My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

I’m really not sure what day it is but I have a feeling it’s Sunday and the end of my week in workouts.

These last two weeks of the year are always a time when routine is thrown out the window. I make time for workouts but by no means am following a plan. I squeeze in what I can in between the 10,000 other things that are going on.

And if I’m being totally honest, most of these workouts are fueled by the sugar, alcohol and all the other weird things that I usually don’t indulge in on the daily. My body is so ready for routine again!


30 minutes Arc Trainer Hills

Strength training –  full body circuit + core


As I type this on Sunday evening, I have no recall of what I did for weights on Monday. Usually, I can remember. Not today. Last Monday seems like years ago. The sugar and booze has wiped out my memory! I found a pic on my phone from the gym that day so there’s evidence it did happen. 😉


1 hour trail run with Santa and the elves

I think I found a new Christmas Eve morning tradition!  When we planned the run, the only requirement was to wear something Christmas. Kevin surprised us with his full on Santa suit and beard.  It was so fun to run around the woods in festive attire. However, we were so disappointed to only see only a few people. At least we made their day!


Active rest day walk at the beach

Christmas day started early thanks to my two kiddos. We spent most of the morning lounging in our PJ’s, playing with our new gifts, and prepping for Christmas dinner. My parents were in town visiting from Michigan so the three of us, along with Max, bundled up for a walk at the beach in the afternoon for some fresh air. Can’t beat the views!


5.5 mile road run with Max

Max was a bundle of energy Thursday morning so I took him along on my run before we had a full day of doing touristy things with my parents. It did the trick because he was zonked out the rest of the day. Truthfully, I needed that run too.


30 minute road run

I had morning plans to meet Kyle for a run. That all changed when I noticed that it had rained overnight. Temps were around freezing and my steps/driveway looked slick. I cautiously made my way to the street and found that it too was a sheet of ice. I can handle some ice but this was treacherous especially if we were going to be running on the roads.  Who knows what would happen with cars.

We pulled the plug on meeting up. Instead, I ate breakfast and played not one but two games of Clue (our newest obsession thanks to Santa) with the family while I waited for the temps to warm up and the salt/sand trucks to come out.

By the time I went out around 10 a.m., things were improved but still slick in spots. My Stabilicers were a little overkill but at least I felt a little reassurance that I wasn’t going to wipe out.


30 minute Peleton ride

I was super excited to see that the hotel that we were staying at in Boston had Peleton bikes. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile to see what it’s all about. I had a short window of time while the kids hit the pool so I opted for a 30 minute Decades ride. It was a lot of fun!  I can’t say that I’d buy the bike for home but it did make me want to get back to spin class. I forgot how much I liked it!


63 minute road run with Kyle

There was no ice to contend with Sunday morning so it was clear running for Kyle and I as we caught up on the events from the week. Kyle and I have been running together regularly for almost 2 years and we just noticed that we tend to have “our” running side – I’m on the right, she’s left.  Does anyone else have a side with their running buddy? It’s so funny that we naturally go to our side when we meet up.

Another observation – why do we crouch down when we take post run photos?  See reason why down below – we look like awkward giants with our eyes closed. Haha!

I want to thank every single one of you who has visited my little corner of the internet this past year. I’m not sure what 2020 holds for me and blogging but I appreciate you taking time out of your day to check in with me.

Happy New Year!

How was your week in workouts?

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8 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. How cool your hotel had Peletons! I haven’t tried one yet.

    We had similar ice yesterday- definitely moved my long run to today when it was melted, but unfortunately it looks like its going to freeze again overnight. Ah, winter running 🙂

  2. You are the second person’s blog that I’ve read this week who stayed at a hotel with a Peloton! Seems like that would be a great way to try it out.

    I love that photo of you and your buddies all holiday’d out! So cute!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Funny that you mention Clue…the oldest daughter (and boyfriend) and myself had a mini Clue marathon tonight. It has been a few years since we’ve played that game! The boyfriend had never played before, so he was intrigued with the strategy of the game. I think we found a new tradition LOL My friend, Barb, and I always seem to do as you and Kyle (she’s usually on the left; I’m on the right)…funny! I”m loving all those holiday outfits!

  4. Well, having access to a Peloton makes it so much easier!

    I think it’s ok to let things slide during the holidays or busier times. we can always get back on track, right?

    Happy New Year!

  5. good week! and fun running with friends! I love that you got to try the peloton! I don’t have a peloton bike but I now have a Schwinn and a subscription to Les Mills (for RPM) and I think it’s an awesome concept. I may switch to the peloton app at some stage but happy with what I have right now.

  6. My daughter asked me what day it was today and it took very long to answer her, LOL! I ran for the first time on Christmas morning and we looked very Christmassy! There were also very few runners out here, but I’ll definitely be doing that every year. It was a lot of fun! Wishing you all the best in 2020!

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