Marathon Training Week 5

Wow! Did that weekend go by super fast or was it just me?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was a pretty great weekend for me. Saturday brought another PDR – 20 miles and Sunday was my birthday.ย  So basically, it was all about me. Haha, yeah right. Since having kids, birthdays are very low key. I’m alright with that. In fact, I actually prefer it that way.

35th birthday -

Spending the day with my 3 favorite people in the world? Absolutely perfect.

So enough talk of birthdays. Let’s chat marathon training!

Marathon Monday -

I decided to run on Saturday rather than my birthday. One major reason was the opportunity to run part of the 20 miles with my usual running group. That and I didn’t want to risk having tummy issues post run so I couldn’t enjoy my birthday brownie sundae. Priorities, right? A lot of the the usual people I run with from the group were actually in Boston running part of the marathon course. That would have been awesome to do but it would have eaten up all of the morning and I had stuff to do . Boo!

So how did the 20 miler go? It was icy, cold and tiring. I actually had to run at a much slower pace for the majority of it due to the ice. It was glare ice. Black ice. Cars going through stop signs ice. I think I used up a ton more energy being tensed up and cautious than if the pavement had been bare. By 18 miles, I was shuffling.

But I did it…

Oh Cooper, my little vlog bomber! ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week’s workouts:

Sunday: Easy recovery run – 3 miles

Monday: 50 minute bike trainer + strength

Tuesday: 7 miles tempo run. Supposed to be 5 miles @ 8:05 but I had a hard time pulling it together. My mind was all over the place and just didn’t get into a groove. Eventually did at mile 4. Also did 20 minutes yoga with the kiddos. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday: Yoga + strength

Thursday: Easy run – 4.25 miles + yoga

Friday: REST

Saturday: 20 miles!!!!

This week is a nice and easy recovery week. I’m so looking forward to it to regroup and rest a bit before hitting the higher miles again.

23 comments on “Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Nice job on your 20 mile run. Those double digit long runs can be grueling at times. Loved seeing your dog,Cooper in your video! Belated Happy Birthday too!
    Pam recently posted..Celebrating a PRMy Profile

  2. I know I should have been focusing on your running in your vlog, but I just couldn’t stop looking at Cooper! Lol! (I have a Cooper too, and he is my 5th child.) Great job on your 20….that’s awesome!
    Kristin recently posted..Iโ€™m a Stress BakerMy Profile

  3. Wow what a week! And happy belated birthday wishes! The black ice and general icy conditions scare me. I admit I become a wuss and this marathon training I chose the treadmill for these long runs, despite how dreadful that can be too. It was kind of a lose-lose, but at least the miles get done. Hopefully we start seeing some better weather soon, I’m about over this cold winter that has turned into a cold spring!
    Christina recently posted..Mental toughness in distance runningMy Profile

    1. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to run in those conditions. It did cross my mind not too but I didn’t want to wait. I was in the mindset of “let’s do this!” Thankfully nothing happened. Fingers crossed Spring is coming asap!

  4. Great job on your training! Yes, I think it’s normal to feel like a super long run is tough. If it was easy, everyone would it, right?! Actually, remember back when 12 felt tough? Or 8? Or 5? If you think of it that way, then maybe it makes it okay that 20 (and your first time doing it!) felt tough!! The best part? You didn’t let it get the best of you and you finished. That speaks volumes! Great job Angela!!

    1. Great point! It’s been so long since my first 12, 8, 5 etc that I can’t remember those days. But I do remember when a long run was considered 8 miles. It’s funny how we forget where we came from! Thanks for reminding me of that.

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