Meal Planning {Week of April 10}

Try this Chicken and Veggie Casserole and other dinner inspirations recipes for dinner this week. |

Hey friends!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. After taking a full week off from running to let my quad quiet down, I am more that I was able to get back to running this week. I kept things on the lighter side so as to ease back in.  Today, a friend and I are running hill repeats up Mt. Aggie. It should be interesting. And hopefully my quad will be sore but not knotty. 10 weeks to go before Mount Washington!

It’s Sunday so that means it’s meal planning day!

I’ll be mixing up a batch of super Easy Morning Glory Muffins and cooking hard boiled eggs in the oven in prep for everyone’s lunches and snacks this week.

Super easy and delicious Morning Glory Muffins

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Grilled Salmon + Pesto Zoodles

Monday: Grown Up Grilled Cheese (Regular for the kids) + Tomato Soup

Tuesday: Tamale Cornbread Pie

Wednesday: Chicken and Veggie Casserole (pictured above)

Thursday: Crockpot Two Bean Veggie Chili

Friday: Pizza Baked Gnoochi

Saturday: Wing it!

For more dinner ideas, check out Laura’s weekly link up.

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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