Marathon Monday Week 6

Hi everyone!

Another week in marathon training is in the books. Eight weeks to go before the big day. Yikes!

Marathon Monday -

This was an easy week so I fully embraced the lower mileage and rested my legs as much as possible. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’ve been spending way too much time on the treadmill. I’m hoping this week I’ll be able to get outside more. It makes such a difference in my attitude and motivation. I’ve also thought about splitting up my longer weekday runs – maybe run 4 in the morning on the treadmill then 4 more in the evening outside. I would just make sure that one was an easy run. Anyone have experience with two a days like that for marathon training?

Here’s the run down on my workouts from the week:

Sunday: Absolute rest! It was my birthday after all. 🙂

Monday: 6 mile easy run + strength training

Tuesday: 7 mile easy run + yoga

Wednesday: 50 minute bike trainer + yoga

Thursday: 7 mile easy run + yoga

Friday: Strength training

Saturday: 7 mile easy run

No marathon training vlog this week since there wasn’t much to talk about. Instead I’m linking up with my friend Brian, aka Pavement Runner, for a little fun.

I’m not going to show you my actual closet and dresser drawers of workout clothes because it’s a complete mess. I try to keep everything neat and folded but for some reason tech material does not stay that way (note the wrinkles in the pictures below!). At least that’s my excuse. 🙂

#fitnesscloset -

I really didn’t think I had a lot of workout clothing until I started pulling it all out.  I actually got rid of a bunch of things that were well past their good years in the proces. Stained shirts, dry rotted waist bands. Why do I hold on to it? I’d have to say I’m the worst about keeping race shirts. They all mean something to me!

Let’s start with the tops.

#fitnesscloset tops -

My favorite jackets are from Nike. They fit right. Have just enough pockets and are warm for the spring/fall/winter runner or other outdoor activities. I hemmed and hawed about my favorite 1/2 zip for weeks. It’s from lululemon and cost more than I’d usually spend on a running shirt. But I’m so glad I did. It’s worth every penny plus I get lots of compliments when I wear it.

I’m not picky when it comes to workout gear. If it’s cute, functional and fits right, I’ll wear it. My favorite tops (tees, long sleeve, and tanks) are from all over – lululemon, Oiselle, C9 brand from Target, EMS, Mizuno, Athleta,Nike and Isis.

Not pictured above are all my race tees. I know some people never wear their shirts but I do – a lot!

Now for the bottoms.

#fitnesscloset bottoms - happyfitmama.comCEP compression sleeves and ProCompression socks are my best friend when it comes to prepping for a long run, recovery or keeping my calves and feet fresh at work.

My taste in tights, pants and capris varies. Again lululemon and Athleta are favorites not only for pants but also running skirts. Their fit is the best for me. But I also like the Gap‘s athletic line. Obviously I like black bottoms too. 🙂

When it comes to running shorts, without a doubt my favorite is the Nike Tempo.

And of course there’s the shoes too!

Running Shoes Heart -

 Mizuno, Brooks, Saucony, Reebok – I’ve loved ’em all at one time!

My closet also contains my headlamps, fuel belts, water bottles, Garmin 405, hats and mittens.

Now it’s your turn – What’s in your fitness closet?

Feel free to play along on twitter with #fitnesscloset, your own blog post or in the comments below!

38 comments on “Marathon Monday Week 6

  1. Happy Birthday for last week! Loved this post! My fitness closet is soooooo daggy!!! Embarrassing actually, but I usually workout by myself so it doesn’t worry me as much as it probably should!
    Jess recently posted..Food memoriesMy Profile

  2. Happy birthday a week late!

    I can’t believe VCM is only 8 weeks away..doesn’t seem possible when it still feels like winter. So glad you are still on track.

    Love the big collection of clothing. You run the gamut of brands…I love Athleta stuff, too, and do have some of their clothing (shhh….don’t tell Oiselle!)
    misszippy1 recently posted..Oiselle is what’s in my closetMy Profile

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I am definitely going to do this! I need to go through my workout clothes and start tossing….since I’m off of work later this week, it will be the perfect time! I have many favorites too…Lulu, Nike, Athleta, and Mizuno shoes. I share the love. 🙂

  4. I too have tons of fitness clothing. My Favs are: Lululemon speed shorts, Lululemon wunder unders, Nike 1/2 zip with pockets, Athleta sleeveless running vest Excellent vest with perfect sized pockets and Newton Gravity running shoes. Have you tried Nikes unexpected run shirt?? Great idea. Love it too.

