One Month Later

I was back at it again in the basement this morning at 5 a.m.  I missed my run last Thursday because of this so I was really looking forward to my time on the ‘mill again.  I’m still feeling stuffy and have a wee bit of a cough but felt great running.  My mind was all over the place so I wanted to change the speed and/or incline often to keep me entertained.  Here’s what I did:

Speed Incline Time(mins) or distance
Warm-up – 6.0 – 6.5 mph 0% 5
7.2 mph 1% 3
7.2 mph 2% 3
7.2 mph 3% 3
7.2 mph 1% 3
7.2 mph 4% 3
7.2 mph 5% 3
7.2 mph 6% 3
7.2 mph 1% 5
7.5 – 8.3 mph 1% Increase speed by 0.1 mph every tenth of a mile.  Repeat increases in speed for 20 mins.
Cool down – 3.5 mph 0% 5

This was a great workout that incorporated a little bit of everything to keep it interesting.  I was a sweaty mess at the end!  🙂

Goals for 2012 – Month 1 Update

Hard to believe that it’s January 31.  I must say I am happy for January to be done.  It has never been my favorite month of the year.  It always seems too long and dull.  Since I actually set goals for myself this year, I thought I would do a monthly update as a way to keep myself on track.

My goals for 2012:

  • Run 2 half marathons or 1 full – Haven’t signed up for any races yet but looking!
  • Yoga 2-3 x/week – Eh, I was doing great with this at the beginning of the month but let it slide.  It’s more like 1x/week.  😳
  • Strength training 3x/week –This is another one that is a work in progress.  It’s more like 2x/week.
  • Try at least 2 new forms of exercise(cross fit, aerial yoga, etc) – Done and done!  Aerial Yoga and Barre.
  • Read at least 1 book a month – I haven’t even picked up a book this month!
  • At least 1 “fun” vacation – Still in early planning stages.
  • Continue to pursue freelance writing and blog – In progress!
  • Actually print photos each month rather than every 6 months! –  I did print the last 6 months worth of photos out last week.  The true test will be February.
  • Convince Cooper that I still love him and he still loves me so we can walk and run together again. – Work in progress. It depends on the day.  He was really happy to run with me on a  local trail but it’s not possible now that we have snow on the ground.  I’ll keep trying!

So I don’t think I’m doing too bad 1 month in.  I’ve accomplished 1 goal entirely and 3 that are looking good.  The reading a book a month goal sounded so easy when I thought of it but it’s probably going to be my hardest.  And I love reading!  Must make time to read an actual book rather than magazines and blogs!

Two Things Tuesday

In honor of it being Tuesday, here are 2 things I’m loving right now(Corny, right?  It just so happens we received 2 packages yesterday):

1. B.I.C Bands – I know it seems like everyone has fallen in love with these bands but this is the first time I’ve ordered any.  This is an awesome company!  How cool is that each month they donate all their profits to a different charity?  Plus, they DO NOT slip at all!  I tested one out during my run this morning and am currently rocking one now.  Love the sparkles!

2. Prince Lionheart Booster Seat – The kiddos are starting to not want to sit in their high chairs.  Their chairs do convert to boosters but don’t fit under our table well.  I found these booster seats through Amazon.  I’ve had to remind the kiddos a few times not to stand on it but overall they seem to like them.  It was so funny to have dinner last night with all 4 of us sitting at the table in real chairs.

Ugh!  My babies are getting so big!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

6 comments on “One Month Later

  1. I love the booster seat so much more than the high chair because it’s so much easier to clean! I have to admit that it was strange having the kid sit at the table with me at first. 🙂

  2. Wait until those babies are four! Oh my gosh it’s such a different world! 🙂 I love my Bic Band too. I bought the zebra print, which has worked great. I’m saving my gold sparkle, but I don’t know why! You know what…I’m going to wear it today! Have a good one!

  3. You’re off to a great start!! I love monthly recaps. And it’s a good reminder to look into booster seats… we have a small table that L will sit at for snacks, but she still squeezes into the high chair at meal times… time for a booster so she can join us! One of my friends has the same one, sounds like you’re happy with it?

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