And just like that the weekend is over.

I really think we need to reconsider a 5 day weekend and 2 day work week.

Who’s with me?

I had so much fun taking over the Another Mother Runner Instagram account (TheMotherRunner) on Saturday. Hello and welcome to any new friends visiting to today!

Fall weekend sunrise | happyfitmama.comI’m not sure what the glowing dot on my chin is from. And yes I was in a cemetery. Perhaps it’s a ghost?

I had high expectations for finally getting back to running on Saturday morning. My Achilles has been feeling ok. My back doesn’t feeling like it’s jamming with ever step. However, my back/glute/hip had other ideas. It started talking to me within a few steps. And it wasn’t whispering sweet nothings. I thought maybe it just needed more of a warm up. Nope. So I stopped, hobbled and eventually was able to walk normally.

I really thought I’d be back to running by now. I thought the back/glute/hip thing would clear up quickly. As of tomorrow, it will be 4 weeks since I ran. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty bummed about it. I’m freaking out about the extent of my Achilles injury. From those who have had the same injury, I hear conflicting outcomes. Some say they’ve had a one time flare up and were done with it. Others say it’s chronic and comes back every so often. Others have told me they had to stop running entirely.

And oh and no big deal but I’ve got a marathon in 7 weeks and another in 6 months.

One marathon DNS is enough!

I’m trying to be positive, do my therapy exercises and cross train as much as I can. But I’m not going to lie. It stinks.

Thankfully, I can still hike.

And hike is what we did on Sunday morning. I couldn’t wait to test out the new hiking boots Ahnu recently sent me.

Ahnu Sugarpine Boot

The first thing I noticed about the Ahnu Sugarpine Boot was how light they are. My old hiking boots were nowhere near this airy. I love the pretty color but they needed to get a little dirty.

We didn’t have a whole lot of time to play with and I wanted to keep it gentle on my injuries so we decided on an easy hike up Mount Agamenticus (Mount Aggie or Mount A if you want to sound like a local).

It was a marvelous fall day except it was rather windy and chilly exposed on the summit.

Hiking | happyfitmama.com

My feet were very comfortable the whole hike up. I really appreciated the extra ankle support from the high uppers. My feet stayed dry despite having to walk through some wet muddy sections thanks to the waterproof mesh. The traction was good even on a section of rocks that were covered in wet leaves.

I can see myself wearing the Sugarpine all winter long too. They are perfect for slushy walks as well as snowshoeing.

BUT there’s no rush. I can wait a very long time for those conditions.

In fact, we can skip it all together in my opinion.

I can dream, right?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Ahnu Sugarpine Boot as part of a campaign with FitFluential, LLC in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Always are. Always will be.

What was marvelous in your weekend?

What’s for Dinner?

Crockpot Two Bean Veggie Chili  HappyFitMama.com

Meal planning time again.

I swear it seems like I just did this!

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday – Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

Monday – Eggs + avocado toasts

Tuesday – Parmesan Chicken w/ Caesar Roasted Romaine

Wednesday – Ron’s Homemade Pizza

Thursday – Roasted Salmon + Caramelized Sweet Potato Kale Fried Wild Rice

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Out

And some delicious looking recipes that I’m pinning for later:

Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Burgers w/ Cashew Mayo

Slow Cooker Snack Mix

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bites -> made these already. SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

For more recipes, workouts and more follow me on Pinterest! It’s where I get all my meal planning ideas.

What are you having for dinner this week?