Meal Planning {Week of December 11}

Meal planning this week includes an easy Butternut Squash Apple Soup. |


How’s your weekend going? It seems that winter is most definitely here. Earlier in the week I had posted about my favorite winter running tips. At the time, it had been pretty mild. I mean, I ran in shorts and a t-shirt a week ago! And then Monday it snowed. Wednesday it snowed. Yesterday was a bone chillin’ 15 degrees when I went for my run in the morning. The temps weren’t too bad. The wind is what was the worst. Thankfully, it was at my back or I was protected by trees for the majority of the run.

Welcome back winter running!

It’s Ron’s birthday today so it’s his choice of what we are doing for the day. We may go ice skating at the outdoor rink after looking at some potential kittens/cats for adoption. After many years of asking, it seems my kids (and Ron) have won me over in getting a cat. BUT…it has to be just the right cat that likes dogs and kids. We’ll see what happens!

It’s Meal Planning Sunday yet again. It’s supposed to be super cold all week so I’m craving warm foods to heat us up.

Sunday: Ron’s birthday – his choice of where to go out to dinner!

Monday: Sweet Potato and Lentil Buddha Bowl

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday (black bean + fish)

Wednesday: Veggie Stir-fry + Baked Broccoli Slaw Egg Rolls

Thursday: Crockpot Roasted Chicken + Butternut Squash Apple Soup (pictured above)

Friday: Pizza Friday

Saturday: Holiday Party

Has the Polar Vortex reached your house?

What’s for dinner at your house this week?


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