Marathon Monday Week 13

Happy Marathon Monday!

Well, I survived my first week of the taper. It wasn’t bad. I embraced it fully to let my blister heal and my muscles recover from 2 weeks of races and a 20 miler. I did have my first marathon disaster dream the other night. In it, the race was timed by your own Garmin. Mine couldn’t find a satellite at the starting line! Finally after 20 minutes it did and I was able to start. I woke up sweating and in a panic. So bizarre!

Marathon Monday -

The big drama from this week in training continues to be my foot blister situation. Watch this short vlog for all the details!

Here’s how the week went in workouts:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 60 minute bike trainer + total body strength

Tuesday: 3 mile easy (ha. ha.) double stroller run + yoga

Wednesday: 7 mile speed: 1 mile warm. 4×1600 @ 7:19 with 800 jogs. 1 mile cool + total body strength

Thursday: 2.5 mile easy run + yoga

Friday: 12 mile easy run

Saturday: SurfSet Fitness class (more to come on that later this week!)

13 days till VCM!!!

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  1. Ack–hope you can get this all figured out! I agree, too close to try something brand new at this point. Fingers crossed the shoes do the trick.

    I want to try the surf class–you’re the second one I’ve read about today!
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  2. Ahhh! You’re getting so close. That’s when the dreams started for me too. I kept dreaming that I was going to forget important things for the trip since I was traveling. Or that the plane would lose my luggage (since they ALWAYS make me check my carry on because the bins get too full). I’m sure everything will turn out fine though! Wish I had more tips for the blister. ๐Ÿ™
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  3. So close – I feel like I’m living vicariously through you cause I’m excited for you!!! You have worked so hard – I can’t wait for you to see the results of all of the time and training you have put in these past number of months!!!

  4. EEEEk only 13 days!!! So excited! I agree too …nothing new now! Too soon! The dreams are hilarious! I wrote mine down and when I made a scrapbook of the race I added them in! A race timed by my Garmin would be a disaster for me…it’s so cranky!!
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  5. Hope that blister heals up soon! They are my nemesis (at college track nationals .years ago… I had to run with my feet completely covered in pre-wrap and medical tape because I had so many. It was ridiculous).

    Embrace the taper, 13 days to go and you are going to do awesome. I’m in the final week of taper right now so I know what you are going through. Bring on the nightmares (I have them too) and emotions and eating and everything else that taper brings.
    Laura recently posted..Good, Bad & Yummy 5/10-5/12My Profile

    1. I tried pre-wrap and medical tape for my 20 miler. Didn’t help at all! I’m hoping the next 2 weeks is enough time to feel out my new shoes and hopefully not have any more blisters! You are so close – good luck!

  6. Tried to comment last night in bed but something happened with my internet… So: YOU ARE CRUSHING IT! Way to embrace the blisters and the taper. I am really looking up to you as I’m training for my full a few weeks after you – wish we could chat together about it all! So exciting. Keep it up and I cannot wait to read about the experience. You rock!
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    1. Thanks Bonnie! I wish I had words of advice or wisdom. I love to follow training plans since I’m so used to having to tell others what to do with their workouts. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are getting so close to your marathon too! Isn’t it crazy how fast it’s all happening now?

  7. Agghhh. That is always my nightmare. The garmin not working. It has happened once to me before, but it was a half marathon and wasnt too bad.

    I’ve been working with a blister recovering from my 50 miler. It is pretty much healed, but I keep running on it and it is doing it’s best to get back to 100%. Sorry, I can’t watch the video… feet kinda creep me out. LOL.
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    1. No worries about the vlog – but my foot never made an appearance on it. I’ve got runner’s feet after all. They’re never pretty blisters or not! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Many people disagree with me, but taper is my favorite part of the marathon training schedule. It’s a chance to look back and revel in the hard work that got you marathon ready while letting your body repair itself for race day. Do your best to relax and enjoy it.

  9. I’m also running VCM, and I had my first crazy marathon dream last night too! I forgot to pack my fuel, and went on a wild goose chase around Burlington looking for shot bloks. I couldn’t find chews or gels anywhere, and ultimately bought a ton of Swedish Fish from a gas station just moments before the race!

    Good luck with your blister! You’re going to be great!!

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