5 Things I Miss (and 5 Things I Don’t Miss)

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I’ve seen this post swirling around the blogosphere lately and it made me start thinking about this odd time in our lives. There’s many things I miss but there’s lots of things that I’m ok with them being out of our lives…maybe even for good.



Spring is always the time when I start looking forward to long runs in the mountains chasing vert. But with having to travel to the mountains, not wanting to do something really stupid like getting myself hurt during this time, and not wanting to go solo, those runs have been put on the back burner for a bit. I’m super thankful for the local trails that have kept me sane but they are getting old. I need more variety! Hopefully, I’ll be able to have some kind of mountain running fun this summer.

Since the beaches have been closed and the weather is finally warming up, I’m missing running, walking, riding my bike or even sitting on the beach. I don’t know how we are going to survive a summer without the beach. Hopefully, everyone can behave and we can have some sort of system to make sure everyone adheres to social distancing soon.

5 things I miss | happyfitmama.com


It’s no secret. I love Target. One of my favorite things to do is to cruise the aisles. There’s just so many cute things there! I’ve only been physically in the store once in the past 9 weeks and it gave me mixed emotions. I was happy to be pushing a red cart around the store but it was not a casual shopping trip. It’s just not the same wearing a mask and not wanting to touch too many things. I practically ran through the store grabbing things on my list rather than browsing. For once, I only got things that were on my list. If you frequent Target, you know that NEVER happens!

Actually, I miss cruising the aisles of anywhere with no worry about wearing a mask or fear of getting infected.


Over the past few years, I’ve become quite a social runner. I’d run with one person one time per week at least. It became part of my social hour and one that I would look forward to. I could catch up with friends on our daily lives. It’s funny that we cover topics that we probably wouldn’t even touch if we were sitting around having wine or coffee. There’s just something about running that brings out the confessional. I’m missing that connection!

5 things I miss | happyfitmama.com


I’m the type of person who likes a regular schedule. Over the past 9 weeks, there has been nothing regular about it. Every week, my work schedule has been different because I’m working in different departments to make up my reduced hours in Cardiac Rehab. That means I’m working different days and different hours. WAY different hours. Even though we don’t have big plans, it’s still such a bummer to work on the weekends because those are the only days that Ron and the kids have off from work and school


I’m thankful that I have some at-home strength training equipment and a treadmill but it’s not the same as the gym. I miss the Stepmill. I miss the Elliptical. I miss the squat rack, heavier weights and TRX. Plus, I feel like I push myself to work harder at the gym than in my basement.

And yoga at home isn’t the same as in-studio.



It’s been eye opening to see how much money we used to spend on stuff that we considered “essential”. Stabucks and Dunkin’ trips. Cruising the aisles of Target and picking up random stuff. Eating out (although we didn’t do that too much before). Whenever things start to open up again, our plan is to not get back into the habit of thinking these things are essential. It’s kind of nice to have the extra money!


Spring is usually a busy time for kid sports and activities. That means that our weekday evenings are a plethora of places to be from the moment school/work gets out to at least 8 p.m. or later. And then there’s the weekend games where Ron and I would have to divide and conquer to get each kid to their field at the same time. I’ve always been a homebody so this extra time at home, not explaining why I don’t want to go out has been kind of nice.


As someone who wears scrubs to work, I’ve only worn “regular clothes” on my days off and the weekends. Now, if I’m not wearing scrubs, I’m wearing leggings. I put on regular clothes a few times and lasted an hour at most. If I’m going to be hanging out at home and going for 10,000 walks and bike rides a day, I want to be comfy. And if the weather ever gets warm enough, I’ll change out of my leggings into shorts.


Prior to the Stay At Home orders, it was like pulling teeth to get my kids to go for walks or bike rides. It would happen every so often but more than likely, it didn’t because the evenings were full of activities that we had to rush to. Max rarely got a walk longer than 10 minutes in the evening. Now, my kids are ASKING to go on walks. Our walks have been a time to check out the neighborhood and hopefully, see friends and teachers along the way. It’s amazing what a pandemic can do! This is definitely something I hope we can continue afterwards.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of missing my early morning workouts. What I don’t miss is the morning hustle to fit in everything and then scramble to get everyone fed and out the door to work/school on time. Mornings have slowed down quite a bit unless I’m heading into work. Then I’m still the one hustling but it’s only me that I have to worry about.



