October 2013 In Review


November 1st. Is anyone else a little bit freaked out that we are beginning the end of the year countdown? Seriously. What happened? I must have blinked because I thought it was just May. Yikes.

So October. What a month! I didn’t run a single race but there was lots of running, injury recovery, a date day and apparently I was full of tips. One thing I did notice, looking back over the month, is that I’m slacking on sharing workouts and recipes. I’ve had a one track mind lately – running! My goal for November is to get back to why I started HFM in the first place – to share all things fitness and healthy eating.

Here are six of my favorite posts from October. Hope you’ll read them again or catch up on any that you missed. Enjoy!


VCM Marathon - happyfitmama.comDo I Really Want to Do That Again?

Earlier in the month, I was approached by the race director from VCM about going back in 2014 to get the “bad taste out of my mouth” left from my first marathon experience. My plan is to tackle another marathon next year but VCM was never on the table as an option till she contacted me. Could I really go back and face the memories of my bad race day/weekend again?


Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners - happyfitmama.com6 Hip Strengthening Exercise for Runners

The root of my nagging foot injury stems from my weak right hip. When I began Physical Therapy in late July, we focused on basic hip strengthening exercises. Sometimes I overlook the basic exercises thinking they are just that – too basic. But they work and that’s all that matters!


Ron and I Fall Hike - happyfitmama.com An Almost Perfect Day

Ron and I made time for a day date with just the two of us (and Cooper). The day was almost perfect – a long run followed by a hike. The only thing missing was a yoga session and a deep tissue massage. Next time, next time. ๐Ÿ™‚


14 miler - happyfitmama.com


4 Tips to Survive a Long Run

I did my first 14 miler since May this month. I forgot how mental a long run can be! My mind was all over the place. I should have used these tips to get me through those middle miles when I just wanted to be done!



How to Run Safely in the Dark - happyfitmama.comRunning in the Dark

It’s that time of year again. The daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. Most runners, no matter if they run in the morning or evening, are faced with the dark. I gathered tips and tricks I’ve learned from being a zero dark thirty runner for the past few years. You can run safely in the dark just be smart and use common sense.




Starbucks - happyfitmama.com

If We Had Coffee…

It’s been one of those months that I feel like I’ve got a lot going on internally. I needed to let some of it out so what better way than over coffee with friends. If we had coffee, what would you tell me?



What was a highlight in October for you?

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25 comments on “October 2013 In Review

  1. I said the same thing to my husband last night: “Do you realize tomorrow is Nov 1st?!” How can this be? At least I only have a few 5Ks until the end of February so after months and months of hard training, I can rest on my laurels a bit….yeah right, who am I kidding? I love this review you have today but I have to say there’s only one or two I haven’t read! Love your blog and looking forward to your workouts and recipes!
    Allie recently posted..Run to Your MailBOX!My Profile

    1. Thank you Allie! I’m the same way – I only have a half next weekend and then some down time. But then I started looking at local races and there’s a half in December and another in January, February. Of course, I could say I’d just run for fun but then my competitive brain takes over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think this year has been a record fast year – I am not ready for these next few years to go so fast because then my boys will be leaving home. I think I caught all those posts – you always have some great ones!
    Kim recently posted..Friday, Friday, FridayMy Profile

  3. BAHHHHH November!! What in the world! I cannot even remember what has happened this year – all I know, a majority of it has been phenomenal! I mean I am still alive and have all my limbs that’s awesome enough! ๐Ÿ˜€

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