My First Marathon Training Plan

Hi Friends!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was great! The weather was absolutely beautiful so we took full advantage of it by being outside as much as possible.

With every run, I’m beginning to feel better. My allergies are still hanging around but my cold seems to be fading. I’m itching to get started on my Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon training!

I decided to go with Runner’s World Smartcoach again. I’ve had 2 winning training plans with them so why change? I did do a few modifications to make it tailored more to my schedule. Smartcoach took my current half marathon time of 1:50 and projected I’d finish a full in 3:37. I’d be truly amazed if I do finish at that time! My goal is to finish first of all. If that works out for me than I’d like to shoot for under 4:00. Since this is my first, is it foolish to have a set time?

Without further ado, here’s the plan:

Obviously the whole time management thing is going really well since I spent WAY too much time making this look pretty. What can I say, I like pretty things and the color purple! Maybe I should laminate it, too?

So what does that all mean?

  • XT = Cross Training – It could be walking, yoga, swimming, Barre, elliptical, bike, anything but running!
  • ER = Easy Run
  • SW = Speed Work
  • TR = Tempo Run
  • LR = Long Run

What are my other goals?

  • Strength training is going to become more of a priority. I need my core and legs to be as strong as possible. Not to mention I want my legs to have some power in case the headwinds are strong at Hampton Beach on race day. I’m planning on at least 2x/week on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
  • Get comfortable with carrying a handheld water bottle or hydration belt during training runs. It’s always my downfall in races trying to drink from cups. Any recommendations?
  • Yoga at least 2x/week. In addition, trying to get in 5 minutes of sun salutations first thing in the morning to loosen up the body.
  • Foam Roller after every run. That is if I can wrestle it away from someone.
  • Listen to what my body is telling me! Most important goal of all.

I may flip flop some weeks to adjust to what is going on with day to day life. I’ll be training throughout the summer so there will be vacations and holidays. I also have  a few races of varying distances throughout the summer that I’m going to sneak in.

Phew! I’ve got a marathon plan! This is happening. D’oh! Here we go…

Questions of the Day

Do you make training plans for every race you do?

What’s your preferred hydration method? Handheld, belt, or Camelback?

What’s one thing you have learned from running a race of any distance?


27 comments on “My First Marathon Training Plan

  1. Looks like a great plan! I didn’t do much speed/temp work for my first one, and I think it’s really smart they have it in once (twice seems like it would be asking for injury, when you’re ramping up the miles so much). And 3 20’s is good, too… exciting!! Cross training will really help keep you healthy and balanced, and a stronger runner. Can’t wait to follow along! 🙂
    Laura recently posted..Purposeful running- Kim’s storyMy Profile

  2. This looks great – kind of similar to the one I’ve started for my own first marathon training plan. I made mine up after doing some research online and tailored it to what I need to also balance – teaching barre classes and taking classes to keep my body strong and flexible. That’s the bottom line right — making the plan work for you, if you need to swap things out here and there, by all means, do that. Listening to your body is going to be HUGE for the marathon!

    Also, I have a hard time carrying water too but found the Nathan handheld bottle (the smaller one) isn’t too bad, I haven’t yet run with the bigger one but I have it for the really hot running we’ll be doing this summer (it helps that I run with my husband who carries the bottle a lot of the time for me!! yes, I’m spoiled hehe)
    Jess recently posted..Mindful (not mindless), intentional (not aimless)My Profile

  3. I really have more of an intuitive training approach which I’ll post about soon. but plans have obviously worked great for you so I would totally stick to that!

    for your first marathon time shouldn’t be a goal…or at least that’s my two cents. i think the first one is about the mental hurdles and the satisifaction of doing something so incredible…then you can dial in on bigger goals. The time goal there doesn’t seem quite right eitehr, I can run a 1:50 half, but no way would that mean a 3:37 full
    Amanda@RunToTheFinish recently posted..Workouts and Gear: Running With JoyMy Profile

  4. I just finished up with my race plan for Chicago! I always make a plan for marathons – otherwise, I would never do everything that I am supposed to! I have never actually carried water with me on a run, but I plan to get a hand held water bottle to use throughout summer training and into my marathon, as I found out last month that I could have really used it on the marathon course! Good luck on your training!

  5. I’m running my first 10k race in 5 days so I’m not too much help in the running department 😉

    Love the training plans/goals you’ve set out! I also love how you have Yoga and strength training incorporated within it!

    Have a great day!
    Kierston recently posted..Just When I Thought I Was Done…My Profile

  6. I just put together my marathon training plan. I based my plan similar to the plan in Train Like a Mother book, but I dropped it down to 3 days a week and added more hills. I also added a goal time. As long as I finish the race I’ll be happy, but I think it is important to have a time goal to help push myself. I’ve used the fuel belt in the past and have been happy with it. I just bought a handheld bottle the other day and will used it this weekend. I’ll probably use the one that annoys me the least.
    Shauna @ Balancing Bites recently posted..My Training Plan for the St. George MarathonMy Profile

    1. I saw the plan from Train Like a Mother (love that book!). I’m with you about just finishing and being happy but I think a goal time is extra incentive. Good luck to you!

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