When this first started, I wasn’t sure I was going to have a job. But thankfully, the hospital has kept us semi opened and we’ve been allowed to redeploy to different departments to make up our hours. And I’m thankful that Ron has a job that he can easily work from home. I know we are the lucky ones.


I’m always thankful for good health but after seeing and hearing stories of those affected by COVID-19 or having to be hospitalized during this time, it makes me appreciate it even more.


I’m so glad that I have two kids that can play with each other. They may fight like cats and dogs at times but they still are BFF’s. I don’t know how parents with one child are able to get anything done with work or their jobs at this time. At least with my kids they have someone other than boring ol’ mom or dad to hang with.


I’ve got a confession to make. We’ve been having ice cream every single day. I was joking with Ron that one of my biggest dilemmas over the past 9 weeks has been figuring out how many quarts of ice cream I need to buy to get us through one week in between grocery store trips.


Can you imagine if this happened 10 or 20 years ago? There’s no way we’d be functioning like we are right now. I’m grateful that we have the technology to stay connected with friends and family even when self-isolating. I’m thankful that we can order stuff online and pick it up curbside to support local stores or have something delivered from anyplace in the country.

Your turn…

What are you missing?

What don’t you miss?

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My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts | happyfitmama.com

It’s another roundup of my week in workouts. The days are flying by yet I still don’t know what day it is most of the time. And apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t know what month it is or she just has a really cruel sense of humor.


Bootcamp – treadmill incline hike/run @ 12% (1/2 mile intervals) and DB strength – 2 miles, 1241 ft elevation gain.

I was short on time so I did a bootcamp workout with a treadmill incline hike/run with DB strength intervals. I was a sweaty mess after 36 minutes of fast moving fun.


7.03 trail run, 10:21 avg/pace, 427 ft elevation gain

Evening Flow Yoga

The sun was out and the trails were calling. Max and I enjoyed a quiet morning with the trails all to ourselves. I love Max immensely and I’m lucky to have him as a training buddy during this time but he can really be annoying. He runs great when the trail is wide but when it becomes single track, he insists on running right in front of me. That’s fine if he would keep a consistent pace. He slows down so much that I end up tripping over him quite a bit. And if he gets behind me, he hates it and will run right beside me with his bodyweight against my leg as if to push me over. He’s a bugger sometimes!

My week in workouts | happyfitmama.com


10 miles, 9:32 avg/pace, 811 ft elevation gain

Evening Flow Yoga

My run plan for the day changed so many times in the span on an hour that I kind of just threw a bunch of stuff together and called it good. Originally I was going to hit up a new spot for steeper hill repeats but then my kids said they wanted to ride their bikes with me for part of my run. How could I refuse?

The first 4 miles were with Max and the kids on a relatively flat route before I headed off solo to the big hill in town for some repeats. Once I did three, I made my way to a set of steep stairs for some repeats on those. My legs were tired and so was I afterwards. There may have been a nap later on in the afternoon.


6.53 miles, 9:22 avg/pace

Strength Training

Netflix is making it REALLY hard to wake up early! Or at least that’s my excuse for why I was dragging butt on this run. That and my legs were a little heavy from Wednesday’s run. Ron and I “had” to binge watch the remaining episodes of season 1 for You. It’s so creepy and makes me so glad that I am not in the dating world!

Later on after work, I headed for the basement for a strength training session. I started off with a 30 min full body strength workout with Andy Speer on the Peleton app. It wasn’t my favorite workout so I continued on with my own stuff afterwards.


Rest day except for an evening walk with the fam to get our 2.23 miles in for #irunformaud. Such a senseless act. No one should have fear for their lives while walking, running, or cycling. I have a lot more to say about this but I hope that we (myself included) educate ourselves more on what we can do to stop the social and racial injustice that happens everyday in our country.


5 mile trail run, 10:45 avg/pace, 341 ft elevation gain

I had to work on Saturday (which totally still stinks even though we don’t have any plans) so my run didn’t happen till late afternoon. I’m kind of happy about that because it was snowing big fat flakes, windy and downright freezing in the morning. Thankfully, we didn’t get any measurable snow. I was thrilled that the sun was out by the time I headed out. And shocked when snowflakes started to blow around in the wind during my run. It would have been a gorgeous day…for March.


