My Week in Workouts

Another week down! Sadly, I had zero runs on the trails. My calves were feeling super tight from all the runs with Microspikes lately so a break was needed. Runs were interesting thanks to winter and Max got a lot of miles to celebrate his big week.

Here’s the rundown of my week in workouts.


10 min ARC trainer warm up

30 min Stepmill Intervals

Strength training


5 mile run with Max

With the NH Primary Election being held today, my kids didn’t have school so my only option to run was in the morning before Ron left for work. It was rather warm Monday and overnight which led to some black ice on the roads and refreeze on the sidewalks. I tried to stick to the sections that had been sanded but some sections were nothing but ice. Running turned to skating.

I originally had a plan to hit a residential area of town that doesn’t see as much traffic in the morning. Plans changed when a car pulled over up the road from me as I was running toward it (I was facing traffic on the left side of the road). My spidey sense fired up even though I had Max with me. We crossed the road and as we were running past the stopped car, they took off and it wasn’t in a slow controlled manner. As they drove away, I turned to look back and the car had stopped once again farther up the road. Maybe they were taking a phone call or something else. Whatever the case, I didn’t like it so I aborted my run plan and headed in the direction of where there would be more traffic. Not ideal but at least I felt better with more cars around just in case.

I hate that someone made me feel uncomfortable like that. I hate that I can’t run wherever and whenever I feel like it without feeling compromised by some asshole.


10 min Stepmill warm up

3.26 mile treadmill hill climb (1109 ft elevation gain)

Strength training

I know everyone likes to bag on the treadmill (myself included) but it really, really is a good training too. It sucks the life out of you but sometimes you need to do things that you don’t want to do especially when you can’t get to the mountains to run sustained climbs. 30 minutes of running with over 1100 ft of elevation gained? Not bad. My sincere apologies to the peeps on the treadmills next to me. There was sweat flying everywhere!


7.1 mile run with Kyle and Charles

It seems like every Thursday morning lately it’s either super cold or snowing. Well, it wasn’t super cold Thursday, but the snow was flying. Just like last week, we got the phone call mid run that school was cancelled because of the snow. However, this time, we knew and could run longer. I call that a win.

For those keeping record, that’s the second day of the week my kids were out of school and I got to spend the day with them instead of doing all the freelance work that I needed to get down. Good times…


Rest day


7 mile run with Max

3.7 miles ice skating

I knew the temps and wind chills were going to be brutal Saturday morning. I slept in a bit and took my time getting ready. By the time I was ready to run, it was a balmy 3 degrees. The good news was that the wind died down a bit so the wind chills weren’t as bad. The only time I felt cold was about the first 1/4 mile. It felt like I had an ice cream headache from eating ice cream too fast. But then I warmed up and things were all good.

The saving grace was that it was a perfect bluebird day with blazing sun. My favorite kind of winter day! FYI – I just realized that the pic at the top looks very similar to the same one I posted last week. That must be my single digit run outfit. Lol!

Later that day, we decided to go ice skating. I hadn’t been in probably three years and before that it was probably 20+ years. My skating skills on a scale of 1-10 are a solid 2. However, after yesterday’s session, I’d say I moved up to at least a 4.


10.5 mile run split up between Kyle and Max

It’s amazing how drastic the temps can change in 24 hours. When I set out for my Sunday morning run, it was almost 30 degrees. But the odd thing was that it kind of felt colder. It was lovely not to have ALL the layers on.

I met up with Kyle for about 4+ miles and then ran by my house to pick up Max for the remainder (and he still had energy to play stick afterwards). We had to celebrate how far we’ve come in 1 year – it was Max’s Gotcha Day after all! It’s crazy to think that one year, we could barely walk him on a leash and now he’s walking and running on leash like a champ. Hard work, patience and love goes a long way!

How was your week in workouts?

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8 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Happy Gotcha Day to Max! I feel like I know him–he’s very much a part of this blog. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get any trail miles in this week. I’ve only run a few and I’m already hooked. Hoping that the snow melts and the paths dry up by Wednesday so I can get another run in!

  2. I used to love those extra days w my kids too. I also have not been skating in years but would love to go again this winter. Not cool about that driver! Stay safe out there and have a great week ahead. Thanks so much for linking up

  3. Awh, way to go, Max!!! Congrats on your Gotcha Day celebration ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a headache yesterday, too, from the wind! We’d finished our race, but Barb and I went back out for a 1-mile “victory lap” before the awards…and , UGH. The wind did not play nice…and I could feel my head pounding.

  4. I’m sorry someone made you feel uncomfortable. That is total BS and makes me so angry.

    Max is adorable. He’s clearly the best boi.

    Great week for you. I love seeing all that snow.

  5. I also really hate it when some asshole decides to ruin a run without knowing it. honestly, why can’t we all just live harmoniously??

    Ice skating!! how fun!! but all that cold weather running… I don’t know how you all do it!

    Happy Gotcha day to Max!! Love!

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