Meal Planning { Week of April 2 }

Meal Planning. Easy and healhty dinner inspiration for the whole family.

Hey there!

I hope the weekend is treating you well.  Yesterday we had a lovely April Fool’s joke played on us courtesy of Mother Nature.  I’m not sure of the exact totals but it was anywhere from 6-10 inches of wet, heavy snow fell from the sky all day long.  Have I mentioned that I’m over winter? This better be the last storm.

On top of that, my son has a nasty cold.  You know he’s not feeling well when he isn’t eating something at least every hour and falls asleep during the day. Not just once, but multiple times.  Hopefully, he’s feeling better today. The weather made for a good day to lay low and hang out inside.

It’s Sunday so it’s meal planning time.

Sunday: Superfood Baked Salmon

Monday: Tomato Soup + Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday: Fish Tacos

Wednesday: Whole Roasted Chicken with Superfood Kale Salad

Thursday: Arugula Cremini Quiche with Almond Meal Crust

Friday: Ron’s homemade pizza

Saturday: Wing it!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?