My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts saw the return of snowy and downright cold runs later in the week. And it saw the return of searching for vert on the treadmill. It’s climbing season once again!


10 min ARC trainer hills warm up

30 min Stepmill intervals

Strength training/core/mobility

I’m back up to 30 minutes of Stepmill time and I also increased my “anything but running” time workouts to 40 minutes total. 30k training starts in a few weeks so I’m still building a solid base.


65 minute trail run with Jen

The mild weather melted a ton more snow. Jen and I weighed our options if we’d need spikes or not but ultimately decided to start without and put on as needed. We kind of didn’t listen to ourselves because we needed them at the beginning of the run and when we returned back to the trail head. That’s where all the ice was. The middle part was all dirt. We slipped our way through the first few miles of ice (carrying our spikes, mind you), enjoyed the dirt and then smartly, put on our spikes for the last few icy miles. No falls were had so it’s all good!


20 min Stepmill intervals

25 min Treadmill hill climb (666 ft elevation gained)

Strength training/core/mobility


61 min run with Kyle

I woke up to fresh snow coming down hot….errrr, cold? The plows had not been out yet so I laced up my trail shoes in hopes for some traction. As soon as I started out, I was sucking wind thanks to the wind blowing the snow right in my face. I had my buff over my nose but that wasn’t helping much. Neither was the snow blinding me. If it had been daylight hours, goggles would have been a good idea.

Kyle and I trudged along in the snow as best we could. Thankfully, it wasn’t slippery. Of course, we both got a phone call at the end of the run that school was cancelled for the day. If only we’d known so we could have slept in a little bit! Oh well.


Rest day!


6 mile run

Even though I had a short window of time for a run in the morning, I still procrastinated. The temp was in the upper teens but with the wind chill in the single digits, it felt a lot colder (real feel, 6 degrees). Despite the cold, it was a gorgeous bluebird morning. My favorite thing after a storm when thy sky is ridiculously blue. It was also super slippery out thanks to our wacky winter weather of snow on Thursday and heavy rain that turned to snow and wind on Friday. The roads and sidewalks were like a skating rink. I slowed things down and managed to find decent footing with no falls.


10 mile trail run with the crew

I’m glad I had a crew to meet up with for a trail run Sunday. The temp was 3 degrees. Three degrees. I would have definitely procrastinated if I was running solo. The good news was that there was no wind. The bad news was that the snow/rain/ice storm from Friday left the trails a crunchy mess. The crust on the snow made for some difficult running and very loud running. Nobody was talking because we couldn’t hear a thing over the crunchy snow/ice.

We were so excited that we could put together ROY G BIV! 🙂

I had to work super hard for that run. It was “only” 10 miles but if felt like an effort of at least 15. Winter running makes for strong spring running, right?

How was your week in workouts?

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Age is Nothing But a Number

With everyone talking about the Super Bowl half time show over the weekend, I started to think about age. Well, I thought of a few other things like double standards and what not, but I’m not going to get into that here. What I did think was that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez showed that age is nothing but a number. True, they have trainers, chefs, and body work techs a their beck and call. It’s their job to be in the best shape all the time. However, I could list a dozen people I know in real life who are those ages or older and are in fantastic shape with no trainers or chefs. And then there’s the article that came out in the New York Times recently from Lindsay Crouse about women distance runners in their 30s and 40s who are running faster than they ever thought possible.

They aren’t letting age hold them back from working hard.

Last year I wrote a post about dropping the excuses after hearing a poll that said 40% of Americans believed that 41 years old is too old to work out.


Yes, that’s right, 41. And that’s not 41 in dog years, that’s human years.

As someone who is about to turn 42 in two months, I can attest that I do NOT feel too old to workout. In fact, I feel better than I did in my 20s and 30s.  I’m running up mountains that in my 30s I only thought it was possible to hike up. Now, everything seems runnable. I have zero plans to stop running or working out when I hit a certain age. I hope to still be working out in my 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

In my years of working in the fitness industry, I’ve had many, many people who were still exercising in their 80s and 90s.  And then there’s George Etzweiler, the 99 year old man who has run the Mount Washington Road Race every year for the past 14 years. He didn’t start running till age 49…wow, way too old to start exercising. *insert eye roll and sarcasm* There is no age limit on exercise.  Once you have that mindset, you are screwed.

But the more I thought about it, I realized saying you are too old to do something boils down to yet another excuse, especially when it comes to exercise when there seems to be a 10,000 reasons why it doesn’t happen.

In addition to the “I’m too old” excuse, there’s the usual:

It’s too hot/too cold

Too early/too late

It’s raining/snowing/windy/sun is shining

Too tired

I’ve got too much work to do

And of course, everyone’s favorite – no time

The thing is, there can always be an excuse if you don’t want to do something.

As we all know, the hardest part is getting started. It doesn’t matter if you are a life long exerciser, if you stopped for awhile or if you have never done it.  Once you make the first step, you’re already making progress. You know what to expect so that second step is a little less scary.

So let’s debunk the excuses:

I don’t have time

Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day as you.  How is it that some people have found a way to exercise during these same 24 hours? They make the time. What you are really saying is “I don’t have time for that.”  And that being exercise. Making time for exercise doesn’t mean it will take over your day.  All you need is 30 minutes (try this 30 minutes or less workout). It could be waking up a little earlier than usual, taking a walk during your lunch break, strength training while watching your fav TV shows, whatever it takes to get moving.

