My Week in Workouts

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My week in workouts consisted of the usual rundown of running, cross training, strength training and a ton of fun. It’s the Holiday season and I’m not actively training for anything so why not? Although I must say, I deeply believe in the Ben & Jerry motto of – If it’s not fun, why do it?


15 minutes Arc Trainer Hills

15 minutes Stepmill

Strength training:

Mountain legs circuit


Bench press

Eccentric pull ups

Band pull ups


60 minute trail run with the girl gang

I had a trail date planned with Jen and Anya but then my kids school called a snow day.  I was able to shuffle some stuff around, thanks to a very amazing husband, so I could meet up with the girls. It was a bonus that Kyle was able to join us too.

We ran around Kingman for about an hour and even stopped to do some trail maintenance when we came upon a bridge that had either been washed out from all the rain we had over the weekend or someone was trying to move it. I wish someone had taped us because it was quite hilarious. Especially when we had to pivot around. All I could think of was “Friends” and the episode with the couch so of course, I had to toss out a few PIVOTS while we tried to get it into place.

Last week's workouts |

I’m loving my girl gang trail crew days!

FYI – The snow didn’t actually start to fall until late morning. So my kids had a snow day with mostly no snow. Weird…I know.


30 min Stepmill Intervals

Strength training:

AEC Bullet Proof Legs

SA cable row w/ balance

Cable flys

Cable tri ext

Cable bicep curls

Eccentric pull ups


6 mile road run with Kyle

After the snow on Tuesday came the wind and the cold. Temps were in the single digits and with the wind chill it was more like -10 degrees. Kyle and I pushed our morning run till later in the day when at least the sun would be out.

I’m not going to lie – that run was cold. The coldest one of the season so far. The majority of the time I felt comfortable but then we’d come to a spot where I’d feel chilled. There were times when the wind would take our breath away and I could feel it whip through every layer.

Side note – in this pic we are laughing about how I finally covered up my ankles. On Tuesday’s run, my ankles were exposed. We all had a conversation about what my breaking point temp is for covering my ankles. Apparently, single digits and wind.


Rest day!


1 hour trail run with Kevin

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a mountain trail run. I’ve missed those lung busting, leg burning climbs outside! Luckily, my friend Kevin wanted to test out some mountain running with his new microspikes.

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning. That is if you didn’t look at the temperature. We started out in a very cold 8 degrees but warmed up very quickly thanks to the sunshine and immediately starting to climb.

We had to break trail for a lot of the run and even got off course a bit. Or as I like to say, “We took the scenic route”. That’s what happens when you follow me on a run.

I can’t wait to hit up some more real climbing, not just treadmill climbing, soon.


1 hour road run with Kyle

I had a short window to run in on Sunday morning. Thankfully, Kyle was able to join me. It always makes the miles go by faster especially on a cold, winter morning. We got on the subject of running gear.

Two topics discussed:

  1. Running jackets under $100 yet are more than just a shell with a little bit of warmth. There’s not many options with that, huh?  I have a few running jackets (mostly from Saucony) that I LOVE. But they are getting older and looking a little worn. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear it!
  2. Workout/running tights that make it look like you peed your pants. I bought a pair of Athleta Lightning tights in a really cute teal color. Loved the pants but I returned them because I knew I would sweat right through them. I know some people don’t care but I don’t look like I just went a little tinkle. I look like I have zero bladder control thanks to being a super soaker sweater.

And before we knew it, our run was done! 😉

I hope every single one of you has a wonderful week no matter what you choose to celebrate or not celebrate!

How was your week in workouts?

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5 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. I’m amazed that your kids had a snow day but you were able to get out for a trail run! How does that even make sense!

    I’m also looking for new tights but I’m all about black. That’s all I”m going to say about that.

  2. ok totally w you on the pants that make you look like you peed your pants. Always choose dark colors and prints on bottom. I just got a great Athleta jacket they have some nice running jackets right now. Last year I found great post Christmas sales on Mountain Steals ? I think it’s called. Got a nice North face for a good price check those out.

  3. That’s funny about the tights. No one else probably notices, but it’s hard not to think there’s a strategic spotlight on you LOL I seldom cover my ankles, either. I used to do it all the time, but now it has to be like sub-ZERO before I think about it. And this is ME…the cold weather-hater.

  4. I used to have tights and various colors but got rid of them because of the sweat looking like I peed. Now I wear all black pants. I do have a pair of dark gray that I love because they’re warm for winter running. So weird about your kids having a snow day with mostly no snow. That will NEVER happen in our district. 🙂

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