7 mile trail run, 10:36 avg/pace, 463 ft elevation gain

I gifted myself extra sleep and a semi-lazy morning for Mother’s Day. It was much needed but that meant I had to deal with more people out on the trails. I opted out of my original trail after pulling into the lot and seeing the most cars I’ve ever seen there. I went to Plan B and was greeted with another busy lot. Thankfully, there’s another trail system that is on the other side of the street that isn’t used as much. The trail less traveled won! Max and I didn’t see a single soul for the duration of our run.

And if you are wondering…this is how 70% of my trail runs with Max look like. If there’s a tree, he’ll find a way to close line himself and then get wrapped all around it.

Later on in the day, I convinced everyone to hit the trails yet again except this time on mountain bikes. There may have been some complaining because I took a wrong turn onto the trail that was very muddy and full of roots. Opps. My kids hate me but I still had fun. Lol!

How was your week in workouts?

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9 Tips for Hiking with Kids

9 Tips for hiking with kids | happyfitmama.com

One good thing about the global pandemic and stay at home orders right now is that more people are heading outside to enjoy walking, running, biking and hiking. People are finding ways to get fresh air close to home. That is awesome!

However, last weekend when we were out on a hike, it was kind of obvious that a lot of people out on the trails were new. And a lot of those new people had kids.

Hiking with kids isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you are first getting started. There’s road blocks at any age. From all the gear you need to take along with little babes to all the complaining that ensues with preteens to teens. So how do you turn your kids into enthusiastic hikers or at least ones that will tolerate it with minimal complaining?

Start short and slow

Don’t expect to cover 5 miles at a brisk pace for your child’s first hike. Starting off with a short distance at the child’s pace is best. Be prepared for frequent stops. LOTS of stops.

9 tips for hiking with kids | happyfitmama.com

Toss out your agenda

Let your child lead. You may want to hike for hours, but if they call it quits after 15 minutes, it’s better to head back to the car rather than force them to keep moving onward. I remember when my kid’s were around 8 months old. It took forever to pack ALL the gear we thought we’d need for our hike. We thought we’d be gone an hour or two. We hiked 20 minutes before the kid’s both let us know it wasn’t going to happen. The screaming in our ears was enough to know that it was not the best day to hike.

Be prepared

Bring a First Aid kit because there’s bound to be a skinned knee. In addition, wet wipes, tissues, lip balm, sunblock and insect repellant are just as important.

Gear up

From backpacks, hydration vests, compasses, and water bottles, there’s nothing cooler to a child than a mini version of mom or dad’s gear. Although you most likely will be the one who ends up carrying that gear in addition to your own.

9 Tips for hiking with kids | happyfitmama.com

Snacks and fluids

Hiking requires a lot of energy. When kids run out of energy, what happens? They get cranky. Very cranky. Keep your child happy and motivated by taking numerous small breaks for fluids and snacks. I’ve learned that you can never pack too many snacks. If you think you’ve packed enough, pack some more. And maybe even more. More is always better.

Dress properly

Make sure that you take ample amounts of clothing in case your child gets cold while out on the trail. Always bring a waterproof jacket with a hood in addition to a hat and gloves. Make sure your kids have the proper shoes. Finally, always pack a change of clothes for each child and leave them in the car for your return from the trail – chances are someone is going to be wet and muddy!

And FYI leave the white sneakers and clothing at home. It will not be white when you are done.

Stick it

Kids love sticks. It can be used for so many things – a walking stick, for bushwacking through low trees, poking at plants or as a pointer. We seem to always find the “perfect” hiking stick at least 10 times during a hike.

Have a destination

Choose hikes with landmarks, like a trail that ends at a fire tower, a lake or a waterfall. A post hike destination or treat is always a good motivator too. My kids’ seem to hike a little faster knowing that there’s a stop at an ice cream place on the way home.

Emphasize fun

The whole goal is to make sure that their experience is FUN so they will want to go again. If you make it boring and torturous to them, the complaining will be nonstop with the ultimate resistance you bring up a hike again.

In full disclosure, there will be whining. There will be complaining. Oh yes there will! But hopefully, there will also be laughter, excitement and joy in enjoying a fun experience as a family in the great outdoors.

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