My Week in Workouts

My Week in Workouts |

My week in workouts can be summed up in one word: wet.

I can’t claim to be a runner without discussing the weather. Am I right or what?  We have been pummeled with endless days of gray and rain. When the sun does come out, everyone seems in a little better spirits. I know I feel better when the heat of the sun warms my bones. I know some will curse me but it would be SO much better if this rain was just snow. Snow is much prettier than brown mud.


10 minutes Stepmill

20 minutes Arc Trainer

Strength training:

DB curtsy squats

Barbell SL deadlifts

Barbell lunges – front, lateral, reverse

Cable flys

Cable rows

TRX push ups

TRX SL row

Stability ball plank elbow circles


5.1 mile trail run

Jen and I met up for some slippery and wet trail miles. It was yet another gray, cold and rainy day.  I’m so thankful for friends who are willing to run in all the weather. The only thing worse than running in the cold November rain is running by yourself.  It’s hard to get started when it’s pouring buckets but it’s fine once you start moving. But the moment you stop…the deep freeze sets in. And then you can’t shake it all day.


30 minutes Stepmill Intervals

15 minutes treadmill hill climb run

Strength training:

Bullet proof leg circuit + upper body circuit

plank matrix


4.6 mile road run

Kyle and I hit a runner’s worst nightmare – black ice!  I knew when we started off on my run that it was going to be slick in spots. But the salt trucks were out so I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be too bad.

It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t ideal either. Our plan of hills and speed work quickly went out the window. We spent the majority of our run trying to stay in the grassy areas and avoiding sidewalks at all costs. Neither one of us fell but there were close calls. And thankfully, there wasn’t a ton of traffic.

Definitely not one of our brightest moments but it was hard to call it once we were out in it and still had to get back home. At least my outfit was bright!


Rest day!


7.1 mile road/trail run

The glorious sun peeked it’s head out for the first time (see pic at the top of the post) in what felt like forever. I leashed Max up and we headed out for a leisurely run. I wanted to run some trail miles but was hesitant to hit the community trail after my gut feeling last weekend. I thought I’d give it a try and if things felt weird again, I’d bail.

I’m happy to report that everything was good. There were lots of people out walking or running with their own dogs which helped a lot.

I was feeling so good that I decided to do some 1 min pick ups at each mile marker just to get a little speed work thrown in.


5.6 mile trail run

The sunshine didn’t last long.  Sunday morning was a mix of early snow which later turned to rain as temps hovered around the 32-34 degree range. Kyle and I hit the dirt to one of my fav local trails.  It lacks in vert but the trails are so runnable. And there’s always lots of cute doggos. The best part about this trail system?  There’s no hunting. After all of my run-ins with hunters lately, it was nice to breathe easy.  And not have to dress myself up in orange.  I only own so much of it!  Of course, we were super fashionable with our weird mix of headbands and ball caps. It’s not cute but it keeps the rain out of your eyes and keeps your ears warm!

The conversation flowed as fast as the rain fell.  We were soaked and frozen after an hour and called it good. Speaking of frozen…the fam and I hit up Frozen II later in the day. Guess who suggested it?  Me. And I cried multiple times throughout the movie. Meanwhile my kids were like, “You are so embarrassing”.

Oh children. You have no idea how much embarrassment I will bring you in the upcoming years. 😉

How was your week in workouts?

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12 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Oh, the black ice! I’m still paying for that fall, a week later. Glad you were able to avoid any major mishaps. This time of year really separates the real runners from the posers, don’t you think?

    Over the years, I really have tried not to embarrass my boys. But I think that I have been embarrassing just by being present. I swear, momming is not for the week!

  2. Ugh, sorry for all the rain! Not much of it here this week, and the temps were actually seasonal…after nearly two months LOL A friend and I went to see Despicable Me-2 a few years ago with my youngest daughter…and we were almost wetting ourselves laughing LOUDLY at all the adult humor, and she was so irritated with us.

  3. I hit the stepmill last week and thought of you! I did 20 min and was basically dying in a pool of my own sweat! haha! I am going to keep trying it with intervals until it gets easier (and then torture myself with a new level)

    ugh on the black ice!! it’s the worst thing to be out running on!

    I haven’t seen the first Frozen… but I am slightly aware of the charcters 😀 I saw several Elsa’s at the movie theatre yesterday!

  4. I wish there was some more balance across the world! We are in summer (which is supposed to be our rainy season) but we are not getting nearly as much rain as we are supposed to. Until last week things just looked so painfully brown and dry! Well done navigating black ice and a whole of wet trails to get your runs done!

  5. Sorry about all the rain. I’m with you on preferring snow over cold rain. In winter, I’m especially grateful for the sun. I love your reflective ensemble!

  6. Ah yes the black ice and cold rain – gotta love it. You know I completely agree about your snow comment – SO.MUCH.BETTER! We were at opening weekend at Okemo and the boys and I were skiing in the rain – totally preferable to running in it especially when it was warm rain 🙂
    My boys refuse to see Frozen II but I know there’s a part of them that secretly wants to so I’m going to keep pushing them…and embarrassing the hell out of them every chance I get! I mean, we’ve earned it!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Times (and my hair color) Are ChangingMy Profile

  7. Black ice is the worst! And I’m with you, would rather have snow than dirty rainy, mud puddles everywhere!
    We went to see Frozen II on Wed night, I’m in the minority, but I just didn’t really love it. Thought the first one was better, but I did love all of the songs.
    Jen recently posted..Road to BayshoreMy Profile

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