My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

My week in workouts was causal. My ankles and feet have not been too happy about the longer distances on the roads searching for vert. So this week was going to be a down week of no expectations on pace or vert climbed. I was just going to do whatever I wanted. It worked because at the end of the week I was feeling rejuvenated and ready to go!


1.7 mile walk with the family

strength training

Last week I wondered how I was ever going to get back to setting my alarm with a 4 in it. Today I found out! Although I didn’t immediately work out…I had to be to work at 5 a.m…that was rough.

I had zero energy for a workout after I got home from work. Instead, the fam and I headed out for a walk. After dinner, I realized that I had procrastinated enough and hit the basement for some weights. I really wasn’t into it at first but woke up after 10 minutes and actually wasn’t as grumpy as when I started. I guess I woke up my feel good endorphins.


60 minute trail run with Max

Casual Tuesday on the trails. The mud situation from last week was improved thankfully. Not to say there wasn’t any…it was easier to avoid. There wasn’t a whole lot to say about this run other than it’s nice to see the woods waking up after a long winter…just don’t tell them that snow is in the forecast for Sunday night. 🙁

My week in workouts |


5.3 mile trail run, 10:00 avg/pace

Full body strength training

Leave it to me to trip and fall on the least technical trail around! I had stopped to pick up Max’s poop and as I was walking to it, I tripped over a rock and sort of caught myself but still landed my shin on a super jagged rock in front of it. It hurt like a mother. I saw stars. I thought for sure my tights were going to be ripped to shreds and soaked in blood when I looked down to assess the damage. Thankfully, my fave Athleta tights were still intact. I was able to walk off the throbbing in my shin and continued on with my run albeit at a slower pace than before. By the time I was done, it was really achy. When I got home I assessed the damage and knew that my whole shin was going to be a big ol’ bruise. My fingers were crossed I didn’t do anything too stupid to my shin.

Later on in the day, I did a full body strength training session. I stayed away from anything that would require kneeling or jumping. Other than that, the shin felt ok with movement.


Rest day

I wanted to give my shin a day off so except for a walk with the family, there wasn’t much else for exercise.


5 mile road run, 8:48 avg/pace

My shin was tender to the touch or when something brushed against it but other than that it felt ok. I wasn’t sure how a run was going to go so I decided to stick to the roads. Surprisingly, it felt good with no probs.


8.8 mile trail run, 11:50 avg/pace

One word to describe this run: annoyed.

I made the mistake of hitting this trail later than usual. I told myself that if the trailhead lot was full, I’d go somewhere else. As luck would have it, I was the third car in the lot – good to go or so I thought. The thing with this trail is that it’s an out and back. So on my way out to the end of the trail, I saw no one except for one other runner. It was great! I stepped off to the side of the trail with Max and let him pass by with no problems.

That was short lived when I started encountering more hikers than I had hoped to see. Some where totally cool and stepped way off the trail to let us pass. Others…were totally clueless. I was the one who had to stop and get off the trail because they kept on trucking without even a thought of moving over.

At least this stump in the shape of a heart made me happy!

Now, in my experience as a hiker and a trail runner, hikers yield to runners, cyclists and horses. Also, the person who is going uphill gets the right of way always.

I know there are a lot of new people to the trails (it’s quite obvious when they stop you to ask directions or how much further) but clearly, the rules of trail etiquette and social distancing, for that matter have, have been tossed aside. I was annoyed beyond belief when I made it back to the trailhead. Especially when I saw how many cars were now there. The lot was full and then some. I’ve been running on this trail for at least 4 years and have maybe encountered maybe 2-3 other people in it’s 8+ miles. Sigh…I miss empty trails.

Lesson learned: don’t go to that trail on the weekend.


Hike with fam

5.2 mile run, 8:49 avg/pace

In an effort to not have a repeat of Saturday’s annoyance, the fam and I hit up a short little hike first thing in the morning. We lucked out with the trailhead and the trail all to ourselves.

Later in the day, I set off for a run. I told Ron I was going to do 3-5 miles. I’m not sure why I said that because I had 5 miles stuck in my brain. Maybe to give myself an out if the run didn’t feel good. This pandemic has me doing all crazy sorts of things – running at 2 p.m.? Who am I?!?!

How was your week in workouts?

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24 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Ouch on the shin! Hope your ankles are feeling better too. It’s nice that your family hikes with you. I think it is hard to stay on a regular schedule these days! Way to get in a solid week of workouts. Thanks for linking up!

  2. That is so annoying about people not sharing the trail well! I’ve encountered the same issue in the past when we lived in Seattle. No one practiced trail etiquette well on popular hikes! It’s great that people are getting outside, but there needs to be some refresher.
    Great job on a solid week of running!

  3. Ouch on the fall! Glad nothing serious happened to you. I tripped over a root last week and landed hard, on the ground. I didn’t really get hurt except for some scrapes on my elbow and shoulder. Badges of honor, right?

    Stay safe!

  4. Aha! For some reason I don’t mind being the one to move if I’m walking but it’s really annoying when I run – ooh I think you just clarified that there is a pecking order to things and that walkers are supposed to move for runners. Now if someone would just send the memo out please;-)
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted..Weekly Sweats: OMG!My Profile

  5. I hope your shin recovers quickly with nothing more than a surface bruise. I was sure that you were going to say that when you feel forward, your hands landed in your dog’s poop that you were getting ready to pick up.

    We noticed several years ago that people on the AT near us seem to be clueless about hikers going uphill getting the right of way. We found it particularly annoying when as runners running up the trail, we’d have to stop and move out of the way of walkers walking two abreast down toward us. Jeez!

    Have a great week and stay safe!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted..Running Intervals: a Great Start to my ComebackMy Profile

  6. I always give a range for my runs even though I know I will do the max number in that range! Sorry about your shin- glad it didn’t seem to give you too much trouble the rest of the week.

  7. Hope your shin is feeling better. My feet have been craving the trails.

    I’ve been going out at crazy times. Just need to get out. Like I’m in prison.

    Some of our trails are crowded but I’ve been lucky to find some empty ones.

  8. Ouch! Hope your shin is ok. I feel you on the late wake up. I’ve been sleeping later and my kids are sleeping a TON later, then staying up really late. It will be interesting to say the least when we need to reel this all in.

    1. We are going to need at least a 2 week heads up before getting into a regular schedule again. It’s going to be interesting.

  9. I’m glad you’re ok and hope you continue to feel better!

    It’s hard when not everyone can share the road or the trail nicely. Come on, people. We are all out here for the same reason. Let’s make it work!

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