Marvelous is…

This past weekend felt like summer has finally arrived.

The weather is getting a little warmer (still not summer warm though), the sun is shining and we are getting outside, soaking it all in. With that being said, it’s a little rough going back to work today. I’m due for a little marvelous is.

Running Route |

Marvelous is…Finding new running routes. Over the weekend, I ventured onto a road I had never been on in the 8+ years that I’ve lived in my town. I knew it existed but I didn’t know where it went. Turns out it’s an awesome route! Rolling hills, horse pastures, canopy of lush green trees and so quiet. I can’t wait to go back!

Marvelous is…Finishing the last 3 miles of a 12.5 mile run fast. Two of my friends were doing a track workout Saturday morning. I went in thinking I’d just continue to run easy and hang out while they did their speed work. I changed my mind and planned to finish my last miles fast. I shocked myself with a pace of 7:30-7:40 (fast for me) on tired legs! The crazy thing is that it didn’t even seem like an effort and that I could have gone faster. You never know what you can do unless you try, huh?

The Flume |

Marvelous is…Getting out for a family hike. Pre-kids Ron and I enjoyed hiking a lot. We’d get in the car with Cooper and head North to the mountains to spend the day tromping through the woods and climbing boulders. My kids aren’t down with hiking for hours just yet. We’ve been doing short hikes instead to get them familiar with the idea. Sunday we took a road trip to try a fun little hike to The Flume. It’s not a technical hike and only a couple of miles so perfect for little legs.

Family Hike

They loved it! And we loved that they loved it! Their excitement for everything was infectious. Even though we’ve been to The Flume a few times, it was so fun to see their joy of being outside and enjoying nature. The best part? No one asked to be carried. Woohoo!


Marvelous is… is live! The 13 teams for Saucony and Competitor’s 26 Strong project are listed. Kailey and I are Team 12, the Wicked Happy Mamas! Make sure you check out the site often. All of the coaches will be contributing blog posts on various topics. This week it’s the introductions of how running found us. Click HERE for my story.

Thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM!

What was marvelous in your weekend?

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  1. We had a great weekend, the weather is finally getting nicer! Our oldest ran his first 5k with us 🙂

    We don’t have a lot of places to hike, but we enjoy taking the kids for long walks on the beaches. They’ve become much better with distance and not whining 😉
    Susan recently posted..Viva 5k ~ A Family AffairMy Profile

    1. Long walks on the beach are quite fantastic too. Although in NH, our longest stretch of beach is maybe a mile or two!

  2. You have such pretty training ground up there! You had an awesome weekend from the sounds of it. Love the picture of you and the kids. I absolutely love family hikes…my first choice in a group activity for us.
    misszippy1 recently posted..Girls on the Run 5kMy Profile

    1. I don’t like driving to run somewhere either so it was even better that I stumbled upon this section for some “new” scenery.

  3. The hike looks beautiful, as does the new running route you found! It took me over five years to find a route that was so close to my house and so obvious….I had just never thought of it 🙂 I loved your bio for the 26 strong program!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Five for FridayMy Profile

    1. Thank you Beth! I knew this road existed but I always turned off right before it to avoid a busy road. So glad I took the chance!

  4. Definitely sounds like you had a marvelous weekend!! Hooray for the kids starting to like hiking – hopefully in just a few years y’all will spend weekends (or hours) hiking!!!
    And, great job on the final miles of that run – I think you are on to something with your shorter races and speed these days!!
    Kim recently posted..Turning a Negative into a PositiveMy Profile

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