My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

Another rundown of my week in workouts is on tap! It was a good week in workouts but it started off blah. I finally found out that the Mount Washington Road Race is completely cancelled for 2020. They had a back up date in August if they cancelled the June 20th date but the race organizers realized that the odds of a race of that size happening in August is still a big question mark. I’m sad not to be running up the Rock Pile this year but the good news is that I was able to defer to 2021. That means no lottery stress and a guaranteed spot. I’m happy with that at least!


strength training

I got the email that MWRR was cancelled while I was on lunch at work. My plan was to get a treadmill hill hike after work but scrapped that with the news. Instead, I hit the basement for a quick full body strength training session. I just didn’t have it in me to climb. I needed a day to mourn.


7.2 mile trail run, 10:38 avg/pace, 543 ft elev gain

It was a gorgeous morning out on the trails. Everything is getting so green! Max and I had the place to ourselves except for an older man and his dog that we saw for a brief second. It just so happens that it was at the top of the only big hill on our route. I always like to push it a bit on that hill (because it’s a Strava segment ;)) which means I was practically frothing at the mouth with snot dripping out of my nostrils. Needless to say, he backed WAY off the trail when he saw me coming. Thanks, dude!

My week in workouts |


10 mile road run, 8:57 avg/pace, 540 ft elev gain

80’s pop yoga via Peleton

It was another gorgeous day even with the crazy wind. Everything was going along swimmingly until Max decided he wanted to go straight when I was going left as we ran across a street. I almost caught myself but ended up kind of sliding across the pavement on my right knee and shin. If you remember, this is the same shin that got banged up when I landed on a jagged rock a few weeks ago. After it happened, I thought I was going to have to call Ron to come get us (we were about 4 miles from home). It hurt A LOT. But I was able to walk it off and eventually was able to run with no pain.

My week in workouts |

And yes, those are goosebumps. I got cold as soon as I stopped running. Ugh…lately I feel like Max has been out to get me on our runs. Doesn’t he know if he takes me out, no one else is going to run with him? 😉

In other news, the 80’s Pop Yoga class from the Peleton App is lovely. I mean, if the playlist has INXS and Peter Gabriel on it, you know it’s going to be good.


6 mile run, 9:02 avg/pace, 362 ft elev gain

Backyard strength training

I was a little sore and tired after Thursday’s run so I started off nice and easy and let my body do what it wanted. I love a run where things start off creaky and then progressively get easier as things warm up. That’s exactly what happened today.

My week in workouts |

I opted to leave my strength training session for after work. It was another gorgeous day so rather than hitting the basement, I took my weights and med balls outside. I even had company! I set up a circuit for the kids that involved lots of ball slams and tossing. Everyone loves throwing things! Coach Max made sure everyone stayed on task.


rest day


7 mile run, 9:36 avg pace, 947 ft elev gain

I really didn’t expect much from this run. I had been up since 4 a.m. for work, I wasn’t properly hydrated or fueled and it was a warm, sunny day. As I was walking out the door for the run, I grabbed a handful of Salt and Vinegar chips and a few gulps of ice coffee. Great fuel, right? Low and behold, I actually felt really good on the run. It was hill repeat day on the mega hill in town (it’s only 0.20 miles long but is 14%), the hill that has not been nice to me over the past 2 months. But today, I got a PR on the hill and the trail that goes up the side. Woohoo! Maybe caffeine and salt and vinegar should be my pre-run go to from now on? 😉


6 mile trail run, 10:46 avg/pace, 365 ft elev gain

I kept the pace relaxed with Max today with no plan other than to enjoy. The biggest highlight was seeing 3 men on their mountain bikes. I know what you’re thinking…how is that a highlight? These men were at least 70 (probably older?) and cruising along like it was no big deal. It was awesome to see! It made me hope that I’m still out adventuring with my friends when I’m in my 70s. It also made me miss my running buddies. Hopefully, we’ll be running together soon!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Ouch to that shin injury but yes to those socks–those are the ones I got! I didn’t wear them this week because it was so muddy–I couldn’t bear to trash them. I think they are too pretty for the trails, lol! We got so much rain this weekend that I may have to skip my trail runs. We’ll see…

    Nice week for you. I am so sorry your races were canceled. All I have left is Ice Age and will it happen? Stay tuned…

  2. Oh sorry about your shin! So painful. Mine are actually bothering me from all the sidewalks. I am sorry about your race being cancelled. They just keep coming don’t they? I am wondering if my October race in NY will happen. Who knows! Have a great week ahead and thanks for linking

  3. Salt and vinegar chips before a run sounds pretty amazing! I’m sorry about your race. Our local marathon has taken a strong stand that unless something drastic happens they are not cancelling the race for September. It’s fun to think that the race *could* happen but I’m not betting the farm on it (and yes I will be sad if it gets cancelled).
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  4. Sorry about that fall. It’s tough when you zig and the dog zags. Love that your kiddos will workout with you! Mine absolutely refuse but at least they’ll go do it on their own.
    When I was returning from the Berlin Marathon there were a couple of much older women in the airport returning from a bike trip through Europe. One of them was the guide! I definitely hope to be like them when I’m in my 70s!

  5. Ouch to the fall! IS it just me, or does it seems like one side (or region) of one’s body seems to take all the hits? Hope your shin feels better. Sorry to hear about your big race, but it’s great you could defer.

  6. Sorry about the fall!! I wish I had access to more trails, especially during the week I bet they’re nice and quiet to run on!

  7. Oh, sweet Max! Sorry about your fall! And those goosebumps are crazy!

    I’m sorry to hear about your race. It’s still just so disappointing, even if it is understandable.

  8. My cat tries to kill me every day. I’ll walk downstairs she runs right in front of me, and she’ll try to cut me off. Apparently that’s how she signals that I need to head straight to the bathroom and look at her food bowl… which is usually at least 75% full. Geez.

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