Meal Planning {Week of April 23}

Meal Planning. Easy and healhty dinner inspiration for the whole family.


It’s good to be back to my weekly meal planning.  Last week I let it slide.  We had something going on at least 5 nights last week that put any plans on the back burner. After a full day of work (and school for the kids), followed by baseball practice or a game, the name of the game was quick and easy dinners.

Think grilled cheese and soup for dinner especially when it was only 45 degrees at the game.  What happened to the 80 degree weather?

Thankfully, one night we had a school event that also included dinner.  A wonderfully scrumptious dinner from various restaurants to highlight multi-cultural night.

This week it’s Spring Break for the kids. We’ve got a little getaway planned at an indoor water park.  It’s not a sunny and tropical vacation but it’ll be fun.

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Grilled honey cinnamon salmon + veggies

Monday: Traveling

Tuesday: Traveling

Wednesday: Arugula and Cremini Quiche w/ Almond Meal Crust or winging it depending on what time we get home.

Thursday: Apple Cider Vinegar Chicken + roasted veggies

Friday: Ron’s homemade pizza

Saturday: Easy Haddock and Veggie Bake

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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  1. I’ve been craving soup lately. After temps go from 80s back down, the 40s and 50s feel so cold!! Hope you had a great weekend!

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