My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts |

My week in workouts focused on hitting the weights, squeezing in some faux hill training and trying to figure out what to wear on all my runs. Why can’t I remember what to wear from last year. Seriously, you’d think I never ran outside in cold weather before.


30 minutes Arc Trainer random intervals

10 minutes Stepmill

Strength training:

TRX push ups

Cable flys

Single arm cable row

Lat pull down

Eccentric pull ups

Cable tricep ext

Cable bicep curl

Bench step ups (front, lateral, step down)

DB Curtsy squat

Barbell squats

Barbell deadlift

Stability ball hamstring curls

Stability ball elbow circles

SL stability ball planks

Med ball chop


8.15 mile trail run

Running in a cold November rain (see what I did there?) is not my idea of a good time. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m hitting the treadmill. Thankfully, I met up with two friends who wanted to be wet and chilled to the bone on the trails. Since it was the first time Jen and Kevin had been out to the Stonehouse Forest trails, I got to be the tour guide. I prefaced the run multiple times with warnings that I had only been out on the trails twice before so I didn’t know exactly the distances and where we’d be going. I had to reference the map a few times but we all got out safe and sound and with just a tad more miles than what we had planned.

The scariest thing was coming upon an older man sitting on a stump with a shotgun hunting. He saw us before we saw him and said hello. Now, I know there’s hunting in that area. And I know how most hunters hunt. They don’t set up shop right on a marked, well traveled trail that people use with their dogs. It usually scares the animals away. Needless to say, the guy scared the shit out of us. Thankfully, we were all dressed in bright clothing and talking very loudly so he saw us.


30 minutes Stepmill intervals

10 minutes treadmill hill climb (Start @ incline 6% and increase 1% every min. Adjust speed as needed for duration to maintain run)

Strength training:

Bench press

Eccentric pull ups

TRX bicep curls

TRX tricep ext

Barbell squats

DB Lateral lunge w/ SL balance press

DB reverse lunge w/ SL balance

Traveling lunges

Overhead Plate split squats


5.5 mile run

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

How many layers do I need to run at 12 degrees? That was my thought as I got dressed Thursday morning. I think I dressed appropriately. I’m glad I grabbed a Buff at the last minute. I started off with it just around my neck but decided to pull it up over my head and mouth like a Balaclava after a couple of minutes. I thought I’d take it down once I warmed up but I kept it on for the whole run.

Kyle and I both kept on laughing throughout the run because we couldn’t get our mouths to function with the Balaclava around our chin and our faces were frozen.

Like it or not – Winter running is here.


Rest day


5.5 mile run

My original plan was to do a part road part trail run. When I started off on the trail section, things didn’t seem right. I almost felt like I was being watched. I didn’t see anyone but I didn’t like the way I felt so I promptly turned around and settled for all roads. Even though I had Max with me, I still felt uneasy. It was probably nothing but I like to go with my gut feeling.


10.5 mile run

The temp said 18 degrees. The real feel said 9 degrees. The sun was out with no clouds and a little wind. What do you wear?!?!

I had taken Max out for a short walk before meeting up with Kyle and was freezing. I grabbed my vest and some hand warmers but started to regret it within a few miles. I was sweating way too much!  But then I got cold. And then I got warm again. Ugh!  It’s so hard to dress this time of year. Must remember – less is best for me.

How was your week in workouts?

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11 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Runners amnesia is alive and well! I am struggling with what to wear in the abrupt cold too. I hear hunters all the time but never actually see them. I’d be freaked out too.

  2. Sounds like you are having to run with one eye looking backward! We’re living in scary times right now. Glad nothing bad happened. Be careful out there!

  3. It seems like a re-learning process every winter regarding the gear. I have learned there are no hard and fast rules, at least for me, because it varies day to day with the wind or dampness. Saturday, it was 17F feels like, and the wind was out of the SE…which is usually more of a balmy breeze that we feel in Iowa. Nope! Not this time…it felt much more like the typical NW blast out of the arctic. But, when we changed direction, and had the wind behind us, we actually were hot. It was so weird LOL

  4. I always have to relearn what to wear each winter also, especially when the temperatures drop suddenly. The hunter situation would scare me too! Even with a dog, there’s situations that are just uncomfortable. Glad you were safe!

  5. The sun being out makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? I may have some cold November rain running today and I’m not happy about it but, if you can do it, so can I…but if I see a dude with a shotgun I’m OUT!!! Jesus, wth? That is just weird but I too have seen hunters with BIG guns and it’s scary. As for that gut feeling you had? ALWAYS listen to it…and I’m glad you did…it’s there for a reason. Be care out there and keep that chin warm 🙂 < — why is that the coldest part of our body? LOL!!!
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  6. I have the same problem with knowing what to wear. It’s not like this is my first fall to ever run. It also doesn’t help that many of my favorite long leggings suddenly have holes in the inner thigh area (where I wear out all of my pants because . . . big thighs. . .).

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