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Have you ever had a day when all you want to do is procrastinate?

That was my day on Tuesday. I could not focus on one thing to save the life of me. It started while I was in yoga class. Balancing poses? Forget about it. Even tree pose had me falling over.

In the afternoon, I tried to sit down to write something meaningful for today’s post but I hated it all. Or I got distracted by social media. Nothing sounded right. Rather than make you suffer reading a post that doesn’t make any sense, I’m just going to spout off on what’s been going on lately.

Lately…I decided I needed to see a massage therapist regularly. With all my calf tightness issues and getting back into running, I need to keep a handle on it. I’m foam rolling and using The Stick but I want someone to dig in deep. I found an awesome LMT. She’s a serious runner. Serious as in she ran from San Francisco to New York (unsupported), raising money for The Brain Injury Association of America. Oh and she’s the second woman in history to cross the continental USA solo and self supported. Like I said, she’s serious. If you are local, call her. She’s awesome.

Lately…I’m wondering if my hypermobility is the root of some of my injuries? THIS article and THIS article kind of points in that direction or at least it contributes to it. There’s a test in the first post to see if you are in fact hypermobile. Let’s just say that I aced the test. Yay me.

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Lately…I’m looking at finding a strength trainer. Last year that was one of my goals but the one that I saw initially turned out to be not what I had hoped. When the first words out of his mouth are “I don’t like runners”, you know it’s not going to work out.

Lately…I’ve re-introduced speed workouts to my routine. I’m kind of shocked how good they feel. Well, not good but good in that I can keep up with the paces that I’m aiming for. I did THIS workout yesterday and it kicked my butt. In the nicest way possible of course. Working my confidence up one workout at a time!

Lately…Speaking of goals. My yoga teacher opened up class yesterday with a reminder about goals. Do you do a weekly goal check in? We set goals but how often do we look at our progress? I’m guilty of that for sure. That’s why I love my Believe Journal. It reminds me to do a weekly Rundown of how the week was.

Lately…All I want to do is live in the Flight Jacket from Kuhl. Check out Christine, Allie, Nicole and I on the Kuhl Blog today with our winter outerwear review.

Kuhl Flight Jacket |

Lately…I recently lost 10 hours of my life watching “Making a Murderer.” It was eye opening. It made me question the legal system. It made me wonder how some people’s minds work (or don’t). It made me realize that there are some really, really unintelligent people out there.

Lately…I don’t care much for real pants.

Lately…I went back in time. My new duck boots (pictured above) are almost exactly the same as a pair I had when I was 8. I don’t know if I should feel cool wearing the boots or really, really old. I’m going with cool.

Thanks for letting me do some Thinking Out Loud!

What’s going on lately with you?

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  1. OH OH OH ME AND THE CHILD TOO (she shouts)
    We both got duck boots and I think she is SOO tired of my saying OHMYGOSH IN COLLEGE WHEN I WORE THESE I_____

    CARLA recently posted..Be a Shamash.My Profile

  2. I cannot believe the first thing he said was “I don’t like runners!” Does he like money? Idiot. I hear you on wanting a strength coach though so I hope it works out.
    I’m glad you mentioned “Making A Murderer” in a way that’s NOT an overwhelming plea to get people to watch it like everyone else has. I saw the first episode and was done. And yes, it was stunning to see the unintelligence. Stunning.
    Speaking of stunning – I love your KUHL coat!!! If I didn’t have 37 winter coats I would want it immediately.
    Lastly, the duck boots are super cool.
    Allie recently posted..Afterburn. Get Some!My Profile

    1. Obviously, that trainer was not interested in my money. Until a couple of weeks later when he emailed me and asked when I was coming back in. You insult me and then want to train me? Sorry dude. Not happening.

      I’m glad you now will have 38 winter coats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ok, seriously, the trainer said that??? I guess he’s honest and knows his target client is not a runner, but still. I want the runners LOL. It’s so interesting about flexibility and the idea of being too flexible for your sport. I was a dancer and flexibility is all I knew. Then to find out that it could be bad for me when it came to running? What? And can you motivate me to get back to speed work please ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Chicago Marathon – The TrainingMy Profile

    1. I know! I laughed when he said that because I thought he was joking but then he went on and on about it and basically told me I was a lost cause. Obviously he doesn’t care about money but, really? And then he had the nerve to follow up with me a couple of weeks later and wonder when I was coming back in. Some people!

  4. Wish I could get away with wearing yoga pants at work. I work at a bank so it’s dressy stuff for me. Although in the winter I don’t mind a warm pair of tights and flats or boots. Duck boots? Yes please!! I also had a pair and loved them. I’m excited that my daughter (12 yrs old) is now wearing the same size as me. I don’t mind spending a little more money on her shoes or boots because they might just show up on my feet soon!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sharing clothes & shoes – that’s what daughters are for, right?
    I think I’m the only one in the world who hasn’t seen Making a Murderer. The topic didn’t really interest me, but I’m getting more interested the more I hear that people love it!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon week 15, 1/12/16My Profile

    1. I wear scrubs to work so it’s very similar to leggings. However, in scrubs, I tend to feel just like that – a scrub! I can’t wait to share clothes with my daughter. Fingers crossed we have the same size!

  5. It’s funny that you mention hypermobility and injury because I do think that that’s a big part of what has led to my injuries. My doctor has said that I have hypermobile joints and I’ve talked to some yoga teachers/endurance coaches about how you need a certain amount of sport specific “tightness” to optimize your performance. I’ve also been curious about Making a Murderer. I want to watch but I don’t at the same time. And pants, who needs them?! Love that Kuhl jacket too!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Whole30: Weeks 3 + 4 and What I AteMy Profile

    1. Definitely give the two articles. It puts a lot of my injuries into perspective. A side effect of hypermobility? Tendinitis. Hmmm…

    1. Isn’t it Mercury Retrograde right now? I have no idea what that means but I heard someone blame their scattered brain on it so it sounds good to me! And I could not believe that trainer. As soon as he said that, I was done with him.

  6. I spent all of last Saturday watching ‘Making a Murderer’! I was hooked! I considered it recovery from my long run to sit and watch that much Netflicks in one day, haha!
    I am so glad my personal trainer doesn’t hate runners, she may think I’m crazy but I think that’s why she enjoys working with me each week, I’m probably her sassy comic relief. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. “Latelyโ€ฆI donโ€™t care much for real pants.” <– I can relate to that 100%! ๐Ÿ˜† And I've been wanting to get a few more speed workouts into my training as well, since I kind of feel like I've let myself get too comfortable with my running. You're definitely right about those kind of workouts being a huge confidence booster though!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted..beating the SADs, my happy pills, and a WTF (ToL #165)My Profile

  8. That Kuhl jacket looks so warm and cozy!! I definitely recommend a regular massage, they have helped me wonders! I wish I could get a personal trainer as well, but the budget does not allow for that at the moment….oh Powerball…why couldn’t I win?!

  9. Lately I’ve also been thinking of going to my massage therapist more regularly because I’ve been feeling the knots on my back more frequently!

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