Muscle Fatigue and Functional Strength Workout


I really wanted to skip the treadmill today and run outside with the kiddos today.  The weather is gorgeous!  Upper 40s and sunny in February.  Love it!  However, we had to meet someone mid-morning which is when it would have been warm enough to get outside.  Oh well.  We’ll go for a walk after nap time!

My treadmill workout was inspired by a feature I read in Runner’s World recently.  It was about runners who were “older” and how they have stayed fit and healthy for so many years.  One runner has a running coach who routinely has him do runs where he stops midrun to do push-ups, planks, lunges, or squats.  It simulates muscle fatigue similar to races and boosts functional strength(source).  This was my interpretation:

Speed/instructions Incline Time or distance
Warm up: Walk 3.5 mph 0% 5 min
Run 6.5 mph 1% 1 mile
Stop running.  Close grip push ups using treadmill front handles 1 minute
Run 7.0 mph 1% 1 mile
Stop running.  Plank on the floor. 1 minute
Run 7.5 mph 1% 1 mile
Stop running.  Get off tm. Squats with 6 lb medicine ball over head. 1 minute 
Run 8.0 mph 1% 1 mile
Stop running.  Get off tm. Reverse lunge curtsy. 1 minute
Run 7.5 mph 1% 1 mile
Cool down: walk 3.0 mph 0% 5 min

What a fun workout!  It was nice to break up the miles and to get a little strength training in.  When I first started the close grip push ups on the treadmill handles, I didn’t feel like I was doing much.  But after doing those for 1 minute, my triceps were toast!

If you have never done a reverse lunge curtsy, you must try it!  It works more muscles than a regular lunge and really targets the butt.

Reverse Lunge Curtsy with Weights

While searching for pictures on Google Image for this post, I came across this:

Coming soon to a gym near you!

Heart Healthy Tip

If you smoke, become a quitter!  If you don’t smoke, don’t start!  How does smoking(first, second and third hand smoke) affect your heart?  The more cigarettes you smoke, the higher your risk of a heart attack. When you smoke:

  • Your heart beats faster.
  • Your blood pressure rises.
  • Your blood flow is reduced.
  • More carbon monoxide is carried in your blood.
  • Your vital organs and tissues receive less oxygen.

Smoking can also aggravate other heart disease risk factors by:

  • raising your blood pressure
  • reducing your HDL (good) cholesterol
  • lessening your ability to exercise
  • increasing blood clotting

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  1. That does sound like a fun way to break up mileage and build in some strength training. And boy does that hamster wheel both crack me up and make me sad all at once…

    1. I always wonder if there really are life forms from another planet looking down at us and wondering what we are doing running in place on machines. I’m sure a hamster wheel would really blow their minds!

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