My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

It’s another roundup of my week in workouts. The days are flying by yet I still don’t know what day it is most of the time. And apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t know what month it is or she just has a really cruel sense of humor.


Bootcamp – treadmill incline hike/run @ 12% (1/2 mile intervals) and DB strength – 2 miles, 1241 ft elevation gain.

I was short on time so I did a bootcamp workout with a treadmill incline hike/run with DB strength intervals. I was a sweaty mess after 36 minutes of fast moving fun.


7.03 trail run, 10:21 avg/pace, 427 ft elevation gain

Evening Flow Yoga

The sun was out and the trails were calling. Max and I enjoyed a quiet morning with the trails all to ourselves. I love Max immensely and I’m lucky to have him as a training buddy during this time but he can really be annoying. He runs great when the trail is wide but when it becomes single track, he insists on running right in front of me. That’s fine if he would keep a consistent pace. He slows down so much that I end up tripping over him quite a bit. And if he gets behind me, he hates it and will run right beside me with his bodyweight against my leg as if to push me over. He’s a bugger sometimes!

My week in workouts |


10 miles, 9:32 avg/pace, 811 ft elevation gain

Evening Flow Yoga

My run plan for the day changed so many times in the span on an hour that I kind of just threw a bunch of stuff together and called it good. Originally I was going to hit up a new spot for steeper hill repeats but then my kids said they wanted to ride their bikes with me for part of my run. How could I refuse?

The first 4 miles were with Max and the kids on a relatively flat route before I headed off solo to the big hill in town for some repeats. Once I did three, I made my way to a set of steep stairs for some repeats on those. My legs were tired and so was I afterwards. There may have been a nap later on in the afternoon.


6.53 miles, 9:22 avg/pace

Strength Training

Netflix is making it REALLY hard to wake up early! Or at least that’s my excuse for why I was dragging butt on this run. That and my legs were a little heavy from Wednesday’s run. Ron and I “had” to binge watch the remaining episodes of season 1 for You. It’s so creepy and makes me so glad that I am not in the dating world!

Later on after work, I headed for the basement for a strength training session. I started off with a 30 min full body strength workout with Andy Speer on the Peleton app. It wasn’t my favorite workout so I continued on with my own stuff afterwards.


Rest day except for an evening walk with the fam to get our 2.23 miles in for #irunformaud. Such a senseless act. No one should have fear for their lives while walking, running, or cycling. I have a lot more to say about this but I hope that we (myself included) educate ourselves more on what we can do to stop the social and racial injustice that happens everyday in our country.


5 mile trail run, 10:45 avg/pace, 341 ft elevation gain

I had to work on Saturday (which totally still stinks even though we don’t have any plans) so my run didn’t happen till late afternoon. I’m kind of happy about that because it was snowing big fat flakes, windy and downright freezing in the morning. Thankfully, we didn’t get any measurable snow. I was thrilled that the sun was out by the time I headed out. And shocked when snowflakes started to blow around in the wind during my run. It would have been a gorgeous day…for March.


7 mile trail run, 10:36 avg/pace, 463 ft elevation gain

I gifted myself extra sleep and a semi-lazy morning for Mother’s Day. It was much needed but that meant I had to deal with more people out on the trails. I opted out of my original trail after pulling into the lot and seeing the most cars I’ve ever seen there. I went to Plan B and was greeted with another busy lot. Thankfully, there’s another trail system that is on the other side of the street that isn’t used as much. The trail less traveled won! Max and I didn’t see a single soul for the duration of our run.

And if you are wondering…this is how 70% of my trail runs with Max look like. If there’s a tree, he’ll find a way to close line himself and then get wrapped all around it.

Later on in the day, I convinced everyone to hit the trails yet again except this time on mountain bikes. There may have been some complaining because I took a wrong turn onto the trail that was very muddy and full of roots. Opps. My kids hate me but I still had fun. Lol!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. A solid week of workouts! Glad you were able to have a nice run for mother’s day. I am, going to do more bootcamps this week too. I am getting into them. Have a great week ahead and thanks for joining

  2. Thankfully we did not see any snow in Iowa (at least in mt area), but we certainly had the temps for it. What the WHAT? I want my summer back (have I said that before?). All of your hilly trail runs sound exciting…I have hills (on the streets) but not much for trails. #jealous

  3. Looks like a good week of workouts! Its nice that you are able to spend so much time on the trails with your family. Hopefully the cold weather will be gone for good soon!

  4. We had snow yesterday–just flurries, thankfully! This weather is messed up. Cocoa would do the same thing as Max–she likes to get underfoot, which is why I don’t run with her much. We did some shuttle runs in the backyard last week and she enjoyed beating me, lol!

    1. We started the second season and I really don’t like it as much. It’s not as creepy? That sounds weird saying that but it’s almost too predictable now.

  5. What beautiful trails! How do you capture those pics when running with just the pup? Your dog seems so happy on the trails!

    I’m impressed by your diligence with yoga too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You had a great week of workouts! Love it!

    I am so over tv right now. I feel like i’ve watched everything I can stand to watch, and now I’m just waiting for movies I want to see. I’m staying up late, but it has everything to do with a certain little puppy LOL.

  7. I feel you on the unseasonably cold, blustery weather. That + pandemic make it feel like it is indeed still March rather than almost Memorial Day. I’ll have to check out that Netflix recommendation. We’re finishing up the last season of Ozark.

    1. We watched the first season of Ozark and loved it but haven’t gotten into it again. Maybe we’ll have to give it another try?

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