High Five Friday

Happy High Five Friday

5 from instagram 112114  happyfitmama.comI post more pics on Instagram. Are you following me?

1. Fall splendor. I’m holding on to this vision for the next 6 months when everything goes dark and blah. And white.

2. Good ol’ wheel pose. So thankful my back is feeling better than ever.

3. Monster walks are back in my life. After having a physical therapy evaluation earlier this week (to get to the root of why I got Achilles tendinopathy in the first place), it was quite evident that my balance is off and my hips are weakened (again). And I thought I was being so good with all my other exercises.

4. Sunset. It’s beautiful but why does it have to be at 4:15 p.m.?

5. Pineapple, black beans, roasted butternut squash and corn on top of quinoa. Random but a delicious dinner.

5 Things

1. Dear Daughter – I love this piece from a dad to his daughter about life lessons learned from losing weight and running. I say it to anyone and everyone – running is SO much more than exercise.

2. Is it better to run for time or miles? – This question came up in our small group activities during RRCA Running Coach certification in June. I prefer miles, but a lot of my team liked prescribing time. Our coach for Boston is also using time. What do you prefer?

3. Building Her Own Running Team -  Of course, I want my kids to run, but forcing them isn’t going to make anyone happy. I’m following Amanda’s advice for getting my fleet of runners. BTW – super exciting to see Amanda on Zelle!

4. Do You Get What I’m Saying? – Thanksgiving is next week which means you may be around more family members than usual. Before you start chattering to Uncle Ned about running, make sure you print this handy guide out for him.

5. The Toughest Race I’ve Ever Run – My latest post for Competitor Magazine relives my horrible first marathon. You would think I’d never want to run that distance again. But actually, it’s fueled my desire to get back into the pain cave. I’m not letting it beat me. Now if I can just stay healthy enough to run another.

What would you like to high 5 today?

What has been the toughest race you’ve ever run?

Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Challenge

trail run | happyfitmama.com

The temps are getting colder. The days are shorter. It’s dark outside all the time. The holidays are here. The To-Do list is getting longer. Motivation may be low. The pumpkin pie is calling your name.

Now, is definitely NOT the time to hibernate.

This is the time of year when you need to put a little extra effort into being more active.

As a way to shake it up and to keep my booty motivated, I’m thrilled to be participating in the Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Blogger Challenge.

The challenge involves 20 bloggers, 10 from the East Coast (whoop whoop!) and 10 from the West. We are competing to have the bragging rights of the most active region based on Total Steps and Total Distance. In addition, each week will hold a different challenge to complete.

We are all using the new FitBit Charge.

FitBit Charge  happyfitmama.com

This is my first time using a fitness tracker wearable, besides my Garmin. In the past, I’ve tried pedometers and always thought they were very inaccurate. Remember the kind that had the little ball that rocked back and forth with every step? Talk about dark ages technology!

With the FitBit Charge, it not only track steps, but distance, floors climbed, calories burned and sleep. I always thought I got at least 10,000 steps a day, especially at work. I’m always moving. However, I found that I really only average about 7,000 – 8,000 in an 8 hour period. Checking my FitBit to see where I’m at on steps, has definitely motivated me to move a little more.

The sleep tracker has also been an eye opener. I can see the exact length of sleep, including restless and awake times. Last night I was awake 4 mins (2x) with 13 mins of restless (6x). I guess I need to work on my sleep a little bit!

This week, our challenge was to take our workout outdoors with a hike or trail run.

Getting outside to run is not a problem for me! Although after creeper dude last week, I’m way more cautious. BTW – I’m excited to meet up with new running buddies this week. I logged my miles on the treadmill in the morning. Then later in the afternoon, the kiddos, Cooper and I went for an afternoon hike to soak in the sunshine and fresh air.

Afternoon Walk | happyfitmama.com

Make sure you check out the Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Challenge. In addition to tracking which team is leading the way (EAST COAST obviously!), you can also enter to win your own FitBit Charge by entering the weekly sweepstakes.

Perfect motivation to get you through this time of year!

This post is sponsored by the Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Challenge.

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