Exercise is boring

News flash – the majority of things we do every day are boring.  But would you skip brushing your teeth because it’s boring?  No!  Same thing with exercise, we do it because it makes us healthier.  If you think your workouts are boring, try something else until you find something that is less so.  Try a class at the gym. Take up CrossFit.  Get a Peloton for home or try the app. Lace up your sneakers for a run.  Jump in the pool for some laps.  There is something out there for everyone to enjoy.

I’ve got kids

And so do I and a lot of other people who exercise. I get it, especially when you have young children at home with you. Finding time to exercise when you have kids can be tricky especially if you are a single parent or have a spouse who travels a lot. Maybe you wake up before everyone else to get it done. Or if you head to the park, don’t sit on the sidelines, join in playing tag, climbing on the monkey bars or whatever activity is going on. Or try this workout with bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere. My kids love joining me on a run either on their bikes or running with me. Having kids should not be an excuse for skipping on exercise, it should be a reason to exercise.

I’m too tired

Chances are your tiredness is from not getting enough exercise. Sitting at a desk and looking at a screen all day can leave you feeling exhausted even though your only movement was in your eyes and fingers. Give yourself the 10 minute rule: If you still are feeling tired after 10 minutes of exercise, give yourself permission to stop. Most times, you will forget about being tired. If not, keep trying. It will happen.

It’s too hot/too cold

Last time I checked, most gyms have air conditioning and heat.  If you don’t want to run, walk, or exercise outside because of the weather, go earlier in the day or later in the afternoon, or wear weather appropriate clothing.  (Here are tips for running in the heat , cold and rain). You can’t wait for perfect weather.  You make due with what you have.

So for those who think you are too old to exercise, I beg to differ. There is no age limit on fitness. Oddly enough, this same poll that showed the respondents “felt better when they exercised”, had more motivation and were overall happier people.

Aren’t those reasons enough to START to exercise?

My Week in Workouts

Check out my week in workouts as I continue to base build before 30k training begins. |

My week in workouts were status quo. Fun but nothing out of the ordinary. I was feeling a little blah later in the week but capped off the weekend feeling a little rejuvenated after a day of skiing and riding.


10 minutes Stepmill

20 minutes Arc Trainer Hill Intervals

Strength training


6 mile trail run with Jess and Jen

I had a trail date set with Jen but got a bonus surprise to see Jess there too. I hadn’t see her in forever! We spent an hour of chatting, running and trying not to slip on the ice. We definitely could have used Microspikes in shady spots but there were plenty of snow/ice free sections that it didn’t feel necessary. I’m happy to report there were no falls or slips and we all came away injury free!

It’s always funny when you show up to a group run and you are run matchy with your friends. Apparently it was camo/vest day!


20 minutes Stepmill intervals

21 minutes treadmill hill climb

Strength training

I spontaneously decided to hit the treadmill for some sustained hill climbing at 8-15% while maintaining a run speed. I was a super sweaty mess! Side note: I distracted myself for those 21 minutes of treadmill hell with watching “Sister Wives”. WTF? That show just blows my mind and makes me say “ewwwwwww”.


6.63 mile run with Kyle

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

It was a balmy 14 degrees with a real feel of 6 degrees when I headed out to meet Kyle for our run. Of course, it was mild all week long in the early morning UNTIL Thursday. I’m not going to lie…it was cold. I was fine to start but got a chill when we were almost done. Even after I took a super hot shower, I still was an icicle.

Thankfully, Charlene had the heat cranked way up in yoga class so I finally felt warmth again. I’m missing the snowy winter weather but the cold still stings!


Rest day!


6.07 mile trail run with Max

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get any trail miles in on Sunday so Saturday was the day. I really should have done a longer run but didn’t plan accordingly. Oh well, such is the training plan free life!

The trails were a mix of ice and dirt. It’s crazy how much snow is gone. It’s February after all! With the melting snow, it revealed a TON of dog poop everywhere on the trail. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves (see what I did there!) when dog owners don’t clean up after their animal. I get that sometimes you forget a bag or your dog poops more than the one bag that you used already. I’ve been there! But don’t leave it in the middle of the trail. Find a stick and flick it off to the side at least. The sad thing is that dogs are going to be banned from the local trails soon if this keeps happening. It’s sad just because some people are irresponsible pet owners. I LOVE dogs but I don’t love stepping in dog poop. Be a good pet owner and clean up! *end rant!*


6.06 mile run with Max

I woke up early to squeeze in a run before we headed out to the mountain to ski and ride. I really wanted to run longer but I also didn’t want to set my alarm any earlier. Ha! Six miles hit the spot.

We finally were able to hit the slopes. I can’t believe it took us until February. January was a wacky month of weekend activities, horrible weather conditions for skiing (rain!) and Ron hurt his back two weeks ago. The stars aligned and we made it happen. The conditions weren’t too bad considering that we are severely lacking snow but it’s just weird to look off the ski trail and see bare ground. I had fun tracking my runs with my Suunto watch and laughing at how slow I am. I think a 90 year old granny passed me multiple times. Lol!

How was your week in workouts?

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