My Week in Workouts

My week in workouts saw the return of snowy and downright cold runs later in the week. And it saw the return of searching for vert on the treadmill. It’s climbing season once again!


10 min ARC trainer hills warm up

30 min Stepmill intervals

Strength training/core/mobility

I’m back up to 30 minutes of Stepmill time and I also increased my “anything but running” time workouts to 40 minutes total. 30k training starts in a few weeks so I’m still building a solid base.


65 minute trail run with Jen

The mild weather melted a ton more snow. Jen and I weighed our options if we’d need spikes or not but ultimately decided to start without and put on as needed. We kind of didn’t listen to ourselves because we needed them at the beginning of the run and when we returned back to the trail head. That’s where all the ice was. The middle part was all dirt. We slipped our way through the first few miles of ice (carrying our spikes, mind you), enjoyed the dirt and then smartly, put on our spikes for the last few icy miles. No falls were had so it’s all good!


20 min Stepmill intervals

25 min Treadmill hill climb (666 ft elevation gained)

Strength training/core/mobility


61 min run with Kyle

I woke up to fresh snow coming down hot….errrr, cold? The plows had not been out yet so I laced up my trail shoes in hopes for some traction. As soon as I started out, I was sucking wind thanks to the wind blowing the snow right in my face. I had my buff over my nose but that wasn’t helping much. Neither was the snow blinding me. If it had been daylight hours, goggles would have been a good idea.

Kyle and I trudged along in the snow as best we could. Thankfully, it wasn’t slippery. Of course, we both got a phone call at the end of the run that school was cancelled for the day. If only we’d known so we could have slept in a little bit! Oh well.


Rest day!


6 mile run

Even though I had a short window of time for a run in the morning, I still procrastinated. The temp was in the upper teens but with the wind chill in the single digits, it felt a lot colder (real feel, 6 degrees). Despite the cold, it was a gorgeous bluebird morning. My favorite thing after a storm when thy sky is ridiculously blue. It was also super slippery out thanks to our wacky winter weather of snow on Thursday and heavy rain that turned to snow and wind on Friday. The roads and sidewalks were like a skating rink. I slowed things down and managed to find decent footing with no falls.


10 mile trail run with the crew

I’m glad I had a crew to meet up with for a trail run Sunday. The temp was 3 degrees. Three degrees. I would have definitely procrastinated if I was running solo. The good news was that there was no wind. The bad news was that the snow/rain/ice storm from Friday left the trails a crunchy mess. The crust on the snow made for some difficult running and very loud running. Nobody was talking because we couldn’t hear a thing over the crunchy snow/ice.

We were so excited that we could put together ROY G BIV! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to work super hard for that run. It was “only” 10 miles but if felt like an effort of at least 15. Winter running makes for strong spring running, right?

How was your week in workouts?

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17 comments on “My Week in Workouts

  1. After my past couple of runs on the snow, I’m thinking yes! to strong spring runs. I love that last picture, you all are so colorful! Thanks for the inspiration with the trails! I don’t have mountains, but I’ll take what I can get.

    1. We are going to be so bad ass strong in the spring! Watch out, people! Lol! I take what I can get too…I haven’t done a mountain trail run in about a month. These are just regular ol’ trails in the woods. I think for the 10 miles there was only 600+ ft of elevation gain according to Strava. I’ll take the trails however I can get ’em!

  2. Similar temps in Iowa this weekend, complete with a bright blue sky on Saturday. Oh yes, snow running ain’t for the meek and mild LOL That rainbow pic is a real attention-getter ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I feel like we live farther away then we actually do when I’m reading about your weather!? We have hardly had any snow!! I think I need to move ๐Ÿ™‚ GREAT hard workouts for you my friend and trail running 10 is definitely equivalent to road miles of 15 (or more) especially in slippery conditions. I bow down!!!
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  4. Love the colors in your rainbow! Wouldn’t that be great if the schools could always let us know the night before if there was a delay or cancellation? Preferably by 9:30pm so we could still get to bed early for even more sleep time ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Our school has done that if the storm is predicted to be bad through the night and day. That’s nice to not have to deal with the hectic scramble of the morning. 9:30? I was thinking 8 p.m. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. that run on THURSDAY!! OMG!! and that they cancelled school later…

    I do wish we had some snow running possibilities here. Nothing but rain, grey and now Storm Ciara…

  6. That ROYGBIV picture is everything! Especially in the snow!

    Another great week of workouts for you! I used to love school cancellations as a kid. Now we get hurricane cancellations, and those are just not quite the same.

    1. We were like a bag of skittles running through the woods. It was so pretty! Lol! And yeah, hurricane cancellations aren’t nearly as fun. Even snow days as an adult usually means scrambling around trying to figure out who is staying home with the kids. And then who is entertaining the kids all day. Ha!

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