Let the Headstand Pose Challenge Begin!

Hello to all!

It’s May 1st – the beginning of the month and the perfect time to start a new challenge. If you are a new reader, I have decided that I will get into Headstand Pose. I find the pose absolutely beautiful. When I see others in the pose during yoga class, I want to feel the empowerment of being upside down. So today begins the challenge to conquer Headstand. I hope you all will join me! Sign up now!ย There’s strength in numbers! I’ll post a full list of participants next week.

Week One

Our first challenge will be to strengthen our core. The core is where it’s at for getting into Headstand. A strong core helps to get into the pose and to stabilize you. This week the challenge is to do Dolphin Plank. Here’s a video to explain the move:

Please excuse the loud noise in the background! I was running the dishwasher! ๐Ÿ™‚

Plank is the foundation of the Headstand Pose Challenge. Practice this move every day and we’ll build on to it next week.

Please leave comments here or on HFM Facebook page updating your status in the challenge. I’d love to see pictures, too!

FYI – Amanda at Run To The Finish is doing a 30 day Yoga Challenge for May. This is an excellent addition to building the strength and flexibility to get into Headstand. I’m signed up so please join the fun!

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Have a happy Tuesday!


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    1. I need the steps to prep. Although there are some very fortunate people (like Happy Fit Daddy)who can just go up into headstand without any problem. They make me sick! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. We were doing dolphin plank for my first personal trainer session. I was like, can I go down on my knees? Oh my poor core. Will certainly be proud when I accomplish this task!

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