Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were kept on the lighter side as this week begins my training plan for Mount Washington and Loon Mountain races. It’s been a long time since I followed an actual training plan so I’m excited to get back into it.  I’m even more excited because I finally hired a coach. Yes, that’s right a coach!  I’m going to need all the guidance so I don’t break myself going after my goals for those two races and a 50k in the fall.  More on my coach next week!


I woke up to quite a bit of snow so rather than truck it to the gym, I hit the basement.

30 minutes bike to warm up

Push up + plank reach w/ med ball

Alternating lateral lunges w/ kb row

Overhead lateral step up w/ KB

Total body roll up + jump w/ med ball

KB windmill

DB duck walks (so much harder than you think!)

DB kneel to squat

Split stance KB pass throughs




Treadmill hill climb, 4 miles

With two mountain races on my schedule, hill climbs are necessary. Since I had to get this workout done in the early morning, the treadmill won. I only have two complaints about the treadmill – I’m not outside and I sweat a ridiculously large amount on it.

1 mile w/u @ 3%, 0.5 mile @ 12%, 0.5 mile @ 7%, 0.5 mile @ 15%, 0.5 mile @ 7%, 0.5 mile @ 12%, 0.5 mile c/d @ 1%

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga


15 minutes Elliptical

20 minutes Stepmill

strength training:

DB bench press

DB pull over

Banded pull ups

Scapula retraction

Eccentric pull ups

Mountain Legs Circuit

Med ball slams

Last week's workouts |


5 mile run, 8:48 avg pace, 297 ft elev gain

Spring is not here yet!  Kyle, Charles and I enjoyed a frosty face run with a temperature of 0 degrees and real feel of -7.  The first 1/2 mile was a tad cold but overall it wasn’t so bad. I think my body has just gone numb.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!


7 mile run, 9:00 avg pace, 493 ft elev gain

The sun was shining and the temps were perfect for a late winter run.  The purpose of this run was to seek out the hills around town.  Clearly, I found them.


45 minute run, 8:56 avg pace, 276 ft elev gain

Despite the time change, I actually slept in today. But because I slept in, I had a short window to run before Ron had to be somewhere.  I’m kind of glad I got out when I did because the snow started coming down fast about an hour later.  And then it turned to rain.  Yuck.

Last week's workouts  |

FYI – I started my run with a regular pony and ended up with a side pony. I think I need to tighten my ponytail. 🙂

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How was your week in workouts?

How to Warm Up Before a Run

How to Warm Up Before A Run |

The warm up before a run.

Do you skip it?

I admit, I’m guilty.

Even though I know how good a quality warm up makes a run feel, I still skip it every so often. My run time is precious!

We all know we should do it. But how many times does it actually happen? And what does ‘warm up’ actually mean?

So why should you do a warm up?

First off, you need to get your body ready for exercise. After sleeping all night long or sitting all day long at work, you put your body into shock when you immediately step out the door and begin to run. Your body needs to warm up by slowly increasing your heart rate and breathing rate. In doing so, you are lubricating your joints which will give you better range of motion and better elasticity in tendons and ligaments. Tons of research supports that a dynamic warm up benefits the body AND can make you a faster runner.

A warm up can be done in less than 10 minutes. Here’s how to get out the door and ready to run in no time at all.

Step one: Foam Roll

I always used my foam roller or Trigger Point roller after my runs or before I went to bed.  Then my massage therapist told me to use it BEFORE my run.  Why?  It helps warm the muscles up – duh!

Start with the major muscles – back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves.  If you find something that is extra sticky, spend a little bit more time on that spot. I usually do 3-5 swipes of the roller if it’s not sticky.

For me, rolling takes about 5 minutes unless there’s something that needs extra love (usually my calves).

Step two: Glute Activation

My glutes are usually sleepy and need a little wake up with a few mini band exercises.

How to Warm Up Before A Run |

Step three: Dynamic Warm Up

Matt, my physical therapist, got me hooked on this warm up sequence.  It fires up the whole body and leaves me sweating and ready to run.

Toy Solider: Keep your back and knees straight as you lift your leg straight out of front of you. Reach your arm forward and try to let your toes touch your hand. 5-10 reps each side.

Knee to Chest: Walk forward, bring your right knee to you chest while left leg stays straight. Do the same move on the right side. Repeat as you walk forward with 5-10 hugs of each knee to chest. Keep core strong and back straight.

