Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had all of my favorites – running, yoga, strength training and hiking.  I call that a winning week!


Strength Training

TRX plank/side plank

Half kneeling cable lift

Single leg deadlift

Side lunge with KB shoulder press

Bench step ups w/ KB

Decline push up

Cable flys

Standing single arm low cable row

35 minutes Elliptical w/ 8 x 60 sec hard, 90 sec recovery



5 mile trail run, 13:32 avg/pace, 879 ft elev gain

It was too beautiful of a day to not hit the trails. The sky was a brilliant blue, sun shining and a crisp 50 degrees. We are almost at peak for leaf peeping and it was evident on the trails.  Soooo many leaf peeping tourists.  I must have looked like I knew where I was going because I was asked four times for directions.  I do know the trails at Mount A but I don’t know the names which makes it even harder to explain where to go.  I apologize to all the hikers that who got lost because of my wrong directions.  Sorry!

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

Last week's workouts |


Strength training

TRX plank/side plank

TRX push up

Single leg squats

Barbel lunges

DB single arm push press

Inverted row

Med ball squat toss

40 minutes Stepmill w/ 8 x 60 sec hard, 90 sec easy


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

6 mile run, 8:42 avg pace, 250 ft elev gain

I’ve said this before but running a workout is really difficult in the dark with leaves on the ground.  I’m so paranoid about watching my footing that I forget about the workout.  The plan called for 2 min hard/2 min easy x 8.  Kyle and I did the intervals but not nearly as hard as it should have been.  Both of us were complaining about our breathing.  I like to think it was the cold – 34 degrees – and the flakes of snow that I got a few times in the light of my headlamp.  Gah!  I don’t know if I’m ready for that!

Last week's workouts |


5 mile run, 9:10 avg pace, 254 ft elev gain

Did I say 34 degrees felt cold?  How ’bout 28?  There was definitely frost on the pumpkin among other things that morning.


Semi rest day except we did a short family hike in the late afternoon after Avery’s soccer game.  We’ve had so many weekend activities that we’ve missed out on a lot of great hiking days.

Last week's workouts |

Everyone was happy to be outside especially Cooper!


10.5 mile run, 9:03 avg pace, 435 ft elev gain

I met up with Kyle and a new friend, Liz for a long run.  The conversation flowed for the duration of the run with ease.  I love how running can bring so many people together!

Last week's workouts |

And I was a total dork for the whole run because I forgot to shut off my headlamp after the sun came up.  #NerdAlert

How was your week in workouts?

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18 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. That is so funny about the headlamp! I have a belt that has several LED lights (?) that glow or blink….there have been a few times I have returned home in daylight and am still glowing, too LOL I hear ya on the apprehensiveness (is that a word?) that comes with fall running. The leaves look pretty, but they hide everything!

  2. I always forget to turn off my headlamp when the sun is up. We don’t have many leaves on the ground here yet but they do make me nervous when I’m running. They look pretty but I always worry I’ll end up tripping over a sidewalk!

  3. The trails are gorgeous right now but I feel you. even in daylight there’s so much debris under the leaves. I’ve almost twisted my ankle on a few occasions already. 28 was the lowest I’ve seen here too recently. Makes it feel downright balmy when it hits 50!

  4. The leaves are so pretty right now, but what makes me nervous is when they fall and the first few frosts arrive. I get nervous about icy leaves! We had some frost earlier this week and some sleet – I’m not ready for snow yet either!

  5. I’m always so impressed by the variety of workouts that you fit in during a week – running, strength training, hiking – you have it all!

    I agree with you about the leaves. While they are pretty, I can always imagine myself slipping on them especially since we get rain here almost every week.

  6. The leaves are so pretty in your area! I would definitely take advantage of the hiking right now. I’m a total dork when it comes to lighting my bike. The sun comes up and I’m still just a flashing and blinking, oblivious to it all. Thanks for linking!

  7. It’s been a chilly week! I usually freeze the first few weeks of fall/winter but I’ve actually been enjoying this weather after such a long, hot summer.

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