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I love my chia seeds.

What’s not to love?

Those tiny little seeds pack a lot of punch. They are full of the richest plant-based source of Omega-3s, an excellent source of fiber, a complete protein and overflowing with antioxidants. Oh and they just so happen to increase vitality, energy and strength. The Aztecs used chia seeds for their natural energy boosting abilities and powers. They called it “running food.” If you’ve read Born to Run, you know what I’m talking about.

Like I said, what’s not to love?

While I’ve been using chia seeds in my oats, smoothies, baked goods, as “eggs” and in other foods, I’ve never tried a chia drink. My first taste came from Mamma Chia Cherry Lime.

Holy yum! The flavor was perfect. The chia seeds thickened up the juice and provided a little chewy crunch. I have no problem with texture and was fine with the crunch. My husband did not like that although he thought the flavor was really good. My kids had a taste. I thought for sure they would not like the texture. They surprised me and gulped it right down, asking for more.

This Spring, Mamma Chia introduced new products to their line up.

–      Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack flavors in Mango Coconut and Wild Raspberry

          Convenient four packs of the Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks

          Mamma Chia’s organic bagged chia – black and white seed varieties

I loved the Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack! They would be perfect fuel for a long run. I didn’t have the opportunity to try one out since I ate all my samples quite fast. The Wild Raspberry was my favorite. It reminded me of eating just that – a wild raspberry. The crunch of the chia seeds was like the actual seeds from a raspberry.

The founder and CEO of Mamma Chia, Janie Hoffman, just released her first book, Chia Vitality. It’s full of her amazing story of battling autoimmune diseases, including severe lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome, and finally finding relief with alternative methods that included chia seeds. It also has delicious and easy recipes for cooking and baking with chia seeds.

And to top it all of, Mamma Chia donates 1% of gross sales to support farmers, community groups and organizations that build healthy local food systems.

How cool is that?

Fitfluential Giveaway

Mamma Chia wants you to feel the vitality and strength of chia seeds. One lucky winner will win. Follow the Rafflecopter directions below to enter.

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  1. I add them to Greek yogurt. I’ve been wanting to try something else, too- this product line sounds great!

  2. I mix them with frozen fruit then microwave it for 2mins. and let it set up for about 4mins. instant homemade fruit jam…….yum!!!

  3. You’re planning to use these for running. Do you think they’d be a suitable fuel for my husband competing in his triathlon in a couple months? If so, I love the idea of it, since they’re more balanced.

  4. I have wanted to try this brand for a bit now! I am working on liking the texture of chia pudding, I just know how healthy the little bits are!

  5. I started hearing about these a while ago but have yet to try any! In fact, I just started having quinoa (you can say I’m a bit behind the times) and really love it, so I’m excited to try something else new, especially to help me through my daily workouts and working all day!! Sounds like the perfect thing to boost my energy for a lunchtime or post-work workout!

  6. Was in a pinch last night while I was at Target and was hungry for a snack, when I literally stumbled upon a Mama Chia Squeeze packet that had fallen on the floor in the aisle. I had never seen them before. They looked good but I was skeptical, thinking it probably had a ton of additives and preservatives in it. But to my surprise, it didn’t. I grabbed a box of the mango coconut to try and promptly opened one as soon as I got in the car. These will definitely be my go to when in need of a quick boost!

  7. I put chia seeds in just about everything! Smoothies, salads, veggies….anything!! I would love to try this brand out!

  8. I use Chia seeds in my overnights oats, on yogurt or sprinkled on top of a bagel with almond butter and banana!

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