My Favorite Instagram Posts – 2015

You guys know I love Instagram.

Psst! Are you following me?

It’s by far my favorite form of social media. I’m swayed by the pretty pictures, the motivational sayings and just getting a peek inside others lives.

I’m sure you’ve seen the website that compiles your best nine pics from Instagram. It’s all based on the amount of ‘likes’ that pic received. That’s all well and good but the majority of the pics that came up on my feed were not even close to my favorites. There’s always a story behind a picture and to me, that’s what makes it a favorite.

Take a peek at my favorite Instagram posts from 2015.


Snowy trail run |

I had so much fun running on the trails during the first real snow fall of the year. I made my own tracks and enjoyed the quiet all around me. And then I had self timer out takes.


Blizzard Runner |

Last winter really was a pain in the ass when it came to running. Especially with marathon training. I don’t think I ever whined so much about the running in the winter. It was relentless! But now that I look back at it, it really wasn’t that bad. Was it?!?!


99 laps |

Running 99 freakin’ laps around a track can make you look a little crazy. That’s right 99. It was that or do my run outside in sub zero temps (not counting the windchill) in a snowstorm while in Michigan for my father in law’s funeral. It’s amazing what you can tune out when you are focused on getting your mileage in for marathon training. And you are pissed off about the trip from hell.


Refugee runners |

There’s so many better pics to share from Boston other than this blurry pic taken by a gas station attendant in front of the bathroom. But I laugh so hard at this picture. Sarah and I looked like homeless people wandering the empty streets of Hopkinton heading to Athlete’s Village, in the rain, after our town car dropped us off on 495. It was a crazy day from start to ending. This girl was my running rock all through Boston training. We ran almost every long run together. I don’t know if we froze or laughed our asses off more from January through April. Runner friends really are the best!


Wild Thing |

After a frigid winter, the beautiful weather in May was welcomed with open arms heart. Specifically heart openers at the beach.


Black Beach |

On our first day in San Diego for the Competitor Magazine photo shoot for Saucony 26 Strong, Marina and I ventured down to Black Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous! And then we had the surprise of realizing that it was a nude beach. Whoops.


Sunrise |

July has become THE month for killer sunrises. I’m thankful that I could chase sunrises all summer on my bike although I’d much rather would have been running.


Black River |

A vacation back to Michigan to see the family isn’t complete without a trip to Black River Falls.


Warrior III |

I came home from yoga class one Sunday morning in September and Ron was in the backyard with the kids. I looked over and saw the sunlight shining through the trees. Maybe it was the enlightenment from yoga class. But it just looked absolutely beautiful to me. And it screamed YOGA PICTURE!


October Runner  |

The whole month of October was pretty much awesome. Rise. Run.Retreat. Chicago Marathon with Competitor and Saucony 26 Strong. AND I finally was able to run pain free!


Fall runner |

Run and be happy. This picture screams happiness to me. The way the light hits the leaves. But more importantly, the way I felt on that run. I felt alive and more like myself than I had in months.


Wheel Pose |

Earlier in the month, I had a run where it truly felt that everything is going to be OK in terms of my running. After 8 months of wondering what my running future looks like, I can now say, it looks good.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to check in on my little corner of the internet in 2015. I sincerely appreciate every single one of you. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to celebrate my 4 year blogging anniversary yesterday. THANK YOU!

I’m taking the next few days off to hang out with my family while they are on holiday break. I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule next week. See ya in 2016!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

What was your favorite memory of the year?

16 comments on “My Favorite Instagram Posts – 2015

  1. Angela, that September photo! SO BEAUTIFUL! I love these posts that look back on the year. I know your injury made 2015 not your happiest running year, but your strength, determination, realism and positive attitude during your long road back to running was a HUGE inspiration to me this year. You are one tough mother runner. Thank you for sharing all the good and all the bad and all the vulnerability with us.
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Got Goals? My Plans for the New Year.My Profile

  2. I love this and hearing the story behind each picture. Your pictures are always stunning. I looked through my best 9 too and was kind of surprised by some of them but like you, there were many other pictures that meant more to me over the year. Here’s to a great 2016!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..2015 in PhotosMy Profile

  3. Your IG photos have been a constant source of beauty and inspiration to me. In fact, you are one of the people who inspired me to up my IG game. I’ve really enjoyed tapping into my creative side! Thanks.

    Sorry we didn’t get to meet up this year. That Chicago Marathon is crazy, isn’t it? If you get to come back next year, let’s try hard to connect. I’m not planning on running it, but I want to spectate.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..Resolutions vs. GoalsMy Profile

    1. Awww, thanks so much Wendy. I think you have definitely stepped up your IG game – love it! I don’t have any plans to run Chicago this year BUT you never know what the year will bring.

  4. All of these photos are absolutely stunning and tell such a special story about your year. I know it was full of both ups and downs on the running front, but you accomplished so much and have an incredible year in store ahead in 2016. I’m so grateful we got a chance to meet in person, and hope we’ll all get to meet up again this year. Hugs. xo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted..10 Ways Iโ€™ll Run Happy in 2016My Profile

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