Walking Quad Stretch: Just like doing a static quad stretch except as you are walking forward. Bring your right foot to your butt, grabbing hold of foot or ankle before releasing. Switch legs with each step. Again, core strong, back straight. 5-10 reps each side.

Open the Gate: While standing, lift your left knee to waist level and rotate it out to the side before lowering foot back to the ground. Repeat on right side. 5-10 reps each side.

Inchworm to Spider Plank: From standing, bend at the waist and walk your hands out to plank position. Drop hips to the ground and look up. Come back to plank and bring right foot to outside of right hand, keeping hips square. Repeat on left side. From plank position, walk feet to hands while keeping legs straight. Stand up tall to finish.  Repeat sequence 5-10 times.

How to Warm Up Before A Run |

And now, you are ready to run!

I know it seems like a lot, especially when you are used to doing nothing except walking out the door to run. BUT once you get in the habit of doing this routine (or even part of it!), you will feel a HUGE difference.  I know I do!

So now the question is – What’s your favorite way to warm up before a run?

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Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had it’s ups and downs thanks to the weather (F-you wind!!) and a mini staycation.  Our original plan for February school vacation was to go skiing at Sunday River but since we just got Max less than two weeks ago, we didn’t think it would be a good idea to ship him off to our pet sitter so soon.  The poor guy is just getting used to us and then he goes to another home for a few days?  Not good!

So we hung out at home, did some fun indoor things around town, and generally had serious FOMO for all our friends on cruises and in Florida.  Because the sub-zero windchills aren’t that fun and winter is getting a little old.

But I got big news on Thursday – I’m IN for the Mount Washington Road Race!!!

My initial reaction when I read the email – shit.

My second reaction – woohoo!!!

I was secretly hoping that I did not get in this year.  There’s a couple of other fun races right around that time that I was thinking of doing if I didn’t get in.  Well, I guess that settles it.  Other races out, Mount Washington in.

I have already started to worry about what the weather will be like this year.  If only it’s a repeat of three years ago!


1 hour run, 9:13 avg pace

Winter is wearing on me big time.  I can tolerate cold and snow but the wind and ice is just too much.  My first mile was full of nothing but stop and shuffle over ice patches.  Miles 2-4 were perfectly fine although the wind seemed to always be a headwind in every direction – how is that possible?!?!  By mile 5, I threw in the towel and ended up walking in sections when the wind was carrying me over into the road.  I even was blown backwards on an ice patch.  Ugh – I hate you wind!!


30 minute treadmill climb, 9:22 avg pace

Strength training: mountain legs + pull up practice

After my alarm went off, the first sound I heard was the wind howling.  I didn’t have it in me to fight the cold, wind and ice so I hit the treadmill at the gym instead.

Last week's workouts }


30 minutes Elliptical

15 minutes Stepmill

strength training:

bench press

decline push ups

Smith press SL bench step ups

anti-rotational cable pull

pulley skiers

single arm cable row lunge

single arm KB swings

TRX inverted row

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

med ball slams


45 minute run, 9:43 avg pace

I woke up to a few inches of fluffy snow and temps with a real feel of 3 degrees.  The one thing that was FINALLY gone?  The wind!  Amen!  I knew it was going to be slick so I wore my Stabil-icers over my Saucony Peregrine ICE trail shoes.  The extra traction was needed in spots where I must have looked like I was attempting to do the running man.  If you don’t know what the running man is, I don’t know if we can be friends.  Lol…kidding.  I kept the pace super easy and light and enjoyed the fresh air.  My ego even got a little boost when a woman at a stop sign rolled down her window and said she admired my dedication.  Thanks, lady.

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!


Snowboarding day

With the wind finally gone, it was a gorgeous day for skiing and riding.  We were kind of shocked about how quiet the mountain was.  Probably because everyone was still on their warm weather vacations while we were enjoying runny noses and cold toes.


10 mile run, 9:04 avg pace, 393 ft elev gain

I was surprised to be a little sore from snowboarding on Saturday.  That usually doesn’t happen on days that when we go with the kids.  I guess that means they are getting faster and I’m having to work harder.  Lol!

Last week's workouts |

It was the perfect late winter morning – sunshine and temps in the mid 30s.  I encountered some back roads that were snow covered and slippery thanks to the little snow we got yesterday. This was my longest run since sometime in January.  After quite a few ‘blah’ longer runs, I finally felt decent. It must have been the sunshine that gave me life!

How was your week in workouts?

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