What’s for Dinner?

Butternut Squash Apple Soup - happyfitmama.com

Today is a bittersweet day.

I’m heading out this morning to spectate the Baystate Marathon. A race that I had been training for since June. A race that I had big hopes and dreams for.

But injuries happen, as sucky as they are.

One of the reasons why I chose to run Baystate was because my friend Mariette was. It was going to be a goal race for both of us. She’s done so, so well in training that I know she’s going to reach it. Even though I can’t run it, I still want to be there to cheer her on. I’d love to jump in and pace her to her first BQ the last 10k.

BUT I’m still not running.

So my obnoxiously loud yells and cowbell will have to be enough to give her an extra surge to the finish line.

Here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Sunday – Baked Spinach Rotolo

Monday – Baked Salmon + roasted acorn squash

Tuesday – Dinner out at Flatbread Pizza to support Sarah and CHaD

Wednesday – Crockpot Two Bean Veggie Chili

Thursday – Butternut Squash Apple Soup – Pictured above

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday -  Spicy Spaghetti Squash Boats

What are you doing today?

What’s for dinner this week?

High Five Friday

High Five Friday. I love you!

5 from instagram 101714  happyfitmama.comAre you following me on Instagram?

1. Nature’s canvas. I seriously think my backyard looks like a painting this time of year.

2. This stretch is one that is helping me get back to running. Yesterday was the first day where I’ve felt like running could actually happen soon. After an adjustment at the chiropractor and some serious digging into my glute muscles, I think that bugger is loosening up. At least I can walk without feeling a jamming sensation with every step.

3. My bike trainer has been my BFF for the past 2+ weeks. I’m thankful for it but I can’t stand being inside. I want fresh air!

4. The weather this week was so odd. 75 degrees and flip flops in mid October. Bizarre.

5. Taking Hello Kitty for a ride.

5 Things

1. This blew my mind – the sports bra was invented in 1977! Check out the other facts in Women’s Running Through the Years.

2. Do you ever find yourself getting the Wanties? I go through spurts where I start craving materialistic things just because so and so has it. I stumbled across Kristin’s post about Little Luxuries last week when I was having such a day. A small reminder to be grateful for what you have. It really is about the little things.

3. Oh hips and glutes! I found out the hard way last year that they really do like to have very specific attention. Squats and lunges are great but the moves that are really small and intense (i.e. burn like crazy!) are what they need. Tina has a great video that targets the outer hips for stability, strength and balance no matter what sport you are do. BTW – Welcome back Tina!

4. Halloween is quickly approaching! Who’s running a themed race? RW shared their favorite Halloween races. If my back and Achilles are behaving, I’ve got two on my radar – a 5K that’s part of my local road race series and a fun 10k Great Pumpkin Trail Relay with my 26 Strong teammate, Kailey. I’ve never run in a costume before but plan on it for both races. Any ideas?

5. Speaking of 26 Strong, I shared my favorite running workout on my latest contribution to Competitor Magazine. I never, ever thought I’d say I love speed work the best. It scares the pants shorts off me but when it’s done…I feel like the biggest badass runner ever when I hit my paces. What’s your favorite running workout?

What would you like to high five today?