booties and for tucking into boots.


Friday Favorites | happyfitmama.com

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Tarlio Cowl Neck Top

Cowl neck, super soft and cozy.  I love the length because it’s long enough to wear with leggings because I really don’t like wearing “real” pants all the time.

Another no brainer.


Friday Favorites | happyfitmama.com

Kaileigh Soll Mixed Material Top

My first reaction to this?  Meh.  I’m not a fan of the mixed fabrics look.  But then I tried it on and it was kind of cute especially with the black jeans.  I ultimately decided to keep it just so I could get the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.  It’s grown on me.


Friday Favorites | happyfitmama.comLeo & Nicole Zaryn Poncho Pullover

I’m cold 99% of the time during the fall and winter.  I live in cozy sweaters.  I’ve also found that if I can have something around my neck (a scarf or my beloved cowl necks), I feel warmer.  Enter this super cute answer to staying cozy all winter long. Plus, it can double as your grandmother’s doily.  🙂


If you have never tried Stitch Fix before, I highly recommend giving it a try.  I’ve only had a few misses.  My stylist, Rebekah, nailed my likes and lifestyle needs for clothing without a doubt.  Here’s my referral code if you want to get your own fix!

What are you loving right now?