My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts was a roller coaster as usual for this time of year. Not because of the actual workouts. It’s the weather!


30 minutes Arc Trainer random intervals

Strength training

Mountain leg circuit

Upper body

Bench press

Push ups

Eccentric pull ups

Seated bar pull ups

Cable tri ext

Cable bicep curls

After Sunday’s snowy trail run and bombing the downhills, my hips were feeling it. I decide to hit the no impact Arc trainer to work things out. I didn’t have the heart to hit the stepmill.

In other news, this was the first day that I noticed the gym was busier. It was nice to see so many new faces in the early morning crew. I hope to see you there more often!


5.7 mile trail run with Jen

My morning kicked off with a chaotic morning of trying to get my kids off to school early. They had to be in 30 minutes earlier than usual which meant we had zero time for any extras like my daughter reading a book when she should have been getting dressed or my son forgetting his trumpet half way to school and me running home, grabbing the trumpet and then running back to catch up with them. Oh, did I mention that I had snow boots on, it was icy and I had an overly enthusiastic yellow lab pulling me along? Talk about a shit show! 🙂

The good news was that I was fully warmed up for my trail run with Jen and it was all good once my feet started moving.


30 minutes Stepmill intervals

Strength training:

Upper body

DB bench press

DB incline bench press

Cable X pull downs

Cable SA row


Eccentric pull ups

Lower body

KB swings

Reverse lunge w/ SL balance DB press

DB lateral lunge w/ balance

KB farmer carries on tip toes

DB step ups w/ balance

SL box jumps

It had been a few weeks since I tackled the Stepmill. It was time to get back to it the sweatfest grind. Is it odd to say that I missed it? 😉


6.6 mile road run with Kyle

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

I woke up Thursday morning to howling wind. I knew it was going to be cold but it actually turned out warmer than expected. So rather than sub zero wind chills, it only felt like 3 degrees. Hey, I’ll take it!

The roads were a little snow covered, slushy and icy thanks to the freak snow squalls Wednesday night. We stuck to roads we knew would be less traveled so we could stay on the road and not worry about crazy drivers too much. An uneventful run that really didn’t feel too cold. That’s what happens when you talk the whole time to distract yourself from the bone chilling winds. #score

#TBT to bright and warm summer mornings where we weren’t bundled under 10,000 layers!

In other news, I made it to a yoga class. Remember when I would faithfully attend at least 2 classes a week. Yeah, I’ve been sucking at that lately. Time to get back on the yoga bandwagon mat. My hips need it!


Rest day!


7 mile road run with Max; 2 min pick ups at every mile @ 3-6

You guys, the weather is c-r-a-z-y!!! Remember Thursday how it was super cold? Today it was around 40 degrees when I went out. And then it proceeded to get warmer as the day went on. It was so odd to be running and feel pockets of warm air blast me every so often.

Max and I were both a muddy mess by the time our run was over. So many puddles and sand from the melting snow.


9 mile trail run with Jen and Jenny

The wacky weather continues! Except this time it was 60 degrees at 8 a.m. My mind was telling me to wear shorts and a tank but my mind was also telling me, IT’S JANUARY!!!!

This was Jenny’s second trail run EVER (her first was on New Year’s Eve). Even though it was warm, there was still snow and ice on the trail for the most part. Its’ crazy to think that one week ago I ran in a winter wonderland.

We got hit with a freak rain/wind storm half way through our run. Which felt nice because we were actually feeling hot. Such an odd thing to say while running outside in January! We had a blast even in the wacky weather. At the end of the run, we even celebrated with Prosecco and a tiara for the birthday girl, Jen. I’m thinking maybe all trail runs should end with Prosecco now.

How was your week in workouts?

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Goals for 2020

When I started writing this post, I went back to look at my goals for 2019. One year ago, exactly, I did the same thing. There must be something about being 8 days into a new year. January 8th must be the day that I finally feel like I can share my goals for 2020 out into the universe.

In addition to goals, I like to set a word for the year. Something that sets the intention to shape my year. Last year I chose enjoy and man, did I ever enjoy last year. It was one of my strongest running years ever thanks to having a coach reign me in a bit and teach me that I don’t have to run mega miles like “everyone” says to run longer distances.

