My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts }

My week in workouts was back on track. This week it was all about the things giving me LIFE during this odd time in our lives. Mostly, it was the life force of warm weather and sunshine that did the trick!


2.2 mile treadmill incline hike, 8-12%, 1235 ft elev gain

full body strength training

It was a gloomy, cold and nonstop rain kind of day. I had the day off from work and the kids had a vacation day from school. I don’t think we left the house all day except to take Max on a couple of short walks.

I practiced my visualization skills while trekking uphill on the treadmill. It’s not a fancy set up but it does the trick in getting my legs mountain ready.

My week in workouts |

Immediately after my trek, I hit the weights for a full body strength workout. I don’t know why it took me so long but I finally figured out that my Perfect Pull Up bar can also be used as a bodyweight incline row and tricep extension. My lats and tris were quite sore the next day thanks to my discovery!


6.25 mile trail run, 10:41 avg/pace, 430 ft elev gain

Evening flow yoga

The green moss covering rocks and trees and the wind whispering through the trees as Max and I strolled through the woods gave me life. Extra bonus that it wasn’t raining! And extra, extra bonus that my friend Jen pulled into the trailhead just as I was finishing. It was SO nice to see her in person! We’ve been keeping in touch via text but in person makes such a difference.


10.3 mile run, 9:38 avg/pace, 1312 ft elev gain

Ten miles on a Wednesday? Hell yeah when it’s a bluebird, sunshiny, warm day! The sunshine gave me so much life. Max ran the first 3 miles with me and then I dropped him off at home to head to the mega hill in town for repeats on the road and the trail up the back. I used to love this hill. It’s never been easy but lately it has been harder than hard. The always slow struggle bus to the top has gotten even slower. Although, according to Strava I was 3 seconds off my PR during one repeat. Funny because with each repeat I had to alternate run/power hike which I never used to do. Maybe that makes me faster with a little recovery? I think I need to play around with that some more.


5.16 road miles with Max, 9:04 avg/pace, 211 ft elev gain

full body strength training

evening flow yoga

My legs were a little sore after Wednesday’s long run/hill climbing session when I first started out on Thursday morning. I didn’t look at my watch at all and went by whatever felt easy. I was shocked to see my splits afterwards were a perfect progression run. I love when that happens!


6.23 trail miles, 10:36 avg/pace, 374 ft elev gain

Friday is usually my rest day but I had to work Friday night (something I haven’t done since my college years!) and early Saturday morning (another thing I haven’t done since college!). I knew I wouldn’t want to run after work on Saturday so I flipped my rest day to Saturday.

Of course, Friday was another chilly and downpour rain kind of day. The hardest part about running in the rain isn’t actually the rain. It’s getting started when you are dry and warm. You know you’re going to be soaked within minutes of starting. And then the second worst part is trying to warm up after a cold rainy run. It takes forever!

Anyway, I knew the trails were going to be a mess so I left Max at home. It’s a good thing because he would have looked more like a black lab than a yellow afterwards. I was even a mess especially since I tripped over a rock and landed knee first in deep mud. The good news is that I didn’t do any damage thanks to the mud!


Rest day!


7 mile hike with the family, 980 ft elev gain

6 mile road run, 8:30 avg/pace, 288 ft elev gain

Sunday Funday! New Hampshire has started a reservation system with some of the state parks to ensure there isn’t too much crowding and people are able to maintaining social distancing. We jumped on that when we saw that a couple of rather popular hikes near us were included.

It was a gorgeous day but the bugs were quite bad to begin with. They weren’t biting flies, just irritating. Eventually it got better…you just needed to keep moving. And the good news was that we mostly had the trail to ourselves. When we did see others, everyone was courteous with plenty of social distancing.

I’m super proud of my kids – this was their longest hike yet! They were troopers even with the nonstop bugs. We even started planning what hikes we want to conquer this summer when we can venture farther away from home.

Later in the day, I headed out for my run. My weird ways continue on. Last week I ran at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Today it was after 3 p.m. Who am I?!?! It was 80 degrees and gorgeous – I couldn’t help myself. My favorite season of running is here – I’m so ready to ditch all the layers!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Glad that muddy fall did not cause an injury! Good on you for heading out on such a rainy day. That definitely would have given me pause. The trail reservation system sounds like a good idea!

  2. That’s great that your family is hiking with you. You sure do have some beautiful trails to play on. Have a great week ahead and thanks for linking

  3. Yesterday, I found myself sliding in the mud but was able to stay upright! I didn’t want to trash my new socks on their maiden voyage, lol! I like the idea of the trail reservation system instead of closing down the trails. Fortunately, it’s been ok where I run. I guess that is a benefit to the bad weather, right?

  4. Doesn’t the sunshine make everything better? Well, that and warm weather ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good for you to get out in the rain. I’m not as disciplined…I don’t mind ((much)) running in the rain if it happens after I’ve already started, but I really have a tough time talking myself into heading out if it’s already coming down.

  5. Gorgeous trails! We have lovebugs here. They don’t bite but they get in your eyes and mouth if you’re not careful. Gross.

    So glad you had another awesome week!

  6. That’s cool the park was allowing reservations. When we went to Hawaii one of the most popular trails was like that, and I was super bummed because I didn’t know about it and the tickets were all gone! But it sure works for limiting the amount of visitors. Sounds like you had some great running weather! It’s an odd day that I’m running at 2 or 3pm too!
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  7. You got the perfect location to keep fit. The best thing is that you completed the full week without a break. That’s the determination I like. Keep going.

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