Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts saw one negative and one positive.

The negative?

My plantar fascia flared up again after my run on Thursday.  I was hobbling around for most of the day afterwards.

The positive?

I gave my heel extra attention, took two days off in a row from running, and I was able to crank out 13.1 miles on Sunday with hardly any heel discomfort. And then I jumped into a Parents vs. Kids soccer immediately afterward.  I think that’s a win!


Strength training:

TRX mountain climbers

Half-kneeling cable lift

Single leg deadlift w/ shoulder press

Single leg squats

Bench press

Decline push up

Side lunge with touch

Standing single arm low cable row

40 minutes Elliptical w/ 8 x 60 sec bursts, 60 sec recovery


7 mile trail run, 12:09 avg pace, 236 ft elev gain

Over the weekend, a friend had mentioned the Sweet Trail and I instantly knew I needed to plan a run there this week.  I purposely kept things super slow out of fear of falling and/or rolling an ankle on the rocks.  There were so many leaves down that things were slippery too. I wasn’t able to do the whole duration of the out and back trail because of time constraints but I had a great time enjoying the cool, fall weather.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


Strength Training:

DB bench press

DB pull overs

Barbell bench squats

Single leg deadlift to bench step ups

Cable bent over row

TRX fallout

Split stance cable chop

40 minutes Arc Trainer w/ 60 second bursts, 90 second recovery


6.2 miles run, 8:47 avg pace, 299 ft elev gain

This run was a struggle from the beginning.  My legs were ridiculously sore from the previous days strength session.  Kyle and I had planned to do a “comfortably hard” paced workout.  Well, comfortably hard was a lot slower than we had hoped.  We’ll just consider it a nice effort and call it good.

It doesn’t help that Ron and I have been staying up late to watch The Haunting of Hill House every night this week.  My mind was seriously playing tricks on me because of that show.  If you enjoy scary, this show is for you!  Although the ending was kind of disappointing to me.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

Gotta love the elbow sweat spots too!


60 minute Hip Hop Yoga Flow

I originally had planned on Friday being a gym day but my body wanted to sleep in a little.  That extra hour was needed!  Especially since I was going to a Hip Hop Yoga class later that night.  You guys.  This was SO much fun once again.  The music was amazing (90s hip hop and some new) thanks to a live DJ.  Our teacher is also an MC and treated us to a free-style rap near the end of class.  So cool!

And when your friend suggests dressing up for the class in the spirit of Halloween, you pull together your best 90’s hip hop outfit you can.  I really wish I would have kept my oversized overalls from ’96! Lol!

Rumor has it that the next class will be under black lights with neon body paint.  Woohoo!


Rest Day…especially after going out for drinks after Hip Hop Yoga.  😉


13.15 mile run, 9:13 avg/pace, 679 ft elev gain

After Saturday’s Nor’easter, I was really hoping that the wind and rain would be done on Sunday.  The weather on my phone says it was.  When I stepped outside, I realized it had not.  Thankfully, it was much less so than Saturday with only a little mist.  I met up with Kyle and Kailey for an easy pace run on the hilliest route in town.  It was Kyle’s first time running 12 miles!  And it was our last long run before the Seacoast Half in 2 weeks.  I can’t wait for her to cross her first 13.1 off her bucket list!

Feeling like antiques after stopping for a pic in the cold rain.  Things stiffen up way too much once you stop!

Immediately after running, I ate, showered and changed before heading to the soccer fields for a end of season Parents vs. Kids soccer game.  I happily played Defender (less running) but somehow ended up Striker at some point.  My legs felt fine during the game.  It was afterwards that all I wanted to do was do Legs Up the Wall for the rest of the day.

How was your week in workouts?

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19 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. OMG! The overalls. What were we thinking? I think mine came from Old Navy. So, I definitely wasn’t alone. Nice job on the 13 miler. It’s great to hear the PF didn’t hang around very long too. Thanks for linking!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that PF won’t leave you alone. PF is also threatening me. Ugh. Toes pose has been in my daily routine. I don’t know why it has come back!

    Love the hip hop look in your class. LOL!

  3. UGh…PF is not good. I’ve only had it twice (once in each foot, at different times), and it was so frustrating! Thankfully, it’s been MIA for a couple of years…but I’m hyper aware of the early signs, so I massage my feet frequently (whether they feel PF’ish or not). Hip hop yoga sounds fun…though, I have NO rhythm or coordination LOL (I did have some nasty elbow sweat marks yesterday after my 6-miler, though).

  4. What a great week!…well, besides the PF pain but seems like it’s gone, which is great. I absolutely LOVE the Tupac shout out for your yoga hip hop outfit – LOL!! That seems like a fantastic time all around!!
    I can’t believe we both race in two weeks!! I did my last 13 miler on Friday and it was GOOD so here we go…
    And I can’t watch anything scary but everyone is talking about that show!!…I’m over watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel #whimp
    Allie recently posted..Are These Common Race Prep Practices Worth It? #JustRunMy Profile

    1. It was so fun! The music was great and the teacher had us dripping with sweat in a fast paced flow. I swear we did at least 50 chaturangas.

    1. I now understand why those who’ve had PF say it’s the worst thing ever. It just shows up and then won’t go away. Thankfully, I nipped it in the bud. It needs to stay away for good!

    1. I had to shower in between my run and the game or I would have had hypothermia! It was a rainy and raw kind of day. You should definitely check out the Seacoast Half. It’s my all time fav half!

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