My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

Another week down, another rundown of my week in workouts. Going into the week I felt like I needed a down week. No chasing vert. No picking up the pace on purpose. No distance goals. Just running what I felt like. I mean, that’s how I usually run with nothing to really train for right now but I’ll have a certain numbers in my head that I want to achieve for each run. This week…nothing.


strength training

It was our 18th wedding anniversary today! We celebrated with ordering curbside take out from a local restaurant. The pickings are slim right now but even more so on a Monday. Most restaurants are open for curbside Wednesday-Sunday or only the weekends. Not exactly the most fun way to celebrate our anniversary but we did the best we could with what we have.

My week in workouts |
Ron surprised me with an art project!

Prior to our date night in, I got a quick 30 minute full body strength training session in when I got home from work while Ron finished up his work day. I wasn’t horribly motivated but I committed myself to do something. Something is always better than nothing.


5 mile trail run

It feels like spring is here to stay…finally. I’m thoroughly enjoying the sunshine that seems to be in abundance lately. Max and I hit the trails where he embraced my “no plan” week of training. There was plenty of run, stop, sniff, pee, repeat…from Max, not me. 😉


5 mile trail run

strength training

It was another gorgeous day so Max and I hit the trails. We didn’t see another soul into we were almost back to the trailhead when we saw three women walking with a dog off leash. That’s totally fine if your dog doesn’t come barreling at me or my dog. However, just a PSA, if you know that your dog does not like other dogs (which the owner of this dog knew by the way she reacted when she saw us), please keep your dog on a leash. I really don’t think you will want to pay someone else’s vet bills or ER visit bill because you were irresponsible.

Max was fine but it could have gotten really nasty quickly. And then it would not be fine. Ugh…so annoying.


5 mile road run

evening flow yoga

Max and I mixed it up today with a road run. It was mostly because I had a short time frame before work to sneak in some miles. I tried the Peleton app’s 10 minute pre-run warm up for something different than my usual dynamic warm up. It was good except for the neck/back warm up portion. That didn’t seem to sit well with me for the first couple of miles of the run. Things loosened up and I forgot about it. I’ve got a cranky neck from an injury when I was 18 so it should be no surprise that it wouldn’t like it.

My next was still cranky after work so I did a 30 minute evening flow yoga class before bed. Sitting in ‘thread the needle’ for a few minutes did the trick.


rest day


6 mile run with the kids on bikes

After a horrible night of sleeping thanks to the first warm day/night of the year and then going to work early in the morning and my allergies kicking up, I was spent. When I got home from work I took a nap. When I woke up, I felt a little bit better so I asked the kids is they wanted to join me on their bikes for my run. We cruised along, chatted and enjoyed the beautiful sunny afternoon.


6.3 mile trail run, 1894 ft elev gain

Reunited and it feels so good!! With things in New Hampshire starting to open up more, Kyle and I felt ready to run together again…while social distancing, of course. I know not everyone is comfortable with things like that or are in an area that isn’t at that level yet. Everyone is different so put the judgement away if that’s where you were going.

Besides being reunited with Kyle, I was also reunited with a mountain run. It was so amazing to get some vert and dirt on a gorgeous blue sky day. It has been way too long. And to catch up with a friend was icing on the cake.

Thankfully, we went early enough to beat the crowds because the trailhead was getting packed just as we finished up. The early bird definitely gets the worm.

How was your week in workouts?

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10 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. we had the same problem last week for our anniversary that was mid week. Happy anniversary to you as well! I am loving all the beautiful trails you are running in this week. Looks like you and Max enjoyed them. Have a great week ahead and thanks for linking

  2. I just don’t get people who go walking on a public trail or park and let their dog off leash. Just doesn’t make sense to me. But hey, what do I know?

    Love your pursuit of vert. We have no vert here. It’s pancake flat. There are hills, but I’m always so disappointed when I see that I climbed 300 ft, lol.

  3. Great week, even if you didn’t have any goals LOL Sometimes, those weeks just work themselves out nicely. I’m jealous of all your sunshine! We had a lot of cloud cover last week…

  4. I have so many issues with loose dogs on certain trails around where i Live. I had a lady once tell me her dog was leash aggressive so she HAD to walk with her dog off leash. Uh, your dog is aggressive off leash too. Sigh. Now I run on the trails with treats in my pocket to throw so stella and I can get passed idiots like that.

  5. Happy Anniversary! its so hard to celebrate special occasions right now. My husbands birthday was last week but it sort of felt just like every other day. Glad you could run with your friend again!

  6. Happy anniversary!

    Listen. I love dogs. I am always happy to see dogs. But unleashed dogs piss me right off. I was actually in my neighborhood and a dog charged me from its yard, barking and snarling. Thank God it had an electric fence, but seriously? No, thank you!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I know there are many celebrations have haven’t turned out the way one would hope. At least you made the best of it.

    I don’t understand why people don’t leash their dog. Should that be like an unspoken rule? I don’t have dogs so I don’t know but as someone that get semi afraid when see them, I’m just wondering.
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  8. Happy Anniversary! You’ve got such gorgeous scenery to enjoy. I’m glad that mean dog encounter ended well. I don’t get the off-leash thing either.

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