Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

It’s the most RUNderful time of the year!

I tried to take things down a notch in last week’s workouts.  I meant to do that immediately after the Seacoast Half in early November, but plans with friends kind of took over.

This week I stuck to the lower mileage plan and still had a great week of running and cross training.


30 minutes ARC trainer

strength training:

bench press

cable flys

squat with weight plate press

eccentric pull ups

banded pull ups

Cable row with reverse lunge

single leg deadlift to bench step up

renegade rows


Morning Flow Yoga

4 mile run, 9:02 avg pace

It’s hard to believe that one week ago I ran in a snowstorm and today’s run was in a torrential downpour of rain.  With the snow melt and the mega amounts of rain, the streets looked more like rivers than roads. All of our lovely snow is gone now.  Boooo!


15 minutes Elliptical

15 minutes Stepmill w/ 30 sec speed intervals, 60 sec recovery x 10

strength training:

Lat pull down

Pulley seated row

DB bench press

DB tri ext

Barbell hip thrusters

Barbell squat w/ bench booty touch

Bear crawl DB rows

DB overheard press with marching knees

Half kneeling rope rotation


Morning Flow Yoga

5 mile run, 8:54 avg/pace

I met Kyle and Kailey for a dark and windy run.  Within steps of starting the run, I found a wallet on the sidewalk.  Being good peeps, we made a U-turn to drop the wallet off at the police station.  Silly me forgot to leave my name to collect the reward for finding it.  Damn.

Old pic of us running in daylight hours because I forgot to snap a pic of all three of us before we split ways.


Mini Band Glute Workout:

Lying hip flexor

Bridge with abductor


Fire hydrant

Donkey kick

Plank with toe tap

3.6 mile run, 8:36 avg/pace

I opted for a basement workout so I could sneak in a run before work.  I gave myself 30 minutes to do whatever pace I wanted.


8.2 miles, 8:48 avg/pace, 309 ft elev gain

Long run for the week with Kyle.  We spontaneously decided to do a portion of the Community Trail since Kyle had never been on that part.  I was expecting it to be mostly mud and ice but for the most part it was hard packed dirt with a few sketchy snow/ice sections.  I wish we had opted for all trails!  We even managed a negative split run!  That’s what happens when you start talking politics and the run rage kicks in.  Lol!


Rest day!

My original plan was to have a rest day on Saturday but Kyle couldn’t run Sunday morning.  No biggie!  I’m glad it worked out that way because Sunday was a complete wash out.  So much rain!  For all of you who say you like running in the rain, I don’t get it.  When it’s in the 30s and coming down hard, it’s miserable.

How was your week in workouts?

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

22 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Awesome week of training! Crazy how the weather changes like that, but rain is better than snow in my opinion! Glad you had clear trails for your runs.

    1. I can see how you like that. Broken bones would freak me out too. But I want snow to snowshoe and ski. It’s kind of boring without it!

  2. Wow! You get LOT done in a week! Congrats on all the fitness. I agree with you. I don’t mind running in the warm rain, but when it’s in the 30s and pouring, I will opt for inside running.

  3. I agree…for me to even kind of enjoy a rainy run, it has to be at least 70F. For my 5K yesterday, it was hovering between 33F-35F, so the rain was either sleet pellets or COLD wet drops. NOT fun LOL

  4. Awesome workouts this week! I’m loving all the variety – That’s something I need to work on for my own workouts, especially incorporating glute resistance band workouts more often.

  5. I’m always very impressive by your weekly cross training and strength training! I’ve been slacking greatly in that area. You did a good deed by turning in the wallet. I’m sure the owner is very grateful. I can handle a warm rain, and prefer it to begin after I start running, but I’m not a fan of cold rain. My lips turn purple and I shiver uncontrollably. What’s fun about that? 😉 Thanks for linking!

  6. I literally will choose snow over 30 degrees and raining. That’s how winters in Seattle were and it was awful! Great week of workouts – I will need to try that resistance band workout!

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