Let’s Hear It For the Core

Hey friends! It’s Friday! And a long holiday weekend! Woo-hoooooo!

So I’ve got a quick post about the core today. Like the title? Cheesy, no? Kind of like the 80s song, “Let’s hear it for the boy!” ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got the core on my brain lately. Maybe it’s the buildup of this past month from the Headstand Pose Challenge (click here, here, and here for past 3 weeks of moves). Or that it’s getting warmer and I’ll be practically living at the beach (hopefully) this summer. I want my abs to look good as I chase down my 2 little munchkins. What can I say, I’m vain like that! Here’s a few CORE ab moves to give those muscles a little kick in the butt! However always remember:

Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym!

You could work your abs nonstop for days and still not see results if your diet is horrible. Follow the 80/20 rule –

80% healthy eating with nourishing, whole foods in their pure natural form

20% treats, preferably natural treats

Enough talk! Here’s the action!

Question of the Day

Tell me something FUN you are doing this weekend!


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  1. Great vlog! Maybe we are sisters separated at birth?! Too funny how much we think alike. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m running a 10k tomorrow, hope to do some grilling, and blueberry picking on Monday! Have a great, long weekend!
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