Off to Runner’s World Half & Festival


Hey guys!

I leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow for the Runner’s World Half & Festival. I’m a combination of nerves and excitement. I’m going for the Grand Slam – 4 races in 3 days. No big deal. The closest I’ve ever come to running that many races so close together was Reach the Beach. And even then, I had hours in between. I think the 5k and 10k back to back are going to be the hardest – mentally and physically.

I can guarantee I will NOT be racing all 4. Maybe I’ll feel the push to actually race one or two. I’m not going to even plan anything because, remember, it’s my year of being plan-less. Winging it is what I’m doing. Famous last words as I crash and burn, right?


In addition to all the races we’ll be running, there will also be events. Friday morning we are being treated to a November Project Pop-Up Workout (so excited for that!) followed up with the Altralympics. We’ll be competing as teams in Olympic style events. Altra is a sponsor of the RW Half – Get it now – Altra + Olympics = Altralympics. Later in the afternoon, we are running the 3.8 trail race. Sounds like an active day!


Speaking of which, Altra, I recently was sent a pair of their shoes. I’ve only tried Altra’s once before. I wasn’t too comfortable going to a zero drop shoe because of all my foot drama so I didn’t really give them too much of a chance. The latest pair that I received is the Torin 2.5. I’ve been reassured by Golden Harper, the founder of Altra, that my feet would be fine with these if I just took it slow in transitioning. I’ve worn them on walks but have yet to run in them. I do appreciate the wide toe box though. It’s nice to let the piggies do their own thing! I admit that I’m not ready to switch shoes. My foot is finally feeling good and I’m afraid of making it angry again. Maybe after this weekend I’ll give it a try on a few short runs.

We’ll also be treated to meals straight out of Run Fast. Eat Slow. I’m loving that cookbook but it will even better to have dishes out of it prepared by someone else. Things taste 10x better when someone else makes it. Don’t you think?


Saturday will hold the 5k and 10k races followed by all the presentations. I’m excited about Yoga for Runners and Dr. Metzel of Running Strong.

Of course, Sunday is the grand finale – Half Marathon!

If you want to follow along with all the fun, be sure to check me out on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll be sharing all weekend long!

Have you ever run back to back races? Any tips?


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  1. Have an amazing time!! I did the grand slam last year- it is intense but such a blast!
    I was considering coming to run one of the races and cheer you all on but since I’m still hobbling up and down stairs that is not going to happen- ha!

  2. So, so , so much fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Wish I was going with you to have some more running fun and laughs (and fake laughs!). And just want to say, wow, those quad muscles! You are so strong!!!

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