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It’s time for another edition of Lately.

Lately…I’ve been riding the roller coaster of running emotions. Last week at this time I would have said I felt good about Mt. Washington. It was going to kick my ass but I was going to give it my all. And then the ankle roll/sprain thing happened. The good news is that I’m quite confident that I will have no problem with it on Saturday. The bad news is that my confidence has been shaken and stirred. Maybe because I haven’t run in 6 days. I know my body knows what to do. It’s my mind that I need to get back in the game!

Lately…I’ve been hesitant to commit to a marathon for the fall. I was all ready to go for a late October race until last week. Like I said, confidence shaken and stirred. And not in a good way like a martini. Will I be jinxing myself for another long term injury if I jump into marathon training? Gah. Why do injuries mess with my mind so much?!

Lately…I do have a half marathon to look forward to in the fall. I’m attending Rise.Run.Retreat again this year. How could I not after such an amazing time last year? This year we are headed to Vermont. Applications are being accepted until 6/20 – did you apply?

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Lately…I have not been loving the wind. Why oh why is it so windy for the past week? And did you know there was snow and hurricane force winds at the summit of Mt. Washington over the weekend? Let’s just hope things die down asap.

Lately…I’m itching to run.

Lately…I’ve been bored with yoga. That is unless it’s at sunrise on the top of a mountain. Lol. I said the same thing last month. I had hoped for a teacher change with the new schedule that came out this month but no such luck. I went to class yesterday and was just going through the motions. Blah. Blah. Blah. I’m trying a new to me yoga studio on Thursday. I need to change it up!

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Lately…I can’t believe my kids will be 6 years old next week. They were just born yesterday!

Lately…I’m excited for our upcoming camping trip on the Cape! Please pray that it does NOT rain when we are there.

Lately…I’m kind of excited yet sad about this summer. Initially when we were looking for a day camp for my kid’s to attend, it was only for Monday, Wednesday and Friday since those are the days I work at the hospital. However, the camp we ended up going with is Monday through Friday. You know what that means? My Tuesday/Thursday schedule stays the same. Woohoo! I’m bummed that we won’t be hanging out twice a week like the old days but I think they would drive me nuts after two weeks. Of course, I can always keep them home every now and then so we can have a fun date day together.

Lately…I can’t believe that I graduated from high school 20 years ago. Damn. I remember when my parents had their 20 year high school reunion and I thought they were older than dirt. It’s funny how the perspective of “old” changes as you age. Now I don’t think “old” is until you hit 70.

Lately…I’m afraid even more of what’s happening to the world. Why is there so much hatred? Why is there so much violence? Why does disagreeing with someone mean that you need to attack? There are good people in the world. Why do the bad get all the attention?

Thanks for letting me do some Thinking Out Loud today.

What’s been going on with you lately?







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  1. you are my campsadtwin!!!
    my child is SO EXCITED about her camps these next few weeks.
    BUT BUT BUT they are all day.
    Im not so excited about that piece ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh so much to agree with here:
    The wind is horrific. Make it stop!
    You will run and you will be amazing. You can also chose to run a fall marathon and you will be fine. Because I said so.
    Beyond excited about Rise.Run.Retreat
    I had my 20 year high school reunion a few years ago so…
    I also cannot believe my kids keep getting older. WTH??? But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them! And I’m trying to repeat LOVE WINS but it doesn’t feel like it’s winning
    Allie recently posted..My Top 3 Fitness Motivators of the MomentMy Profile

  3. Agree with you on all the horrible stuff happening lately. All the hate has got to stop.

    I too am having trouble keeping my head in the running game. I’m not sure why I’m losing my motivation. I think I’m just a little burnt out on life these days. Too much going on.

  4. You will run at the race and it will be great! I bet Mt. Washington will help with confidence as well. Injuries really do shake confidence so much, but good races and runs build it right back up.
    It’s been so windy here also! With the two big lakes plus the sound it feels like wind comes in every direction.
    Everything happening in our country makes me so sad and so nervous about this election year.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Hill Running Benefits and 3 Hill Running WorkoutsMy Profile

  5. The retreat sounds fantastic! This is the first I’ve heard of anything like this. I totally get what you mean about injuries. It’s like I complain, I want to run faster, farther, etc. And then I get injured and it’s like “if I can just run I’ll never complain about running again!” lol! And then I always have that injury in the back of my mind and what I might do to aggravate it. It’s tough! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a strong healthy body!

  6. It has definitely been a tough week with the news… ugh.

    I think you’ll be okay for the run- your legs will be grateful for the extra rest. I wish I could join you all on the Rise, Run Retreat… I don’t know how to figure out childcare.

  7. I applied for the Rise Run Retreat!!! I’m crossing my fingers because I sooooo want to go to this!! 20 year HS reunion, yea, that’s tough. You made me do the math and I just realized that I would be having my 22nd HS reunion this year! I think what scares me is the 20 year COLLEGE reunion in 2 years, now THAT sounds scary ๐Ÿ˜‰

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