This year, my word(s) of the year are: chase adventure.

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of loving trail and mountain running these days. I want to continue to chase dirt (and snow) ribbons. I want to head north more often to the Whites to run, hike and explore. I want to explore more of our neighboring states of Vermont and Maine. I want to chase more sunrises and sunsets (this is a from a girl who falls asleep at 8 p.m.). I want do more weekend road trips with the fam. I want to try skate skiing. I want to try skijorning. I want adventure out on my paddleboard.

I feel like I need to chase more everyday adventures in my life.

Alright, back to goals. I have to say I’m pretty stoked about how it went down for my goals of 2019. Here’s a recap of a few fitness/running related that I shared.

2019 Goals

Do an un-assisted pull up – INCOMPLETE

I was focused and so close early in the year but then I tweaked my neck and took a break. I’ve been doing eccentric pull ups at the gym for the past few weeks so I’m feeling that momentum again.

Mount Washington Road Race – COMPLETE

The lottery gods shined down on me and I made it in again after a 3 year hiatus. The weather and a bonk tried to derail my PR plans but I earned a 7 minute PR. I love that race so much but I’m still on the fence about entering the lottery for this year.

Loon Mountain Race – COMPLETE

I really thought I was going to have a huge breakthrough at Loon Mountain this year. Last year was amazing and this year I felt even stronger. But you never know what can happen on race day. I definitely did not anticipate rolling my ankle severely 17 minutes into the race on the most runnable part of the course. It hurt my confidence but I still eeked out a 1:42 PR. I wasn’t going to give up!

First 50k! – COMPLETE

After years of wanting to do a 50k, I finally did it. Of course, it was anything but ordinary because that would be boring. I finished the Vermont 50k slower than I anticipated but that’s what happens when the bees get you and you load up on Benadryl. Lol!

There were plenty of things I didn’t accomplish in 2019. That’s the glory of goals – you don’t nail them all the time and they don’t have an expiration date. It’s not like they blow up at midnight on December 31. You can easily keep going for that goal in the new year. Or you can decide that’s not something you are interested in anymore. It’s ok to fail.

So that brings me to my goals for 2020. These are just a few things that I’m going to be working towards this year.

PR in the 50k – Now that I know what to expect from the distance, I want to improve…and not get stung by multiple bees and need to take Benadryl. I know I can’t prevent that but at least I know I won’t have a major allergic reaction this time. I still have not settled on the race but I’m leaning towards a couple that are in August or September. It’s so much easier to get long trail runs in during the summer than spring. Once I pick the race, then I’ll nail down a time goal.

Do at least one unassisted pull up – I can’t let this goal go away. I’ve wanted to accomplish just ONE for years.

Run my first 30k trail race – I’m registered for the Gunstock Trailfest 30k in May. If you’ve been a reader here for some time, you know that I go to Gunstock often in search of vert. It’s their first year hosting this trailfest that has distances from the 5k – 50 miler. I was tempted to run the 50k but decided to stick with the 30k because it’s so hard to train with kid sports in the spring. I’m excited for this race because so many friends are running it.

Run/hike the Pemi Loop – This is another goal that I’ve had in mind for years. With all of my ankle issues, I was afraid to even attempt it because the rocks in the Whites can just tear you up. It’s about 30 miles with over 7400 ft of elevation gain with views to die for. I’m feeling more confident in myself and am ready to give it a go.

Break 1:30 at Loon Mountain Race – I felt very confident that I had that in me last year. But the ankle sprain did me in. This year, I’m going back and looking for something with a 1:2x.

Continue to lift heavy and strength train 2-3x/week – I’ve always done some form of strength training but I’ve really found a good flow with it in 2019. It’s working so I’m going with it.

That’s it for right now but of course, I’m sure I’ll find other things along the way to work on. 

The biggest goal I have is to have FUN.  I love running and I want to have fun while I’m doing it.  The moment I start to complain about “having” to run is the moment I need to find a new love.

Here’s to chasing adventure in 2020!

