My Week in Workouts

My Week in Workouts |

Hey there! Long time, no blog.

I took last week off from sharing my week in workouts (and blogging in general) to enjoy our family vacation in Northern New Hampshire. There wasn’t a whole lot of running but there was a whole lotta snow sports. It was so fun! It’s crazy that we were only about 90 minutes north of home yet there was so much snow. We all were quite sad to see that we had zero snow in our yard when we got home on Saturday. Such a bummer. Like I always say, playing in frozen dirt isn’t very fun. It’s winter so give me snow!

Here’s how my week in workouts looked:


Ski/ride @ Attitash Mountain

It was a bluebird gorgeous day with temps near 50 degrees. We had to peel off layers after the first run because it was so warm. I’m not going to lie…it felt amazing. But…it’s also very bizarre for it to be that warm in February. It makes me scared for what’s to come. Climate change is real!

We spent the day soaking up the sun and traveled over 15 miles on our skis/boards. Btw – it’s so fun to see the data after a day of riding. #nerdalert

My week in workouts |


40 minute snowshoe run

Our condo had cross country ski trails right out the back door. I easily could have run with my Microspikes on the groomed trail but decided to torture myself with snowshoes instead. It wasn’t so bad running on the groomed trail but when I decided to follow tracks to the river, that’s when the torture and ankle kicking started. Snowshoe running is always a humbling experience!

60 minutes X-country skiing @ Great Glen Trails

Initially we had planned on renting Fat Bikes but the rental place didn’t have any to fit the kids so we spontaneously opted for renting cross country skis instead. And when I say we, I mean I decided for everyone. You see, I am the only one who has cross country skied before. Ron and the kids have never. BUT…the last time I put on nordic skis was at least 30 years ago.

Let me just say, a LOT has changed. Things are so much easier now! Lol. Initially, everyone hated the skis. But then they started to get the hang of the rhythm and warmed up to it. It was another unseasonably warm, gorgeous day so we were happy to enjoy the day. I can’t say that they are hooked but I know I’ll be renting skate skis before the end of the season.

FYI – I’m standing at the base of the Mount Washington Auto Road where things start to climb. I had Ron snap this pic just in case I got picked in the lottery for this years run. Hopefully, the next time I’m in that spot, I won’t be wearing skis and there won’t be any snow. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ski/ride @ Bretton Woods

The sun wasn’t shining but the weather was once again warm for our ski/ride day at Bretton Woods. It was our first time at this mountain and I can’t wait to go back. Lots of terrain, long trails, fun glades and great snow. According to my Suunto(affiliate link), we covered almost 22 miles of terrain. Needless to say, we were t-i-r-e-d afterwards. Nothing that a soak in the hot tub didn’t cure.


37 minute trail run

I woke up Wednesday with my right hip feeling tight. It felt better once I did some mobility and my dynamic warm up before my run. I had planned on hitting the mega hills around the condos but the roads were sheer black ice. Instead, I grabbed my Microspikes and hit the trails again. My hip started to feel wonky when I hit the snowshoe tracks down to the river. The post holing I was doing probably didn’t help. I decided to call it quits early and walked back to the condo.

I think it’s my TFL tendon that’s sore. I had to do a lot of skating with my board on Sunday and Tuesday to get to certain runs while boarding. I decided to take the rest of the week off from running to let it calm down. FYI – by Sunday it was feeling 99% better.


Ski/ride @ Cranmore Mountain

Our hopes for a good day of skiing/riding weren’t too high Thursday morning. When we woke up it was pouring rain. The forecast was calling for a major snowstorm of 6-12 inches but the temps were hovering around freezing or a little higher. We decided to give it a try anyway.

When we got to the mountain, it was like a ghost town. No one was on the lifts and the lodge was practically empty except for two other families. While we changed into our gear, the rain turned to sleet and then to snow. By the time we got to the summit on our first chair, it was nothing but snow.

Powder day!!!!

We had so much fun! Cranmore decided not to groom at all that day so that left nothing but fresh powder that was amazing to ski and ride in. We don’t get that many powder days here on the East Coast so we get really, really excited about the littlest amount.

Even though the weather was completely bonkers (rain, sleet, snow combo all day) and we got soaked to the bone, we had one of the best skiing/riding days ever. You know it’s a good day when Black Diamond runs and the glades feel like blue squares! After covering 17 miles of terrain, we were completely exhausted. Again, thank goodness for hot tubs, cold beer and dill pickle potato chips. ๐Ÿ˜‰


3.5 mile hike

We had the day open so we decided to do a snowshoe hike up Mount Willard. We love that little mountain! It’s not a super difficult hike and the summit view is gorgeous. We’ve done it in the summer and the fall so why not the winter? Of course, the day we choose to go is the coldest of the week with snow and windy AF. But that didn’t stop us. FYI – fluffy snow covered trees are my favorite.

Saturday and Sunday

Rest days spent packing up, driving home and trying to get back into the swing of things before going back to work and school. Why do vacations have to go by so fast???

In other news, I found out that I’m heading back to my 3rd Mount Washington Auto Road Race in June. I’m super stoked for another chance of climbing the Rock Pile! Time to start tackling ALL the hills once again. ๐Ÿ™‚

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Congrats on getting in the Mt Washington lottery! Are you SURE? :p

    Your vacation looks amazing. I’d love a trip like that! I’m jealous of your groomed XC trails–if I go around here, it’s kind of skiing in whoever went before me’s ruts. LOL.

  2. Wow looks like you had such a fun week with your family. We had a much warmer winter this year and no snow to speak of. We usually get at least a few snow days. My snow shoes are collecting cob webs! Have a great week and thanks for linking up today

  3. That’s a busy vacation, but looks like a great family trip. You like the snow much more than I do, but I have to agree those trees with the fluffy snow are beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. That’s a busy week, but looks like a great family vacation! I don’t love the snow as much as you, but I have to 100% agree those trees with the fluffy snow are beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. What a beautiful week with your family in the snow! All the photos look fantastic! My favourite has to be Sunday’s family photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So much to see all that snow!!!!

    I think I would fall flat on my face if I tried to run in show shoes. Walking would be hard enough! I love that your kids get so much exposure to such a variety of activities.

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