More For Your Core Than Just A Plank

I love planks! Okay, maybe I don’t LOVE them but they are an intense move that does wonders for strengthening the rectus abdominus (the six pack muscles) and  transverse abdominus (the lower abs).

Don’t I look like I’m loving it?

If you are on twitter or instagram (FYI – follow me @happyfitmama for twitter and IG!), I’m sure you’ve seen people reporting their plank times for the #PlankADay police. I’m amazed that some people can hold their planks for 5+ minutes! I think the longest I’ve held a stationary elbow plank was 2+ minutes. I get bored really fast just doing a standard elbow plank. I need variety! It’s also very important to work your WHOLE core, not just the abdominals. Adding opposing exercises, such as a bridge, to your plank routine will lead to better muscular balance and strength. Pushups, traditional crunches (done super slow), and dolphin pushups are great exercises that target ALL of your core.

This core workout takes about 12 minutes. I do this at night while I’m hanging out in the living room with the hubs. Quick and easy (well, not really physically easy 😉 ) way to get your core work in and make the #PlankADay police happy!

21 comments on “More For Your Core Than Just A Plank

  1. That’s a great core series; tough, but great. Full disclosure: I hate core training. Why do I hate it? Because it’s where I’m weakest (um, well, my flexibility blows, too, but…..).

    We do a couple of Core Training classes at my gyms and I FORCE myself to take one per week, even though it’s like a slow death for me.

    What is it with guys? We absolutely suck at core work and stretching.
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted..Fitness Realities: The Myth of MotivationMy Profile

  2. Ok, I’m guessing there is some serious ab and arm shaking going on at the end of that workout! Which is exactly why it’s probably a great one. I am like you–I do planks, but get bored. This will be fun to try and switch things up!
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