Like A Kid Again

Hi friends!

Last week I took a little break from running. Nothing was wrong and I still ran. I just didn’t do very many miles. This month is an easy month before I (maybe) ramp it up again for marathon training. Plus, my running buddy has been out of commission from a tweak in her back. It just seemed right to do less miles and cross train more. I’ve been slacking on that particularly in my yoga practice. More on that later. Even though I did less miles, I still seem to have running on the brain All. The. Time.

I’m not obsessed. I just love it!

Saturday morning, I woke up late (for me) – 6:45! I had gone to bed not certain I’d run in the morning. I was just going to wait and see. If I felt like it, I’d go. If not, it would be Sunday. I putzed around a bit, getting the kiddos up and running before deciding I’d do it. Just as I started to get ready, the snow began. My mood and energy level instantly changed.

Oh yeah! I’m running!

While I’m not the biggest fan of cold and snow, this would be my first run in the snow of the season. There is something so quiet and serene about running in the snow. I compare it to the excitement I got as a kid on the first big snowstorm of the year. I couldn’t WAIT to get out there and have fun! I planned a 10 mile route that would take me on the outskirts of town to really enjoy the quiet and not have to worry about crazy drivers.

It was a great run – a #brilliantrun even! The sound of the snow bouncing off my jacket. The crunch underneath my feet. The cold on my cheeks.

Even a headwind for the first 5 miles couldn’t damper my spirits. After trudging through last week’s 10 miler this is exactly what I needed to find my stride again. I didn’t push my speed or look at my Garmin. This run was all about my love of running and feeling alive.

So confession time –

My yoga practice has seriously been slacking this past month. As in almost nonexistent. I don’t know what it is but I haven’t been faithful. I miss it. A lot. My muscles miss it. A lot. So to help reignite that yoga flame, I’m doing Grow Soul Beautiful’s Instagram Challenge again. I LOVED it in October. While I may not have the most inventive and exciting pictures, the reminder to take a #YogaADay picture is enough to get my mat out and stay on it for awhile.

I’m also going to attempt this challenge as much as possible:

[object Object]beachyogagirlI’m bendy but I’m not sure I’m THAT bendy. This could be interesting. Get ready for some bloopers!

Day 1 – Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana), was exactly what I needed after my run.

Have a great day and Happy Bending!

17 comments on “Like A Kid Again

  1. I think I’d be too terrified to try those poses as a newbie! lol That’s not “wannabe” territory at all. I do wish I were more advanced in my practice, because they’d be fun poses to work toward. πŸ™‚

    As for the snow…you’re right. There IS something so serene and quiet about it. I love that once it starts falling, everything does seem to just…hush. It’s peaceful.

    Question for you, though. I’m not graceful on my feet at all. Like, at all at all. Haha. How in the world do you keep from slipping???
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..December goals & back to basics.My Profile

    1. Staying upright is tricky! Slowing way down helps but it’s usually not too big of a problem. Just an FYI – cross walk paint is VERY slippery under snow. I’ve bit it a few times on that. And cobblestones. Who knew?!

  2. I think I’m just the opposite – the snow would have cinched no running (at least outside) for me! I’m a total cold weather wimp. The yoga challenge seems fun – something about getting older makes me very unbendy!!
    Kim recently posted..Bone CrunchesMy Profile

  3. I love running in the fresh snow and I’m actually really looking forward to it. I’m trying to be more consistent with my yoga practice but it’s hard sometimes but these IG yoga challenges definitely have encouraged me to incorporate some yoga into my day. I missed doing it in October too and I’m going to try to do the Grow Soul Beautiful one and as much as of the #decbendychallenge as I can. Definitely not that bendy! I also really want to do some of the #inversionarmy poses. Well, I tried today and landed smack down on my back. Ouch. Maybe I’ll pass on that one πŸ™‚
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Winter Bucket ListMy Profile

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