My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

Another week in workouts is done. This week, I got my first upcoming race postponement email. It was the 30k trail race Memorial Day weekend. I know it’s the first of many cancellations. It’s the right choice for sure. I’m still kind of training for it and the other races that I have lined up in June and July. But in all honesty, I don’t think we’ll be doing any in-person racing for quite some time.

Here’s how my week in workouts went down.


Strength training

40 minute Treadmill Incline Power Hike, 2.1 miles, 1119 ft elev gain

I was severely missing my Stepmill workouts so I improvised with cranking the incline up on the treadmill and hiked away. I kept the speed at 3.0-3.5 mph with an incline of 8-12%.


6 mile trail run, 10:48 avg/pace, 395 ft elev gain

Evening Flow Yoga for Sleep

Originally, I had planned on a doing a speed workout on the roads. But when I woke up Tuesday morning, that was the last thing I wanted to do. Instead, I leashed up Max and we hit the trail. I expected Max to look like a black lab at the end of our run but surprisingly, he wasn’t too muddy. Although, he did need a hose down when we got home.

My week in workouts |

I know I made the right call on choosing trails over roads. My heart was happy for the rest of the day. And Max was zonked out for hours afterwards.


Strength training

5 mile run, 8:36 avg/pace, 266 ft elev gain

As I walked out the door for my run, I told Ron I was headed out for 3 miles with Max. Well…those 3 miles turned to 5. I played around with some speed work (2 mins on/2 mins off) for 3 miles sandwiched between a warm up and cool down. I was having so much fun that I kept adding more miles. Or maybe I was avoiding home and homeschooling. Haha…I’ll never tell.


60 min run, 6.4 miles, 891 ft elev gain

I don’t know who I’ve become but I opted for an afternoon, after work run instead of a first-thing-in-the-morning run. It poured all day. At least running in the afternoon meant daylight hours. I hit the mega hill in town for hill repeats. I was aiming for 6 but cut the last one short because of some creepy guys hanging out at the summit. Clearly, they don’t understand what a stay at home order means. And if you are wondering, Creeper Beepers are still out in full force during a global pandemic. Seriously…don’t we have enough shit to deal with right now? Ugh.


Rest day


11 mile run, 8:50 avg/pace, 684 ft. elev gain

Full body strength training

If there’s one good thing about staying closer to home, it’s making me revisit roads that I haven’t run on in quite some time. I loosely planned a route along one of my fave hilly areas. It’s a beautiful area that heads out of town through open fields and woods. Unfortunately, I found that one of the prettiest stretches of road will be changing soon now that the field is for sale with subdivision plans. Such a bummer to see an open space going to McMansions.

In other news, Max once again hit another PDR – 11 miles. He was zonked out for a couple of hours and then ready to roll when we went out for a family scavenger hunt walk around town. Max is seriously living his best life ever.

Since we didn’t have any Saturday evening plans, I did a 30 minute full body strength session with the Peleton app. It wasn’t my favorite but it worked.


4 mile recovery run, 11:47 avg/pace

Morning Flow Yoga

I was going to hit the trails with Max for an easy recovery run but since we had no place to be, I lounged around and waited till after we had Sunday waffles to head out. Ron and the kids wanted to come along so we did a run/walk/ride along the community trail that’s partially paved and partially dirt. We made it two miles on the dirt section before having to turn around thanks to the trail being completely flooded. We’ve had so much rain that everything was overly saturated. If it was just me, I would have found a way around through the woods but with the kids on bikes, it wasn’t feasible.

So we turned around. Hopefully, we’ll get a break from the days of rain so things will dry up and we can head out that way again. The kids had fun and I got some trail time. It’s a win-win situation!

How was your week in workouts?

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21 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. I appreciate your positivity through this & also how responsible you are not running with people. I run with a group that continues to meet up to run, but I am not. I wonder how you trained your pup to run with you. I have a one year old black lab who I have been running with during this time. Cheers!!

    1. I was running with one or two other friends up until last week. We were observing the 6 ft (or more) guidelines but it just didn’t seem right to keep it up. Thankfully I have Max to hang out with me! So we got Max in February 2019. He was about 3 years old and had horrible leash skills. In fact, I don’t think he ever walked on a leash before us. We started off with getting the hang of walking and then slowly moved onto running. I started with 1 mile and then very gradually increased it. He LOVES to run and gets so excited when he sees me putting on my running shoes. My suggestion is to give it time and you’ll get a great running buddy in no time!

  2. I honestly don’t anticipate in-person racing to resume until September – maybe August for local races.
    Max is a great running buddy for you right now! That’s awesome that he can do 11 miles – go Max!

    1. You are more optimistic than me. I don’t know how we can go back to crowded places for quite some time. I guess it’s a wait and see thing.

  3. I’m with Laura–I’ll be surprisesd if racing resumes before fall. I’m ok with not training for anything right now; running has been my main source of therapy. I’m loving my runs right now, although today the forest preserve path was dicey with cyclists not obeying social distancing guidelines. I am sure they will close it down soon. There were also families out with kids on bikes–I don’t get what these parents are thinking!

    I’m so excited that Max is up to 11 miles. He’s amazing!

    Stay safe!

    1. Early is best to avoid people. I set up 30 minutes later than usual today and saw more people. No more sleeping in! Or just wait till it’s a cold or rainy day. No one goes out then.

  4. Oh that photo of you and your dog melts my heart. Workouts and runs are saving my sanity right now as well. Glad to read that your night time yoga is helping you sleep better. win! Thanks for joining us and have a healthy week ahead

  5. Congrats to Max on his new PDR! Love that pic of the 2 of you. There’ve been so many races pushed to fall I’m wondering how they’ll all happen this year. I too really miss my stepmill workouts!

    1. I’m thinking I need to get a stepmill for home…or start doing an insane amount of stair climbing. But then I have to go down the stairs to get back up. Such problems!

  6. Love all the miles with Max! I think Scoobyโ€™s PDR is 9 miles. Then he still had energy to chase squirrels when we got home! I live in the city, but still hate to see when an untouched plot of trees gets razed.

  7. Way to go, Max!!!! That’s amazing, 11 miles! My last two scheduled events finally were called last week (one went virtual, the other postponed). It will be an interesting summer for everyone. Hope you all are staying safe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I think one of the hardest part of this whole thing is that our schedules have become a huge mess. We can plan ahead but there’s no guarantee that we’ll be doing anything different in a month or two. All we an do is wait.

  8. Max is awesome! Congratulations to him!

    I just had a race rescheduled for September, and I do hope it’s a go. Of course, we’ll just have to see. Obviously, with my injury rehab, I haven’t had too much on the calendar, but it is a little hard to see the empty calendar with no indication of when things will be normal again.

    1. My collection of jackets is quite old. I really need to update it but I hate how much good jackets cost. At least I know that the good ones last forever since most of mine are at lest 3-6 years old.

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