High Five Friday

It’s most definitely a High Five Friday.


Because it’s a long holiday weekend! Woohoo!

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1. Meeting Christine, one of my favorite bloggers, in person for the first time…of course we had to do an IG Yoga post!

2. Not too happy about seeing leaves on the ground already. C’mon! It’s not even September 1st!

3. Special delivery from Stonyfield. Have you tried their new Petite Creme? It’s time to #CheatOnGreek. While I love my Greek yogurt, it’s French cousin is quite delicious as well. I tried the Strawberry Banana and loved it. And my kids gave the strawberry and peach 2 thumbs up as well.

4. Holy cow! Zooma Cape Cod is a month away. How did that happen?

5. I just got my first pair of Saucony Kinvara 5′s. Pretty, huh? Well they feel pretty fantastic for speed work too. I’m in love!

5 Things

1. 25 Ways to Ask Your Kids “How was school today?” without asking them “How was school today?” – Even though my kids are 4 and are in pre-Kindergarten, I’ve found that just asking that question rarely gets more than a “good.”

2. Why you need the Nutritional Yeast (aka Nooch) in your life. – If you aren’t on the nooch train yet, get on board now! It’s one of the most versatile things to have in your kitchen. Get in and you’ll love it.

3. 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Blogger – I think all have been said to me.

4. 20 Things Every Seasoned Runner Knows (That Every New Runner Learns the Hard Way). These are all so very true especially #3, 4, 5, 12, 14, 15…really just all of them – YES!!!

5. Self promotion plug – Kailey and I collaborated on my latest post for Competitor Magazine. I don’t run with music but she does. She shares her recent 10k race playlist. It must be a good one because girl smoked that race and got a shiny new PR!

And one more thing!

Join me for a Twitter Chat with Saucony as part of the Saucony 26 Strong Project. Here’s the details:

Sunday, August 31st @ 6 p.m. EST

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Please come. I’d hate to talk to myself!

What would you like to high 5 today?

Why I Want to Run a Marathon {Guest Post}

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Today I’m letting my Saucony 26 Strong Cadet, Kailey, take over!

Kailey has a running story similar to so many others. She’s done numerous half marathons but has always wondered, could I do a full marathon?

Here’s her own story.

Why I Want to Run a Marathon

I’ve run nine half-marathons in three years.

Towards the end of every one of those half-marathons, I am dripping with sweat, tired, cranky, hungry, and trying everything in my power just to make it to the finish line.

By the 11th mile I think to myself, I hate running, I hate this race; I will never run again, I hate any bump in the road that resembles a hill.

When I would finally come through the finish line, I would think to myself; “How can people do 13.1 more miles of this for a marathon?

Of course, by that evening, I would already be looking for another half-marathon to sign-up for, but never targeted a marathon as a goal.


It seemed unattainable, it seemed time-consuming; a marathon was out of my comfort zone. I’d hear war stories from people who had run marathons, it seemed like child birth; long and painful, but rewarding. Also, I loved the half-marathon distance, so why go further?

When Angela first asked if I wanted to train and run my first marathon with the Saucony 26 program, the negative side of me said “Are you crazy? There’s no way you’ll be able to fit the training into your schedule- you’re a mom! You work 50+ hours a week! You’re not as fast as Angela, or as strong as a runner!”

Then I realized; there are so many women around me (Angela included), that have done a marathon, yet still have time to be an amazing mom (and have a life.) Maybe I wasn’t as fast or as strong as a runner as Angela, but I’d feel like a drop-out/quitter to not even try!

My attitude changed, and I got really excited about the challenge. It was a chance for me to do something I never wanted to do, or thought I was capable of doing. Plus, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and I get to be coached by a friend (who is also an actual running coach.)

I’m in Week 3 of an 18 Week plan. I like the structure of having a schedule to follow and, even though I had been running consistently before starting my official marathon training, I feel like I have become more cognizant of slowing my pace down for non-tempo or speed workouts.

Still, the thought of running over 14 miles looms in the distance. I panic about running 16, 18 and 20 miles! I keep doubting myself and wondering how I will ever make it that far when the planned long-run day comes. I know I’ve got to stay positive and confidant that I can complete the mileage!

When the big marathon day comes, I will expect pain, agony and hunger. I will expect to probably glare at Angela when we are around mile 24 (or maybe mile 15.) I will expect to want to walk or to take a nap on the side of the road.

But you know what?

When I’m done, I’m going to feel pretty bad ass and proud of myself.

In fact, I will probably sign-up for another marathon on the plane ride home.

Editor’s note: Kailey is a much stronger runner than she gives herself credit. I have full confidence and faith in her will and determination to cross the finish line. I can’t wait to hear her say, “I AM A MARATHONER!”

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You can follow along with Kailey’s Honolulu marathon training on her brand new blog, RunningInNHGirl.

Why do/did you want to run a marathon?