Marvelous is…

Here we are. Another Monday.

I’m dragging my feet about starting the week so I thought it would be fitting for another Marvelous is…type of post. Big thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM!

Marvelous is…FINALLY registering for Baystate Marathon. I’m a procrastinator, no doubt about it. What really was holding me back from registering was the injury factor. I’m always thinking about the “what if’s” so I hold out to the last moment.

What if I hurt my knee. What if I hurt my tendon. What if I fall down the stairs and break my leg.

Enough of the what ifs!

The price went up $5 on August 1st so I figured it was time to hit the ACCEPT button and fully commit. I’m all in now baby!

Seacoast running |

Marvelous is…my first 20 miler in this marathon training cycle. When I made my training plan, the 20 milers were staring at me HARD, especially the first one. Just seeing that number is intimidating. I remember my first 20 miler EVER last year. It was so tough mentally and physically. The conditions were horrible. I’m happy to say that I felt really, really good for most of it. Comparing the two runs, I can tell I have improved so much as a runner since the first one. The last 2 miles were definitely the toughest. I was soooo ready to be done. I kept trying to tell myself…it’s only 2 freaking miles. My mental physique was being tested.

Marvelous is…a consistent pace. Looking back at my splits, I didn’t waver from the same pace (8:50-8:54) for the majority of the run. I went by feel and rarely looked at my Garmin except for distance. I’m never that consistent!

Marvelous is…running on the seacoast. When I woke up Saturday morning, it was gray and drizzly. I contemplated running around my town to make the distance but I knew I needed a change of scenery to get me through this first 20 miler. I’m so glad I did. This route is definitely my happy place. It’s perfect this time of year because the bathrooms are open at the beaches and there’s plenty of places to stop to refill my water bottle. Plus, you can’t beat the view.

Love Looks Out |

Marvelous is…finding messages. Along my run I ran down little dead end roads to make mileage. I didn’t see this message engraved in the rock till I passed it on the way back to the main road. A reminder to TAKE NOTICE of your surroundings. There are signs everywhere. So cool!

What’s not marvelous…humidity! The temps were great but the humidity was horrible. I was soaked with sweat by the first mile. A shower never felt so fantastic.

Marvelous is…eating Orange Leaf Fro-yo to celebrate 20 freakin’ miles! No pic because I enjoyed every.single.delicious.bite.

Your turn! Marvelous is…

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  1. You have such beautiful running territory! Congrats on signing up and congrats on knocking out the first 20. Now you’re mentally on top of the distance and it will only get easier.

    My weekend was marvelous in SO many ways!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Checking in and checking outMy Profile

  2. Marvelous is running by the ocean! You are right there, one of my favorite places to run, and how lovely you got to run 20 miles that day! Perfect! Isn’t it funny how our perceptions of distances change; in the spring when I had 16 miles it was “only” 16, where as after some down time, 16 is a lot…..until you run 18, when it “only” becomes 16 again!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday: Summer Tofu Salad with Almond Butter DressingMy Profile

  3. Fabulous job on the 20 miler ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so right that number is so intimidating, i am wondering if I will ever get there. You do have really great views for your runs! Humidity is tough stuff, but it does make you appreciate a shower “)
    karen recently posted..A Long RunMy Profile

    1. The first one is definitely intimidating. The good thing is that once you get that one over with, the rest are no big deal. And you get excited when you see that you ONLY have to run 16 miles the next week!

  4. Hooray for 20 miles!! And you do have beautiful scenery around you. So excited that you are officially registered for Baystate. One of the things that I liked about training this past year is that Jess only sent me my training plan for the coming week so I didn’t get to see all those long runs build up in the future!! For some reason, that helped me mentally…a lot!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Ask a Yogini: What are the Best Yoga Poses For Headaches?My Profile

    1. Getting that first 20 miler of this training cycle over with is huge mentally. I see it on the schedule and start to freak out. Now that it’s done, the rest will be a breeze…hopefully!

  5. I’m sure a great 20 miler made signing up for the marathon feel good! Marvelous is running 9 miles this weekend when I thought I’d only be able to handle 6 – and feeling good after. Marvelous is going to a family reunion and catching up with everyone you haven’t seen since last year.

    Love your idea of going someplace new for your long runs…might have to try that for my double digit runs ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Three hours of alone time can get pretty boring. 2 hours in I was hoping I’d run into someone I knew just to have company!

  6. Yay for finally registering, that always adds motivation and accountability when you are registered for the race! When I trained for my first marathon, 20’s stared at me hard too I really do remember that. Now, I actually look forward to them. Maybe it’s because I know that they help your endurance and confidence to complete the distance so much. But I also go into them with less stress usually, 20 miles is a lot. Some miles will be good some will be not-so-good but at the end of the day it’s a kick ass training run that prepares you for the good and not-so-good miles of a marathon.
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..ROC Training: The Turning PointMy Profile

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