My Life In Numbers

A couple of weeks ago, Christine posted My Life In Numbers, which connected me to this post, this post, this post and this post. Which was all started by Greta. Thanks, Christine, for linking to great new-to-me blogs. I wanted to play along so I’m linking up too!

My Life In Numbers

34 – the number of years I’ve been on this earth

1996 – the year I graduated from high school

5 – number of years it took me to get a 4 year degree (that’s what happens when you make a drastic change in majors!)

3 – number of full time jobs I’ve had since graduating from college

7 – number of years I’ve lived in New Hampshire

2 – number of years I thought I’d live in New Hampshire

1 – number of times I’ve been married

10 – number of years I’ve been married

13 – number of years Ron and I have been together

2 – number of times I’ve been pregnant

1 – number of times I’ve been in labor

2 – number of children I have

5 – number of minutes between births

7 – number of half marathons I’ve run

1:49 – time of my most recent half

1 – number of full marathons I’ve trained for

0 – number of full marathons I’ve run

0 – number of 5k races I’ve run

995 – number of miles I’ve run so far in 2012

10,857 – number of times I smile a day

359 – number of times I hear “I need a tissue, Mama” in a day

530 – number of kisses I dish out a day to my kids

1 – number of pets I have

10 – number of dogs I’d own if we lived on a farm

2 – number of chocolate labs I’ve had since being an adult

4 –Β  number of states I’ve lived in (MI, MN, VA, NH)

3 –Β  number of cars I’ve owned

0 – number of broken bones I’ve had

2 – number of siblings I have

2 – number in years since I saw one of my siblings in person (distance stinks!)

26 – approximate number of hours to drive to my parents house

0 – number of times I hope to drive to my parents house

7 – number of hours of sleep I get per night

7 – number of running shoes I’ve bought/received in the past year

1 – number of other shoes I’ve bought/received this year (this is from a former shoe addict).

11 – number of months I’ve been blogging

90 – number I hope to see on my birthday cake one day

Your turn! What’s your life in numbers?

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  1. Such a fun post–love the number of kisses you give the kids (and I’m sure they do too!). And I’m sure one of these days that zero on the marathon is gonna turn to 1, and then on and on… ; )
    misszippy1 recently posted..Not my day (year?)My Profile

  2. Wow, distance between family stinks (unless, of course, you’re not fond of your family….). It took me a minute to realize that you had twins. When you said you labored once, I thought you had a c-section! And wow, that’s a lot of miles to run. I should log mine in 2013 and see where I get.

    Thanks for sharing your numbers! You should come back and link up with the others so they can see yours!
    Greta @gfunkified recently posted..Great Expectations: Kristin WaldMy Profile

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