What goals are you chasing this year?

My Week in Workouts

Happy New Year!

We are almost one week into the new year and I’m feeling ready for it. It’s cliche but there really is something about a fresh calendar and a new training log ready to be filled in. Although, technically I’m not officially training for anything just yet. But soon! I’ve got a good feeling about 2020!

Here’s how my week in workouts looked last week.


30 minutes Elliptical hills

Strength training:

Upper body cable circuit: 10 reps each, 3 sets

Cable squat row

Cable flys

Cable tricep ext

Cable bicep curl

Lower body KB circuit:

This workout left me sore for two solid days. Or at least I think it was all from the strength training. It could have also been from breaking trail through the snow for each of my runs and climbing the sledding hill over and over again for two days.


1 hour (4 miles) trail run with Kyle, Jen and Jenny

Woof. Breaking trail in fresh snow that also has a crusty layer thanks to freezing rain is TOUGH. But, it was so worth it to get our friend Jenny out for her first EVER trail run. She did amazing and I give her major kudos for showing up. To be completely honest, I would have bailed if I was her. We had about 6-8 inches of snow the day before followed up with sleet/freezing rain overnight and that morning. Jenny was either going to love it or hate it and never want to do it again. I’m thrilled to say that she LOVED it and can’t wait to go again. Yasssss!


1 hour (4.4 miles) trail run with Max

There’s no better way to kick of the new year than with a run, right? I slept in and gave myself an hour to run before our afternoon plans. The roads didn’t sound appealing so I took Max with me back to our fav local trail.

The running conditions were a little better than Tuesday – I didn’t have to break trail the whole way at least. Plenty of people had been out the day before with snowshoes to pack things down nicely on the trails close to the trailhead. Farther out, it was a different story. No one had been down there since our run the morning before but this time it was severely crusted and iced over. I spent a lot of time trying to stay in our footprints from before but mostly ended up tripping and sinking in knee deep snow. Thankfully, I had on Microspikes but that just meant I kicked my ankle bones a lot too. Yowch!

Regardless, it still was so pretty down by the river. Worth the tripping, sucking wind and a few swears.


1 hour (6.5 miles) road run split between Kyle and Max

The first early morning run after an extended break is a little brutal. If I wasn’t meeting Kyle, I totally would have run later. Even if that meant 8 p.m.! It was dark and cold. The streets and sidewalks were icy/snow covered. My stomach was not happy with me from all the New Years Day snacks and drinks. But we got it done and I felt better once I started running. It goes to show that the hardest part is always getting out the door.


Rest day!


10.3 mile road run

This winter weather is just plain wacky! I woke up Saturday morning to rain and temps in the upper 30s. That combined with the snow from earlier in the week had left the sidewalks a mess.

I ran about 2.5ish miles to meet Jenny where we thought she’d join me for about 3-4 miles. FYI – she’s the friend who had her first ever trail run on Tuesday and had never run with anyone before. She was like, “This is why you love running! It’s so social!” Haha! Well, it’s one of the many reason why. 😉

She was once again a total rock star for meeting me in the early morning cold rain. She powered through for a full 5ish miles before I continued back home. I think she’s hooked on running. Another member added to the crazy running cult. 🙂


6.6 mile trail run, 1217 ft elevation gain

I’m so lucky to have a great group of friends who is not afraid to run in tough conditions no matter the season. It’s been a hot minute since I ran Mt Agamenticus – I spent way too much time there while training for Vermont 50k and had bad juju from so many falls. We needed a break from each other!

The trails were reminiscent of an enchanted forest in the winter. The snow covered trees and the sunlight shining through were just magical. Days like that are my favorite in the winter.

What’s also my favorite is being able to bomb down the hills without worrying about rocks or roots. We seriously FLEW down each hill. Which to be honest, was still not that easy since we were mostly breaking trail in different snow conditions. A lot of it had a crust on top which made things slow going. But then we hit powder and fly with ease. My legs were D-E-A-D afterwards. But SNOW much fun!

Not a bad week for not officially training for anything yet. Base building has been going well. Training starts soon!

How was your week in workouts?

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