  5. To be completely honest, I don’t own much fitness gear! Most of my favourite tank tops are not even fitness geared although my pants are mostly from Lulu or well, no name brands. I wear what’s comfortable for me 🙂

    Love all the yoga in your training!

    Have a great training week!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted..Affirm Yourself!My Profile

  6. It would be scary for me to post my fitness closet! What I should do is post my non-fitness closet, then you might feel sorry for me 🙂 Ha!!!! I’m a lover of function and fashion, but definitely hit the LuLu hard. Shoes- I got 15 pairs and mostly Nike and Mizuno- a couple Adidas and a couple Saucony. Splitting your runs up is a great way to train! Especially if it helps you get some more time on the road. Treadmill is perfect for upping miles and saving your legs- but you gotta get that road time in for the marathon! Keep up the great work! xoxoDrea
    Drea @twomotivate recently posted..Cinnamon Girl!My Profile

  7. I love this! My closet is such a hot mess – there isn’t enough room for all my workout clothes – it needs its own set of drawers and possibly even its own closet! I keep everything but my shoes and Garmin in my closet.
    Nerri @LaPetiteRunner recently posted..Crockpot ChickenMy Profile

  8. With our weather and a few times of having to run when it’s still dark I have been running on the treadmill only for the past 2 weeks. Way more often than I planned when we bought it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful to have the option but I’d so much rather run outside.

    The big day will be here before you know it!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..2013 Spring Bootie Buster Challenge || Highlights and GoalsMy Profile

  9. I also hang on to my running attire way past its recommended shelf life! I have sports bras that are years old and in no way properly supporting the girls. But I’m hestitant to get rid of them until I’m done nursing my youngest and know what size I’ll actually need. So, for right now, I just double up. I love Nike’s Tempo and Pacer shorts, but I’m still on the look-out for the perfect running shorts that don’t reek after a few runs.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Pump and Dump – A Working Mom’s NightmareMy Profile

  10. I loveee Lulu tops and bottoms – I never have bought something that I haven’t liked… My momma recently introduced me to Athleta and that store is awesome – a great mix between workout and everyday athletic apparel!
    Allison @ Life’s a Bowl recently posted..Snowy SurpriseMy Profile

  11. My husband told me I am officially cut off from buying more. I guess I’ll have to rely on products sent to me for reviews. The funny thing is after I posted, I realized I had forgotten to post about my hats, mittens, accessories, jackets and bottoms. Craziness. Oh and the large tote of summer stuff I put away last fall that’s in the attic. You have an amazing assortment of gear and clothing!!!
    Jen recently posted..What’s Under My Bed?My Profile

  12. Oh, my! There are a lot of great clothes there. I have a fitness drawer. And, yes, it fits everything. We’re kind of minimalists around here. Although now that I’m teaching I’d love to have about a million other things.

    You know, the stuff I get at Target I’ve been pretty happy with. I’ve not tried Lulumon although everyone says it’s awesome. I’m afraid I’ll order something and it’ll be way to long and I don’t know how to sew. Maybe I should learn. 🙂
    Carli recently posted..Pilates: Breathing {#YQA}My Profile

  13. I don’t think there is a camera with big enough lens to take photos of all my gear, sneakers and clothes. I have a serious fitness gear addiction. I love that so many bloggers have been doing this fitness closet post though, it only fuels my addiction. I see everything you have and I am thinking “I need that, and that and that!”

    I am like you, not extremely picky about my workout clothes, cute functional and isn’t going to leave me with horrible chaffing stories and isn’t going to break the bank (sometimes I do that though..) and I am good.
    Laura recently posted..Around the Bay 30kMy Profile

  14. The name of this made me laugh…because I do in fact I wish I had a whole closet for storing running clothes and gear because I have a lot! :). I am definitely a Lululemon junkie. I love the speed shorts and swiftly tech shirts. Other favorites of mine are CEP compression socks and Newton shoes!
    Gina Bhawalkar recently posted..Would You Rather Survey – Running Style!My Profile

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