My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

Happy Easter to everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s time for another my week in workouts wrap up. The days of the week went by fast before the Coronavirus Pandemic but now they seem to go even faster. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost all track of the days of the week. I’m still working albeit reduced hours and days but I’m still confused on what day it is.

In other exciting news: I ran in shorts twice this week! Technically, I should have run in shorts three days but I chickened out one day and then regretted it mid run. My legs are very excited to get some fresh air!


30 minutes recumbent bike

Strength training

I thought I hated Burpees but I think I hate Turkish Get Up’s even more. Or maybe it was doing an ENDLESS amount of heavy weighted TGU’s during one workout that sent me over the edge. It sounded like a good idea at the time…until I did at least 30 of them. Ugh. I guess that means I should do them more often, huh?


6 mile trail run, 10:35 avg/pace, 327 ft elev gain

Evening gentle yoga

Max and I set out on the trails in search of dirt and mud. Mission accomplished! I was happy to only see one other person during our 60+ minute run. As long as I go early enough or if the weather isn’t too nice, then I’m usually the only person there. It’s strange times to be excited NOT to see people.


5.15 mile trail run, 11:40 avg/pace, 346 ft elev gain

Strength training

Max and I found even more dirt and mud today. LOTS more mud for sure. I gave up early on trying to avoid it. There was lots of trying to find the least muddy place to get over the swampy parts. No matter what I did to get us around it, Max would always go straight through the muddiest places. Oh well. He was going to get hosed down after our run anyway!

I really am going to have a difficult time getting back to my usual schedule once this all blows over. My early bird morning hours have become a thing of the past. I mean, I did my strength workout at 4 p.m. today. Who am I?


5.5 mile run, 8:47 avg/pace, 485 ft elev gain

Evening gentle yoga

I hit the road for some hill attacks around town. When I started out, I had a flash of hope that maybe, just maybe, I’d see Kyle out and about running too. Sure enough, we crossed paths as she was just starting her hill attacks and I was heading home. We both agreed that hill attacks are much better with a friend! It made my day to see her even if it was for a minute. I miss my running buddy!

Flashback to the last time we ran together in mid March.


Rest day


10 miles, 9:08 avg/pace, 1017 ft elev gain

30 minute strength training with mini bands and Bosu

With the Mount Washington Road Race still on tap for mid June (as of now), I’m still trying to get my body mountain climbing ready. Since I can’t head out to the mountains right now in search of vert, I have to find it elsewhere. Even if that means doing repeats on the mega hill in town as part of my long run.

I took Max out for a 3.7 mile run before dropping him at home and running to the mega hill. I was a bit disappointed to see that other people had the same idea. Thankfully, after my first repeat, everyone else left and I had the place to myself.

I was dying after two repeats and had to power hike segments. I haven’t had to do that in quite some time. At first I started to freak that I’m losing fitness from not lifting as heavy or I’m not able to do the stepmill at the gym. But then I talked myself down and gave myself some grace. Training isn’t perfect right now because my mind is all over the place with stress. That’s ok. Besides, if the race still is on for June, I’ve got plenty of time to train. No need to stress!


60 minute trail run, 10:44 avg/pace, 312 ft elev gain

Max and I hit the trails again but this time in search of the Easter Bunny. No such luck but we did find lots of mud again.

I kept the pace easy and enjoyed the beautiful spring morning in SHORTS! Woohoo!

How was your week in workouts?

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20 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Awesome week! I love how much Max gets to run with you, he seems to love it!

    Great to run into a friend, but man don’t we miss the extra motivation of actually having a friend to push you during the workouts…but you seem to have a lot of great self-motivation. Way to go!

  2. Yay, I got to run in shorts this week, too! Feels like some sort of right of passage. Hoping that will continue. I did a bunch of squats and lunges on Thursday, and OUCH. I prefer squats over lunges because I seem to struggle with my balance while lunging and never feel like I’m in complete control. Not sure if I lunged wrong or squatted with too much vigor, but my glutes were in a world of DOMS come Friday LOL

    1. Max is beyond happy! He goes for at least 3 walks a day plus a run with me. I’m scared to think what’s going to happen when life returns to normal. We may have some separation anxiety issues!

  3. I was able to wear shorts a couple of times last week and it was really nice! This upcoming week is going to be cool again. Ah, spring is so fickle!

    Loving the mud! :p

    1. Spring is a roller coaster of hopes that the warm weather is here and then it snows the next day. Ahhh! Soon we will be talking about heat and humidity!

  4. So glad you’re back in shorts! It’s been shorts season here for months, but that’s how Florida rolls.

    So glad you found the mud you were looking for!

    1. Here in New Hampshire, it’s a day to celebrate when the shorts can finally come out. And flip flops! I’m sure in Florida you get excited to wear tights. 😉

  5. We’re getting glimpses of fabulous weather here too. One shorts day for me this week and I’ll take it! I feel you on getting out early to avoid people. So weird but this is where we are I guess. Max looks like one happy dog!

  6. We’re getting looks at impressive climate here as well. One shorts day for me this week and I’ll take it! I feel you on getting out ahead of schedule to maintain a strategic distance from individuals. So abnormal yet this is the place we are I presume. Max seems as though one cheerful pooch!

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