Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler Recap {2015}

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15 degrees that feels like 5 degrees? Perfect weather for a classic, New England winter race.

Apparently two years ago when I ran the Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler for the first time, I thought mid 20s and almost zero snow on the ground was considered freezing. That’s downright tropical these days!

With snowpocolypse last week and an additional storm on Friday, there was a big chance that the race would not even go on. Thankfully, the Cape Elizabeth police department gave the go ahead late Friday afternoon. It was reported that the course was snow covered in spots with high snow banks but not bad. I decided then that I wouldn’t be actually racing. It was going to be for fun.

Of course that changed as soon as I started running.

This race is very popular and hard to get into. When registration opened in November, it set a new record in selling out. I think it was less than 5 or 6 hours? Four of my friends and I (and Team #islagiatt teammates) all got in. Races with friends are so much more marvelous!

We got to Cape Elizabeth High School with plenty of time to pick up our bibs and stay warm. Before we knew it, the cannon (yes, a cannon) went off and we were on our way. Right away I felt good. I just let my legs do their own thing. I had hoped for at least finishing close to my PR (1:23:48) but was unsure if the conditions would allow it. If the roads were snow covered, it would be like running in sand aka slow motion.

The hills started quickly – maybe right after mile 1? They came fast and furious, one after another for the whole race. You’d think there would be a relief with a down hill after? Not so much. The roads were actually in really great shape. Clear with just a little bit of snow/ice on the sides that was easily avoidable.Somehow Kailey ended up running in front of me. She came out of nowhere and became my pacer bunny. The conditions were just a tad bit different than the last time we ran together in Honolulu!

Midwinter Classic 2015 (5)Photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos

Mile 1 – 5 – 7:33, 7:53, 7: 59, 7:55, 7:58

Very happy with those paces!

At mile 5, we came upon an open section that became snow covered. I slowed down a bit after that. It’s so much harder to run in that stuff! Mile 6 was a little slick too. After that, I can’t remember much other than long hill after long hill. Oh and a girl that was behind me that gave a very loud UGH!!! every time she saw another hill come up. I know hills suck but keep it to yourself, girl!

midwinterclassic2015Photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos

As I made it to the top of the last hill, I knew that a left hand turn into the high school parking lot was coming up. What I forgot was that we had to run all the way around to the back of the school. For that short 1/4 mile or so, the road was really snow covered and slippery. And we were running down hill. Not necessarily the best conditions to finish strong on! As the finish line approached, a guy with shorts and NO shirt came flying past me. Did I mention it was 15 degrees??? CRAZY!

Mile 6 – 10 8:12, 8:07, 8:21, 8:15, 8:09

1:20:35 – 3:13 PR!

The last 5 miles were tough. I was overall tired. Not so much my legs but more so my upper body. I’m blaming soreness from yoga on Saturday. I was also hot, then cold. I underestimated how much the sun would warm me up. Despite the never ending hills, I liked the course. What’s become of me? This was my 3rd 10 mile race. I really like the distance but wish there were more in my area. I’m already thinking of the NH 10 Miler in August. And guess what? It’s just as hilly!

How was your weekend?

Did you race or run long?

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  1. Congrats on a PR in such crazy cold temps! The worst part of winter racing is the waiting beforehand I think, the actual running part can be really fun. Funny because I’ve been thinking about how harder yoga classes affect my running, and had the same situation where I went into my half last week sore from yoga! Clearly though it’s not impacting your running in a bad way.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Getting Your Heart In ItMy Profile

  2. That is an amazing time! and in those conditions?… that makes it even that much more difficult. You are on your way to a sweet Boston Marathon! Congratulations! hugs! xoxo

    1. It is crazy to have a race this time of year. I thought for sure it was going to be cancelled. There is just so much snow right now!

  3. Oh this is awesome Angela!!!! Congrats on a HUGE PR especially in those conditions. You have gained so much power in this past year and that is all due to your never-ending hard work. Just awesome. I also love, love, love this distance and wish there were more races like it.
    I’ll have to look up that NH 10 miler since I will be in Lake Winnipesaukee in August…
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Snowstorms, Sickness and Snowboarding!My Profile

    1. You should! It’s August 29th. Even if you don’t do the race, let me know when you are at Lake Winnie. It’s not that far from me. We need to meet, dammit!

    1. It really wasn’t that bad! Although I was absolutely freezing on our jog back to our cars. It hurt my head! Thankfully I had dry clothes waiting for me.

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