Mattress Confessions with OSO


This is a sponsored post on behalf of OSO Mattress.

I’ve got a confession to make.

Ron and I have been sleeping on a mattress that is as old as me.

That’s right. It’s 38 years old. Born in 1978.

Now before you exclaim – WHAT?!?! –  let me explain. I have a really good reason!

When I got my first place after graduating from college, I needed furniture. My dad’s cousin had recently passed away and they were trying to get rid of her furniture. I needed a bed. She had a queen size bed from her guest bedroom that had been rarely used.

So I got a bed. And I’ve had that bed for 15 years. It’s moved from Michigan to Virginia to New Hampshire. It’s been a good bed but yeah, it’s old, sunken in the middle and really wasn’t the best for our bodies. There’s been more than one night when one of us has woken up with a stiff back. It needed to be replaced.

We’ve been promising ourselves that we would get a new bed for at least the past 5 years. But you know how life is. Things come up that take precedent. I love my sleep and I know that slacking on sound sleep night after night is going to hurt both Ron and I in the long run. Pun intended.

That’s why I got quite excited when OSO reached out about trying out their mattress.

In researching, OSO, I found out that they ship the mattress to you in a box. What? I couldn’t fathom how a King size, let alone any size, mattress could fit in a box.


As born and raised Michiganders, Ron and I were a little excited to learn that OSO is a Michigan based company. Ron even wore his Red Wings hat as a special shout out to unveil the mattress. Not really, he wears a Red Wings hat all the time.


You receive the mattress in vacuum sealed tight plastic wrap. When you cut the wrapping off, the mattress then unrolls and magically puffs out into a regular size mattress. They even provide you with a handy dandy tool to cut the wrap! Within a few minutes our mattress was it’s regular, puffy self although we let it set overnight just to make sure it was at it’s puff peakness.

Another cool feature is that OSO mattresses offer both a soft and firm option in the same bed. It’s like two beds in one. Pressure points are concentrated in between your shoulders and hips, so support is centered on those areas. If you prefer a firm mattress, simply rotate the bed 180 degrees so the firm side is where your head lays. Or if you want soft, rotate it another 180 degrees. Your preference can change –  an injury, pregnancy, or a new partner. I’m hoping none of those are in my future by the way.


It works great with a platform bed base or you can leave it on the floor. That’s where ours is currently while we wait for our new bed to arrive.  No box spring is needed although if you wanted a higher bed, you could easily get one, just make sure it’s a wood slats instead of wire inside. The OSO mattress is designed to be cool, not just with cool features, but temperature wise. The fabric is breathable to keep you from getting too warm. And it’s naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and free of harmful chemical emissions.


I loved the convenience of having a mattress delivered right to our door. Not having to go to a furniture store to test out ALL the mattresses was a huge plus. And if you have ever had to try to squeeze a mattress up a small staircase or around a sharp corner, you can appreciate a mattress that comes in a box.

If you would like to experience your own OSO mattress, you can get $50 off any size (Twin to California King) with code FitMama50 at checkout from

How old is your mattress?

How much sleep do you get each night?






19 comments on “Mattress Confessions with OSO

  1. That looks like one revolutionary mattress at a great price! Do you know if it’s possible to vacuum seal it back up if you need to move?

    1. It’s pretty expensive to vacuum seal it back up to move according to the OSO peeps. BUT you can fold it in half (think folding head end and foot end like a hamburger fold), then secured with a ratchet strap. That’s pretty small for a mattress!

  2. We are currently in need of a new mattress. My side is fine but my husband’s is all sunken in and he’s blaming the mattress for his back and shoulder issues lately…which is debatable BUT, we definitely need a new one so this is very timely!!

  3. We have been saying we need to replace ours too! Like you, it just never happens. I love that it can be set up as if it were two different beds… brilliant! As for sleep, I’m a stickler for my 8 hours… I need every minute of it!

  4. Interesting – we recently bought a mattress like this but from a different company. My favorite part of the whole process was watching it puff up when we opened the wrapper. Very cool. We aren’t sure we love it yet though to tell the truth. It’s a little soft for us.

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